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CSE “War Rock” Results
Saturday November 07 2009

CSE – Canadian Sports Entertainment:
“War Rock”
Rockland, Ontario
Club Powers, Knights Of Colombus
Referees: Serge St. Denis, Abba The Ref
Attendance: 100+
Results credit: Peter Bisson

The Super Smash Brothers: Player Uno & Stupefied beat Charming Chaz Lovely & Jae Rukn when the referee apparently allowed Uno and Stupefied to use a double team pinning combo on Chaz.

MVP Michael Von Payton beat Caster McFear in a match for the #1 contendership for the CSE title. Despite constant interference from Castor’s manager, Eddie Chase and his “stunt double” Kwan Chang, MVP managed to get the win by rolling up Caster from behind, just after the ref sent Kwan and Eddie back to the dressing room.

Deeno beat Ryan Dennim for the CSE Regional title. Deeno stepped out of the match, due to a hang-nail and a case of H1N1, and allowed Cheeky to fight in his place. Cheeky was getting the crap beat out of him, chickened out and got Deeno to replace him (despite hang-nail and H1N1). With a little help here and there by Cheeky, Deeno was able to take out Ryan with a Roll-Of-The-Dice DDT, but it was Cheeky who paraded around with the belt.

Claude Prest beat “The Angry Amishman” Jebodiah Monsoon with a roll-up (and holding onto the ropes) in a Hair vs Hair match, but, The Angry Amishman kept his hair and lived up to his name by delivering a severe post match beating and cutting Prest’s hair.

Highlander Shawn McGregor beat Showtime Shawn McMillan with a power-bomb. A constant back and forth action match in a classic high-flyer vs power wrestler type match.

Sweet Cherry & Josianne The Pussycat beat She Nay Nay & Cheeky. Much to the delight of the crowd, he got quite a beating from the girls, but it was She-Nay-Nay who took the advantage and had Josianne and Sweet in trouble for a good portion of the match. Ultimately, Cheeky proved to be “the weak link” of the team as Sweet Cherry put him down with a Samoan drop, and put down again with a missile drop-kick from Josianne who covered him for the pin.

Caster McFear & Bill Welychka beat The Hickster & Jaguar. For most of the match,local telivision personality, Bill Welychka avoided getting tagged in by Caster, resulting in the match being more of a 2 on 1. Somehow, Caster was able to score the win by taking out Jaguar with the director’s cutt, but why he allowed Bill to get the pin was beyond me. The Hickster was not too impressed about Bill avoiding most of the action, beat him down and squashed him with a leg drop.

Max Alexander retained his CSE Championship by defeating “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang. A hard fought battle with Kwan controlling the match for awhile, then Max controlling it for awhile, both guys desparately giving everything they had in a match with good technical and hard hitting action. Kwan underestimated the vigilence of the referee when he tried to use his kendo stick against Max, but that back-fired when the ref took the stick away from Kwan, and while the ref argued with Kwan’s manager, Eddie Chase, Max clocked Kwan with his own kendo stick while the ref was distracted, and finished off Kwan with a Swanton Bomb.

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