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Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing October 24, 2009 in Nashville on CW58
Taped October 2, 2009 at the SAW Mill in Millersville, Tn

Leah ?The Bond Girl? Hulan, the bodacious owner of Grumpy’s Bail Bonds opened this week show.

Grab your popcorn, your beverage of choice and hold onto your seat, because SAW STARTS NOW!

LAST WEEK?Flash Flanagan hit the ring on Rick Santel during his match with Chase Stevens. Meanwhile, Hammerjack was attacking David Young at ringside.

AFTER THE BROADCAST?Flanagan was rubbing Santel’s pretty face into the concrete floor of the SAW Mill.

1 ? ?The Problem Solver ?DAVID YOUNG (with Paul Adams) vs. AIDEN SCOTT

Young attacked Scott before the bell, completely overwhelming the mighty mite. A non-stop dismantling ensued. Scott halted the onslaught long enough to hit a middle rope blockbuster. Young wasted no time drilling Scott into the mat with the spinebuster.

WINNER: Young in 2:10. Just right. This was the unbridled aggression I?ve been expecting from Young since he arrived in SAW at the ?Problem Solver?.

Young and Adams joined Michael Graham at ringside. Adams said Young’s second career as a male escort didn?t work out, but there was no shame in that. After all, Michael Jordan failed in his attempt to become a major league baseball player, and becoming a pilot didn?t work out for John Denver. Adams then brought up Paris Hilton’s singing career. Young said she needed to stick to what she was good at. Adams asked what that was. Young said one word ending with ?ing? that was bleeped out. Young got deadly serious. ?I?m meant to be one thing, one thing. My entire life all I?ve ever wanted to be, and all I was ever meant to be, is a pro wrestler.? Young said his future opponents better pray they can walk after the match instead of going out in a wheelchair. With that, they were off to the Sizzler to celebrate.

SAW returns to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena on November 21. Last Man Standing Match: Chase Stevens vs. Andy Douglas (with Paul Adams); SAW Tag Team Title Match: Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sista O?Feelyah) vs. Wolfie D & Vordell Walker; Hammerjack vs. ?Maniac? Marc Anthony vs. Hammerjack; Flash Flanagan vs. Rick Santel (with Paul Adams); Mike Taylor vs. David Young (with Paul Adams); ?Boogie Woogie Boy? Gary Valiant vs. Drew Haskins. All profits go to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Tickets available at

Jesse May has been captured! Leah said thanks to the viewers of SAW and Grumpy’s Fugitive Recovery Team, the slippery rascal from week one of Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumpers was now in custody.

Andy Douglas warned Chase Stevens that it was seven days and counting until the end of his career. DOUGLAS VS. STEVENS TABLES MATCH?NEXT WEEK ON SAW.

A starry-eyed ?Teen Excitement? Drew Haskins was with Brandy Malone. Haskins said he knew Brandy was excited to be standing next to every teen’s dream. Haskins said his opponent for this week, Vordell Walker, would be yesterday’s news just like LT Falk was last week. Haskins wanted to talk about ?Drew Tube?, claiming the first installment last week got one million hits.

Cut to this week’s ?Drew Tube? with Haskins answering his fan mail.

Maggie asks what is the most common question you?re asked at your countless autograph signings, personal appearances, concerts, book signings, late night talk show appearances, AND my numerous unpublicized appearances at old folks homes, children’s hospitals and orphanages?

Haskins said it was ?can I have your phone number?? and FYI, his standard answer was ?no, you may not.? Tammy wanted to know which was Drew’s best side. Drew chucked his chin and offered up profile views of both sides. Juliet asked what to do about her boyfriend wanting to break up. Drew quoted lyrics from SOS Let the Music Play by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. The final question came from Bianca in Green Bay. She wanted to know if was true about Drew and Miley. Drew said Miley was too interested in him, such that he had to change his phone number and stop tweeting because she was borderline stalking him. ?Til next time, all my tweets out there stay excited, and for Tammy in Joplin, Missouri, here’s one more look.?

A Grumpy’s commercial aired during the break. It featured our lovely ?Bond Girl? Leah springing Chase Stevens out of a Wild West jail cell. It just keeps getting better.

We saw a hubcap spinning on top of a metal grate. As it came to rest, the words ?My Finish? were visible. Cut to a black screen with the graphic COMING NEXT WEEK. There was rap music playing with the Wolfie D in the lyrics.

2 ? VORDELL WALKER vs. ?Teen Excitement? DREW HASKINS (with Sista O?Feelyah & Half Dolla)

Battle for control of the armbar early. Haskins switched to knife edge chops. Walker started no selling and then really lit Haskins up. Walker used a butterfly suplex to score the first near fall of the match. Walker hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Walker took Haskins over the top with a lariat that sent Drew tumbling across the SAW Mill floor. (Commercial break) Walker hit spinning vertical suplex for a long near fall. Haskins looked done for, but he pulled off a drop toe hold, sending Walker’s chin into the bottom turnbuckle. Haskins went nuts on Walker in the corner. Graham talked about the stunning mean streak Haskins had put on display lately. Haskins hit a dropkick to the neck, and Walker kicked out right at two. Haskins zeroed in on the neck, using a modified camel clutch. Walker powered out and hit an Electric Chair Drop. Both men up at two, another drop toe hold by Haskins, then a standing dropkick, and back to the neck. Samoan Drop out
of nowhere by Walker, but Haskins rolled all the way through to escape the pin. From his knees, Haskins gave Walker a Three Stooges poke in the eyes. Haskins cut off a rally by Walker with a great back elbow and went psycho killer again. Reno said he must be hopped up on Red Bull or Layfield Energy drinks. Walker hit a second Electric Chair Drop to spark the full fledged comeback. Haskins on rubber legs. Walker almost dropped him on his head with a powerslam. Walker thought he got the three. O?Feelyah jumped up on the apron. Haskins capitalized on the distraction with a jumping DDT on Walker. Haskins flew from the top and splatted on the mat when Walker ducked. Walker picked Haskins up for his finisher, but O?Feelyah took his leg out, and Haskins landed on top for the pin.

