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C*4 News Update! Twiggy breaks his silence! Ladies action returns!

An open letter from Twiggy:
To whom it may concern;

Following the altercation between myself and Michael Von Payton at the October 16th show in Ottawa, I was, once again, removed from the building. Unfortunately due to this happening, I did not get the chance to film a video message to the C*4 fan base and more importantly, to Michael Von Payton. With that said, C*4 management has requested that I write an open letter expressing my thoughts on the upcoming match with MVP on November 21’st.

I have been watching my three matches with MVP over and over and over again. On a weekly basis, I will put those DVDs into my player and I will watch them. I watch everything or every move I did right and everything I did wrong. But most importantly while watching, I try to figure out why the things that I did do right in those three matches never got me a win. In three matches with MVP, I never could get that win. I can’t take anything away from MVP as a professional wrestler. He’s sound and he knows where he is at all times in the ring. But with that said, that’s where the compliments stop. As good as MVP is, in not one of those three matches was he capable of pinning my shoulders to the mat without the aid of the ropes or holding the trunks. And it makes me wonder a lot of things. Why can a guy who walks around the locker room claiming to be the best in the company, a guy who is considerably larger and stronger than me be unable to pin my shoulders to the mat without any type of illegal aid. I’m not going to sit here and complain because at the end of the day, it was a smart move on his part.

I sat out for months, I took my final loss but I never accepted it. If I am going to lose, I want to lose because I was beaten by the better man. Not because I was beaten by a cheat. It’s all of those actions that caused me to go out and get a El Generico mask, pay a ticket to sit in the crowd and pretend to be a fan in September. It’s all of those actions that caused me to go out and get a referee license JUST so I could officiate MVP’s match with Tyson Dux in October. I can’t say I’m proud of what I did in those two situations but I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t happy. I needed to show MVP what its like when you get screwed over at every turn. I needed to make him mad and you know what? It worked.

Michael Von Payton, I challenge you to show up on November 21’st and pin my shoulders to the mat without having to grab the ropes or grab my trunks. I challenge you to beat me clean because that’s what I am coming to do to you on that day. Frankly, I don’t care if C*4 management bills this as a “Street Fight” or a “Falls Count Anywhere Match” or a “No Holds Barred Match”. I really do not care. I am coming to Ottawa to fight you. You can make all the comments you want about my clothes or my hat but come the 21’st, it won’t mean a single thing. I have my fans and they will be making nose. You have your fans and they will be making noise. I am sure the cheers from the audience will not stop you from trying to get your victory, just as I will never be deterred by the jeers on my quest for the win. In that moment, nothing else will matter and it will be you and me. MVP, on November 21’st, I am coming to Ottawa to win back my job, but most importantly, I am coming to win back my pride.


Ladies Action returns to C*4!
Fans demanded it – and we have listened. C*4 welcomes back ladies action on Saturday November 21st, 2009.

Making her first in ring appearance in C*4 since February 2009, Addy Starr ? looking to pick-up back on her winning track.

Starr is set for action at ?Only the Best 2?, and has signed to face-off with another young woman, determined to make an impact in C*4. Making her debut in C*4 is a young but talented up-and-comer, ?Perfect 10? Holly Hilton.

Two very different women ? with one goal in mind: Victory.
Who will come out on top? Find out on Nov. 21st!

Ladies Action
Addy Starr
?Perfect 10? Holly Hilton

C*4: Capital City Championship Combat
Knights of Columbus Hall
260 McArthur Road,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

VIP Tickets $20 ? Doors at 7PM
Advance VIP Tickets on sale Nov.12th, 2009 at KOC bar!
(VIP ticket includes first choice seating and bonus match!)

General Admission Tickets $15 ? Doors at 7:30pm

Show stars at 8:00pm

Event is all ages – Alcohol sales with valid ID.

Stay up to date with all of C*4’s recent news, and event info by visiting www.c4wrestling.com

Purchase our DVD’s at www.fortunevideoediting.com and www.smartmarkvideo.com.


Special Challenge Tag Team Showdown
Team Canada
(?Maple Leaf Muscle? Petey Williams & ?Hotshot? Johnny Devine)
The Untouchables
(Dan Paysan & ?Rockstar? Jimmy Stone)

Street Fight
**If Twiggy looses, he will never be allowed to return to C*4 again in any capacity **
?MVP? Michael Von Payton

Sexxxy Eddy

Jae Rukin
Phil Atlas

Ladies Action
Addy Starr
?Perfect 10? Holly Hilton

?Last Persian Warrior? Rahim Ali
?The Motion Picture? Ethan Page


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