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Dragon Gate USA is set to premiere “Untouchable” from Chicago, IL on pay-per-view Friday, Nov. 6th at 10pm on iN DEMAND, TVN, DISH Network, Viewer’s Choice and Bell ExpressVU. Please note that it will premiere on some and replay on all iN DEMAND systems Saturday, Nov. 7th at 6pm. Check your local listings for channel and the very affordable price. Here is the skinny on this weekend’s PPV:

-Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino: This is a rematch from DGUSA’s first PPV. This rivalry from Japan is now red hot in the United States. Yoshino shoved Dragon Kid away at “Enter The Dragon” when Dragon Kid offered a handshake. Things were about to explode when Too Cold Scorpio showed veteran leadership and intervened. Scorpio compared this rivalry to ones of years past like Rey Misterio vs. Psicosis, Eddy Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko and Scorpio vs. Sabu. Cooler heads prevailed and all parties agreed to a rematch to see who is the better athlete. Now you will witness it at “Untouchable.”

-Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. YAMATO & Gran Akuma: Quackenbush issued a friendly challenge on behalf of CHIKARA at the first DGUSA event. He wanted to see how CHIKARA athletes would fare against the best of Dragon Gate. YAMATO responded by kicking Quackenbush low and attacking him. Jigsaw tried to make the save, only for Gran Akuma to stab his home promotion in the back and join forces with YAMATO. Now “Untouchable” will host this tag team grudge match.

-Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi: The backstory is simple. Danielson has done it all on the independent scene, except he has never tested himself against Dragon Gate’s best in singles competition. Now Danielson will say farewell to the independent wrestling world on pay-per-view before heading to WWE. Can he do the one thing he hasn’t done yet and defeat Dragon Gate’s ace? Find out at “Untouchable” with this one-time-only dream bout as the “Independent Legend” battles Dragon Gate’s top champion. This is what pro wrestling is all about.

-Brian Kendrick vs. CIMA: This is THE match Brian Kendrick has been waiting for as he escapes the world of sports entertainment and becomes a pro wrestler again. He better be at the top of his game as he is signed to face the icon of Dragon Gate in CIMA.

Davey Richards vs. Shingo: We aren’t going to hype this. It doesn’t need it. Just watch it. This shows why Dragon Gate USA is “Untouchable.”

-The Young Bucks vs. Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi: Nothing can match the Dragon Gate style of tag team wrestling. Now you’ll see the hottest duo in the wrestling world, The Young Bucks, vs. the Open The Twin Gate Champions. Watch this free video to see why there is some bad blood going into this marquee main event:

We have also released a series of videos to give you exclusive highlights, tell you the backstory and show you why “Untouchable” is the best value for your pay-per-view dollar.

If you have cable with On Demand you can watch DGUSA on your TV right now for FREE. Simply go to the section with free previews for WWE, UFC, boxing, TNA and view a 12-minute DGUSA preview with just a click of your remote. You can also watch this free preview with Kendrick, Danielson, Quackenbush, Richards and some incredible highlights online here:

-A 2-minute teaser to get your quickly up to speed:

-A look at Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi:

-Davey Richards speaks plus highlights of the Richards vs. Shingo Match Of The Year contender:

-Masato Yoshino vs. Dragon Kid highlights and exclusive locker room altercation:

“Enter The Dragon” received universal positive reviews. Now DGUSA ups the ante with “Untouchable” at an affordable price. You don’t have to believe us, here are what some journalists/critics said after seeing an advance screener:

“this show had a ton of ***1/2 matches plus a really great Bryan Danielson match and a Davey Richards match that will not only get a bunch of Match of the Year votes but also get him a bunch of either Wrestler of the Year or most likely Best Technical Wrestler votes….the Richards match is a must-see.” – Bryan Alvarez in the Nov. 3rd issue of Figure Four Weekly

“(Danielson vs. Doi was) Awesome…with some great back and forth ring combat here. Whether you like technical finesse, highspots or stiff strikes, this had it all. This was a fitting final PPV bout for Danielson’s independent career….(Shingo vs. Richards) was one hell of a bout. Between this and Danielson vs. Doi, you will easily get your money’s worth.” – Mike Johnson at

“DGUSA delivered another PPV full of excellent action….The Danielson-Doi, Richards-Shingo, and Young Bucks-Horiguchi & Saito matches were all awesome….The PPV is well-worth a purchase.” – Sean Radican at, who gave “Untouchable” a 9.0 rating.

For more information and the “Untouchable” poster go to the PPV section.

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