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GXW ended it’s highly succesful Invasion of The Body Slammers 2009 Tour This weekend with a double shot weekend in Hotchkiss on Friday Night and Saturday in Ruthville, VA. Two great nights of action that put a close on The Tour and leads GXW into the end of the year and to Xero Hour in December.

Friday Night October 30 GXW returned to The Hotchkiss Community Center in Richmond, VA.

“The Ace of Spades” Peter Spade vs. Senor Sabado Noche
In his return to the ring since being beaten down by Timmy Danger and Deimos last Friday Night in Blackwell on Night 2, GXW Lt. Commissioner Peter Spade returned to the ring to defeat Senor Sabado Noche in the opening contest with his trademark, Card Cutter.
Winner: Peter Spade

Former GXW Television and World Tag Team Champion “Better Than You” Mark Bravura came out after the opening match. Bravura went on to tell the fans that GXW World Champion Pharaoh had not changed his ways and was still the same person he has been for years. Bravura then told the fans to not trust Pharaoh. This brought Pharaoh out from the back to a loud ovation from the Hotchkiss crowd. Pharaoh confronted Bravura on his statements. Pharaoh said he had changed and even offered his hand to Bravura. Bravura responded by attacking Pharaoh and challenging him for the belt tonight.

GXW World Tag Team Title Match
Standards and Practices ? vs. Deacon Strickland and Mimic
Deacon Strickland came to Hotchkiss ready to fight his hated foes Kevin Daniels and Gordon Braswell. With Rev J Boogie still out injured from the dastardly assault from Standards and Practices, Strickland enlisted the services of Mimic for the night. Despite Strickland’s best efforts Daniels and Braswell pinned Mimic with The Citation for the victory.
Winners and Still GXW Tag Team Champions- Standards and Practices

Shorty Smalls vs. Mitch A Palooza
The highly popular Mitch A Palooza battled the notorious Shorty Smalls for the first time in GXW Smalls and Palooza have met before in Tag Team Action but had never met in singles competition. With the crowd firmly behind him Palooza went toe to toe with the veteran Smalls. Despite the Party Animal’s best attempts, Smalls took down Palooza with a lariat in the end and got the three count victory over Palooza.
Winner-Shorty Smalls

After a brief Intermission “The World’s Most Dangerous Manager” Timmy Danger came out. Danger bragged to the crowd about being the only GXW Superstar to be undefeated in Singles Competition and since taking Deimos under his wing, Deimos has also been undefeated. Danger then claimed that Deimos was the rightful Number 1 Contender and said that when GXW returns to Hopewell on November 21 for World War Xero Deimos will get a title shot. This brought out Lt. Commissioner Peter Spade who told Danger that if Deimos wanted a shot he would have to earn it in The Xero Rumble on November 21 and made Deimos the first combatant in the Rumble.

GXW Respect Title vs. GXW Television Title
Eddie Diamond vs. Martin Stanley Fuqua
IN a unique match where both titles were on the line (Diamonds Respect Title and Fuqua’s Television Title respectively) both men wanted to leave Hotchkiss a double champion. In the first ever meeting between both superstars, Diamond and Fuqua locked in horns and a hard hitting match up. In the end Fuqua hit Diamond with a foreign object while Referee Bobby Cruz’s back was turned. Fuqua was announced the winner and celebrated with both titles. However Fuqua’s rival Mitch A Palooza came out and showed Cruz where Fuqua was hiding the foreign object. Cruz then reversed the decision and awarded Diamond the win, by Disqualification. Neither title changed hands as a result.
Winner by DQ- Eddie Diamond

Phil Brown vs. Krotch
Fresh off a successful weekend last week by defeating both Mark Bravura and Raphael respectively, Brown went in to Hotchkiss to take on the mysterious Krotch. Arguably the most popular performer in GXW, Phil Brown had the fans of Hotchkiss firmly in his corner. Krotch came in to the contest fresh of a series of matches with Pharaoh. Krotch put up a good fight against the longest reigning GXW Champion in history, even attempting to use his infamous ?Mist? on Brown. However Brown was able to defeat Krotch with after ducking the mist and hitting the Super Kick to get the victory.
Winner-Phil Brown

GXW World Heavyweight Title Match
Pharaoh ? w/ Zahara vs. Mark “Better Than You” Bravura
In Bravura’s first title shot in almost a year, Bravura wanted to leave Hotchkiss with the GXW World Heavyweight Championship. With Bravura trying his best to get under Pharaoh and the fans skin throughout the match. Finally Pharaoh had enough and took down Bravura with a series of chops and suplex much to the delight of the Hotchkiss crowd. Finally Bravura went to take foreign object out from his trunks and steal another title in GXW, but Referee Bobby Cruz stopped him. With Bravura distracted Pharaoh rolled up Mark Bravura for the victory and another successful title defense.
Winner and Still Champion-Pharaoh

GXW’s Invasion of The Body Slammers Tour 2009 Ended On Halloween Night last Saturday in Ruthville. An exciting night of action and a great way to end The Tour as GXW’s brought more of it’s famous heart stopping action to Ruthville.

