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Bluefield, West Virginia
Championship Wrestling (WV)
Holiday inn

Match results: Super Bee pinned Nathan Strange to retain the WV TV Title, Hannibal Alexander won by DQ over Shanghai Pierce when Mad Dog Lynch ran in to save him from a 3 on one attack by the Manson Family, Drake Tungsten pinned Michael Cook with his feet on the ropes, Jack Miller pinned Dr Roger Hamm, Joey Morton pinned Chris Andrews after hitting him with a foreign object, Rip Manson was disqualified against Kid Kaos when Tom Sawyer interfered.
Rankings (11/4/09)
United States Champion: Billy Lit
1- War Machine
2- Dave Scott
3- Super Bee
4- Eric St Clair
5- Rip Manson
6- Drake Tungsten
7- Shanghai Pierce
8- Mad Dog Lynch
9- Tom Sawyer
10- Hannibal Alexander

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