WINNER: Haskins in 13:15. For two guys that have never gone more than about 8 minutes in a singles on SAW TV, they had a hell of a match, especially considering Haskins limited experience and the crappy crowd. Some funky timing and ring positioning hurt the finish.

It was time for Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Most Wanted Bail Jumpers. Leah gave the rundown on this week’s featured scumbag, James Christopher Taylor, Be on the look out for a 27 year old white male with brown hair and brown eyes, 6-2 and 160 pounds. ?He has family in Murfreesboro, but allegedly travels far and wide in support of his habit?Wrestling fans look closely. Reward leading to capture. Call 1-877-GRUMPYS.?

SAW Official Top Ten: Champion ? Kid Kash 1- Hammerjack, 2- Stevens, 3- Douglas, 4- Walker, 5- Haskins, 6- Jon Michael Worthington, 7- Santel, 8- Sean Casey, 9- Jesse Emerson, 10- Arrick Andrews.

Brandy Malone was backstage with Adams and Santel (shirtless and wearing extremely low cut jeans) to ask them about Santel’s upcoming match against Flanagan. Santel was in a snit. Adams said Malone didn?t seem nearly outraged enough about what Flanagan did to Santel last week. Adams said Santel’s face was his moneymaker and there had never been a blemish on it.

Two times, Paul Adams, I?ve had blemishes. Once, I was just becoming a teenager. I was a young ?Nature’s Greatest Miracle? and I had a pimple. But I got rid of it. Quick. Done. The other time, Nikki Vaughn, and we all know what happened to that chump. That butt monkey is out of professional wrestling at the hands of me.

Santel said he was going to take care of Flanagan for trying to mess up his moneymaker.

EARLIER TODAY?Dan Masters did a sit down with Flanagan, who said it was going to be no more Mr. Nice Guy. He was going to play by his own rules.

Stevens slowly turned towards the camera. ?One week, Andy, this is going to come to a violent, violent end.?

3 ? FLASH FLANAGAN vs. ?Nature’s Greatest Miracle? RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams)

Flanagan jumped Santel on the ramp, and a major ass beating was on. As Flanagan strangled Santel with his wrist tape, Reno Riggins said Flash could only be pushed so far and was capable of being the dirtiest player in the game. On the outside, Santel ducked a pair of chairshots. Santel was in panic mode. Flanagan wrapped Santel’s leg around the ringpost. Flanagan posted Santel’s apple bag. Santel was one miserable SOB. Flanagan got the figure four and used the middle rope for extra leverage. Senior Official Mark Herron finally caught on and made Flanagan release the hold. Flanagan wasn?t about to let up on the knee, but a jawbreaker dropped him in his tracks. Santel followed up with a punch to that vulnerable jaw. Any time Flanagan showed life, Santel would nail him in the jaw. Graham was amazed to see Flanagan back last week after appearing with his jaw wired shut the week before. ?You don?t become the Puerto Rican hardcore champion by being a
cupcake. I?ll tell you that!? said Reno. Santel used a series of crossface forearms, but was still walking with a limp. (Commercial break) ?Welcome back to SAW,? Santel bellowed. Santel applied the chinlock/sleeper/choke and they did the same old deal where Flanagan’s arm dropped two times but not the third. While holding onto the ref, Flanagan mule kicked Santel in the nuts. Flanagan revved up the big comeback. He was beating the hell out of Santel in the corner. Young came to ringside. Twice, Flanagan shoved Herron out of the way. Herron didn?t get the message, so Flanagan laid him out. Adams and Young got Santel out of there and hauled him to the back. Flanagan was in the ring still livid. Herron was laying in a heap. Reno said suspensions and fines were sure to come.

WINNER: Presumably a DQ win for Santel in 8:15. They never said. Good story match. Both men played their roles to the hilt. If only they had a decent live crowd to give it the proper atmosphere.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: A solid thumbs up show. Not a weak segment in the entire hour. It just the right blend of talking and wrestling, just the right mix of humor and violence. It was a bit heavy on the Grumpy’s stuff but far be it from me to criticize something that is destined to be a wrestling TV classic. The preview of Wolfie’s arrival was simple, short and effective. It clued viewers in about who was coming without beating them over the head with it. The big companies with their big budgets rarely it off so well, if they bother to do anything at all. The performance by Haskins blew me away. It’s hard to imagine this is the same human being as the one from six months ago. His portrayal of ?Teen Excitement? is inspired hilarity, and then he busts out his A game in a seriously intense 13 minute match. Young was also very good. His match and promo brought forth an edge of danger that’s been missing. Speaking of which, Flanagan has gone
completely over the edge, and that’s when he’s at his best as a babyface. And Santel being upset about the prospect of Flanagan messing up his pretty face after he’s broken Flash’s jaw. Well, that’s the stuff great heels are made of. A few things were off the mark. The biggest problem with the show was the crowd. It’s old news, but this was worse than usual ? less than 50 people. This week’s production snafu was the washed out image from the hard camera. The ads promoting Stevens/Douglas at the Fairgrounds on November 21 certainly killed the idea they were selling in their promos – that next week’s TV is the end of the line for their feud.

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