Krotch vs. Senor Sabado Noche
Fresh off a defeat the night before against Phil Brown Krotch was in his element Halloween night against The Masked Sensation known as Senor Sabado Noche. Krotch made short work of Sabado and pinned him to start of the Final Night of the Tour.
Winner- Krotch

GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh came to the ring to welcome the fans of Ruhville to GXW. Pharaoh thanked the fans for coming out supporting GXW. This brought out ?The Platinum Icon? Phil Brown to the ring. Phil told the crowd that Pharaoh was no longer the person he used to be and he respect him. Brown then went on to say that he was still The Number One Contender to the Title and what better way to end the Invasion of The Body Slammers Tour then by Phil brown against Pharaoh for the GXW World Heavyweight Title. Pharaoh accepted the challenge and agreed to meet Phil Brown in the Main Event.

Hardcore Match
Shorty Smalls w/ Kacee Carlisle vs./ Russell Roberts and Timmy Danger
In a bizarre match up, Danger was forced into teaming with the winless Russell Roberts against former GXW World Champion Shorty Smalls in a 2 on 1 hardcore handicapped match. Despite Danger’s promise of giving Roberts a contract if they won, Smalls dominated Roberts throughout the match hitting him with everything but the kitchen sink. Smalls then beat up Danger with a kendo stick on the outside. Smalls then ended the match by lariating Roberts and crushing him with a top rope splash for the three count. Smalls then gave Danger a lariat and top rope splash after the match.
Winner-Shorty Smalls

GXW Respect Champion
Eddie Diamond ? vs. Deacon Strickland
In a classic Japanese fast paced strong style match up Eddie Diamond defended his Respect Title against Rookie Sensation Deacon Strickland. The High Flying Strickland and The Technical Wizard Diamond went out to the ring to showcase their abilities in GXW’s debut in Ruthville. In Arguably The Match of the night, Diamond and Strickland gave it their all in this contest. After several near falls and counters, Diamond defeated Strickland with the Tennessee Crossface for the submission victory. After the match Diamond shook Strickland’s hand in a sign of Respect and standing ovation from the crowd.
Winner-Eddie Diamond

GXW World Tag Team
Standards and Practices ? vs. Mark Bravura and Jefferson Early
In a match they fans of GXW have been waiting to see, the battle of just who are the REAL GXW World Tag Team Champions. The former champions Mark Bravura and Jefferson Early never officially lost the titles in the ring. On the flipside to that Standards and Practices have never faced Bravura and Early in the ring. This was a contest to see who the rightful champions are. Both hated teams tried to out do one another until Bravura and Early began to lay the lumber onto Gordon Braswell. Finally after making the tag to Kevin Daniels, Bravura and Early went to desperate measures to get the tag titles back. Early and Bravura both pulled chains out of their boots and went to clobber both Daniels and Braswell with them. Daniels and Braswell moved out of the way, leading Early and Bravura to hit one another and knocked each other out cold. Daniels and Braswell then both pinned Early and Bravura in the middle of the ring becoming the true GXW World Tag Team Champions.
Winners and STILL GXW World Tag Team Champions- Standards and Practices

Loser Leave GXW
Mitch A Palooza vs. Martin Stanley Fuqua
Palooza and Fuqua’s hated rivalry has been raging on since August. The battle of the GXW Television Title reached a boiling point Saturday in Ruthville as Fuqua and Palooza met in a “Loser Leave GXW” Match. Both Fuqua and Palooza wanting to bad to get rid of one another and it had to come to this. After several pin fall attempts Fuqua could not keep Palooza down. Fuqua went for a clothesline on Palooza but Palooza ducked. Palooza then went to lift the 300+ Fuqua up for the Party Crasher, but the injured ribs of Palooza would not allow Palooza to keep Fuqua up. The weight of Fuqua caused Palooza to crash to the mat where Fuqua hit the Money Clip on Palooza to send him out of GXW. After the match Palooza said farewell to the fans of GXW.
Winner- Martin Stanley Fuqua

GXW World Heavyweight Title
Pharaoh ? vs. Phil Brown
In a rematch from Xero Hour Phil Brown met Pharaoh in the middle of the ring once again for the GXW World Heavyweight Title. With the fans divided between arguably the two best in GXW, Pharaoh and Phil Brown did not disappoint in another classic confrontation. With a completely level playing field Pharaoh and Phil Brown put their new found mutual respect for another aside and battled it out for the most prestigious prize in GXW, The GXW World Heavyweight Title. After a back and fourth, edge of your seat main event between two of the best in the business, Pharaoh hit a devastating suplex onto Phil Brown. Brown then got up and brawled with Pharaoh for a minute until Pharaoh rolled him up for a three count victory and a successful title defense.
Winner and Still GXW World Heavyweight Champion- Pharaoh

AS GXW ends it’s Invasion of The Body Slammers Tour, GXW would like to thank everyone who supported GXW through the month of October! GXW returns to Hopewell on November 21st at The Hopewell Community Center for World War Xero! The Xero Rumble will be back as 30 Superstars enter the Xero Rumble to get a shot at the GXW World Heavyweight Champion who ever it may be on December 19 for XERO HOUR 2 in Hopewell.

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