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What: WSU Tag Team Title Defense @ ACE’s “Rise 2 Power” Event
When: November 7th
Where: The ACE Arena
Location: 725 Sip Street, Union City NJ
NOTE: There is now FREE PARKING available at the Kennedy Center (One block from building.)
Belltime: 8PM
Ticket Information: Visit ACEProWrestling.com for pre-sale and at-door prices

WSU Match
For the WSU Tag Team Titles
*The Rematch*
(c) Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini

On 10/3, the biggest WSU Tag Team Title match in WSU history took place as defending champions Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred took on two of the most successful WSU World Champions in WSU history, current WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & former World Champion Angel Orsini.

We found out earlier in the evening that #1 Contender to the World Title, Rain, hired Havok & Hatred as her special enforcers for the night. That played into the ending of the match.

After 20 minutes of battling back & forth, the match turned into a brawl. Both Havok & Hatred found themselves outside on the floor. Angel Orsini daringly moonsaulted from the top rope to the floor, wiping out Havok & Hatred. If that wasn’t enough, as Havok & Hatred were getting to their feet, Mercedes Martinez hit a huge suicide dive!

With Havok & Hatred looking like they had their heads scrambled, Orsini & Martinez rolled both into the ring. Orsini & Martinez would hit stereo-brainbusters on the champs. However, before the ref could count to three, RAIN interfered and pulled the ref out of the ring.

Not allowing Rain to get an advantage, Portia Perez, who was beaten earlier in the night by Rain, came out to make the save for her friends. This led to a huge pier-6 battle, and saw Angel Orsini, Portia Perez, Havok & Hatred all brawl to the back. The match was ruled a NO-CONTEST.

With Martinez in the ring all alone, Rain took the opportunity to decimate the champion. Rain destroyed Martinez with a barrage of steel chair shots. We never saw Martinez look so vulnerable before in WSU. The attack was heinous and despicable.

While Martinez will take on Rain at WSU’s next event on 12/12, in the meantime, Martinez has not forgotten how Hatred & Havok have set her up. Orsini, who has her own problems with Havok/Hatred (Check out the “ON THE ROAD 2009 SUMMER TOUR DVD), has agreed to team up with her former protege/student, Mercedes Martinez one more time, in the quest to win the WSU Tag Team Championships.

Due to what happened during their first tag team title match, WSU has barred everyone from the WSU roster from interfering in this match. If anyone interferes in this match, they will be suspended from WSU for a year. WSU is dedicated in making sure this match produces a clear-cut winner.

Can Martinez & Orsini, the two biggest cornerstones in WSU pick up tag gold on 11/7 at ACE? Or will Havok & Hatred prove to the womens wrestling world why they are called “The Best in the Mid-West.”

Find out at ACE on 11/7.

Also make sure to check out DOIVIDEO.com & WSUWRESTLING.com for the latest WSU DVDs. We have recently released our 10/3 “Excellence” & “Raining Misery” DVDs. These are our slickest produced DVDs yet and many fans are calling these releases our best DVDs yet. Find out what all the hype is about!

WSU also returns with one more show for 2009, with Martinez vs Rain, Orsini vs JAZZ & Much More. Stay tuned for a special press release about that event later this week.

WSU will once again be partnering up with one of our big brother promotions, as on November 14th, NWS & WSU will present the hottest womens wrestling anywhere around!

Two huge title matches have been signed!!!

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez defends against former TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love!

This is a first time ever match in the northeast. Angelina Love has dominated the state of TNA womens wrestling and on 11/14, this will be her chance to dominate the largest womens wrestling company in the United States today, WSU! This surely will be one of Mercedes Martinez’s toughest title defenses yet.

In our second match of this huge double main event, the WSU Spirit Championship will be defended!
For the first time ever, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage will be forced to meet her former tag team partner, the person she stabbed in the back, ALICIA! While other groups may be satisfied with false advertising, WSU is proud to announce that both of these women will be here for this epic clash!

More on these matches to come.

This show also features Tito Santana, Brutus Beefcake, The Patriot & many more.

NWS/WSU Return on 11/14
At the St James Chuch
Located at 200 Finley Ave, Basking Ridge, NJ
Tickets $15 if you mention this press release. Call 732 888 1704 or email NWSWrestling@aol.com to order tickets in advance.
For more details about this show on the web, please visit WSUWrestling.com and NWSWrestling.com

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