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TNA Superstar Auctions Costume to Help Inner-City Youth

(Tampa, FL) ? TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling superstar Awesome Kong is making an unprecedented effort to help inner-city youth.

The dynamic pro wrestler is planning to auction off the primary costume/outfit that she’s been wearing for the past four years, in order to raise funds for her nonprofit organization.

Kong’s ?Fountains for Youth? aims to begin launching programs designed to make today’s teens aware of high-risk concerns like drugs, teen pregnancy, high school dropouts, etc.

?It’s a peer-to-peer kind of program,? Awesome Kong said recently.

The first program that ?Fountains for Youth? hopes to launch is an outreach group called STAHR, which stands for Somebody’s Talking About High Risk.

The first step is the auction, in which Awesome Kong will, through eBay, put up for bid the very same outfit (gloves and boots not included) that has seen her through the biggest matches of her explosive career.

You can bid on the outfit through eBay by going to

?It’s been with me for almost five years, but I?m willing to part with it in order to raise money for my organization’s mission,? she said.

Industry observers say that such an auction hasn?t been done before.

?Every program that we will launch will be a ?fountain? of knowledge for kids,? Kong said in explaining the origin of the ?Fountains for Youth? moniker.

Kong said the STAHR program will involve kids being matched with professionals in the world of video production and media, so that the youths will be able to create and produce their own public service announcements (PSAs).

The PSAs will then be shown to the teens? peers, to help spread the word about various high-risk situations that they or their friends may encounter.

?I want to create a buzz about this,? Kong said, ?because I?m very proud of what these kids are going to be doing.?

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