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Ground Xero Wrestling’s Invasion of The Body Slammers Tour 2009 rolled on Friday Night at The Blackwell Community Center. In front of a solid crowd, Blackwell was treated to a night of great matches and shocking twists and turns as Night 2 of the Tour Invaded Blackwell.

Match 1
Deacon Strickland vs. “Cowboy” Jack Dunn
The returning half of The Holy Union has not been seen in GXW since Standards and Practices took out his partner Rev J Boogie at “Suffering” last September in Hopewell. Deacon Strickland came back to action with a chip on his shoulder and took apart Jack Dunn. Strickland defeated Dunn with a Shooting Star Press.
Winner-Deacon Strickland

The returning “Better Than You” Mark Bravura made his way to the ring next. Bravura went on to state that as a former GXW Television Champion and former GXW World Tag Team Champion, he was the rightful Number 1 Contender at Pharaoh’s GXW World Heavyweight Title. Bravura then went on to say how dissappointed he was in Pharaoh’s actions recently, but before he could finish Phil Brown’s music hit. Phil Brown and Bravura argued over who was Number 1 Contender, until both men agreed to meet each other in the ring tonight to settle it.

Street Fight
“The Ace of Spades” Peter Spade vs. “The World’s Most Dangerous Manager” Timmy Danger
Danger was forced into this match or be fired by Lt. Commissioner Peter Spade. Spade dominated Danger throughout the street fight and rocked Danger with The Card Cutter. Spade then went for another Card Cutter, but shockingly Deimos ran out and destroyed Peter Spade with a chair. Danger then pinned Spade to get the upset of the year victory. Danger and Deimos then beat down Peter Spade.
Winner- Timmy Danger

GXW Respect Title Match
Eddie Diamond ? vs. Shorty Smalls
In a rematch from Night 1 of the tour, Eddie Diamond battled Shorty Smalls. The last time these two met in the right Diamond scored a roll up victory. With that loss fresh in his mind Smalls came to the ring to dominate Diamond, but Diamond was not to be taken lightly. After a stiff, hard hitting battle Smalls got himself DQ’d by using his trademark chain. In another shocking moment Smalls then hung Diamond with his chain from the ring apron.
Winner by DQ-Eddie Diamond

$100,000 vs. The GXW Television Title
Martin Stanley Fuqua ? vs. Mitch A Palooza(w/ a brief case holding M$F’s 100K)
The rules for this match were simple, if Martin Stanley was to win this match by pinfall or submission he would walk away from Night 2 not only Television Champion, but also with the money he lost to Mitch at Night 1 in Hopewell. If Palooza was to win, he would leave the ring with not just Martin Stanley’s 100 grand, but also the GXW Television Title. With so much history and animosity between these two men already both The Big Easy and The 24/7 Party Animal took it to one another in a hard hitting brawl. However, the end came when Palooza and Fuqua were both counted out! Referee Bobby Cruz ruled that since it was a double count out, Palooza keeps Martin’s money and Fuqua keeps the Telvision Title.
Referee’s Decision-Double Count Out

GXW World Heavyweight Championship
The Pharaoh ? vs. Krotch
The mysterious Krotch took on the now loved fan favorite Pharaoh for Pharaoh’s GXW World Heavyweight Title. The mysterrious Krotch in his first shot at The Top Prize in GXW brought his A Game against The Egyptian God. However The Pharaoh went on to prove just why he is the top dog in GXW in this match. In the two combatants first time competeting against one another, Krotch came so close on several occassions to winning the title, but Pharaoh was able to lock in the victory after The Pharaoh Slam to successfully retain The GXW World Heavyweight Title.
Winner and STILL GXW World Heavyweight Champion- The Pharaoh

Main Event for Number 1 Contendsership
“The Platinum Icon” Phil Brown vs. “Better Than You” Mark Bravura
In the first meeting between these two in GXW in almost a year. Mark Bravura was in his first match in GXW since July to battle the former GXW World and Television Champion Phil Brown in a match for the Number 1 Contendership to Pharaoh’s GXW World Heavyweight Title. Bravura went on to show that he has not lost a step in the ring since his injury and came back to prove why he is one of the best in the area and deserves the GXW World Heavyweight Title. Phil Brown was able to stay one step ahead of Bravura in this outstanding match up. At the end of this classic contest between two of the best in the business, Phil Brown was able to defeated Mark Bravura with his patented Super Kick and get the 3 count. Brown not only got the win, but the Number One Contendsership
Winner- Phil Brown

on Saturday Night, The Invasion of the Body Slammers Tour Continued into Night 3. GXW made it’s long awaited return to Prince George High School for another explosive Night of Action.

Match 1
Deacon Strickland vs. Jefferson Early
In a heated battle between these two talented superstars, Deacon Strickland came into battle with a score to settle against Jefferson Early. Strickland and Early went into battle and had an explosive opening contest. Despite Early’s singles match experience, Deacon Strickland was able to score a victory with his Shooting Star Press and pinned the former GXW Crusierweight Champion.
Winner- Deacon Strickland

The GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh came down the aisle next to a loud ovation of cheers and “Pharaoh” chants from the GXW Faithful. The Pharaoh got on the mic and spoke about being World Champion and how he’s been a changed man since the last time GXW was in Prince George. Pharaoh went on to thank the fans for supporting him. Suddenly “The Platinum Icon” Phil Brown’s music hit and Phil Brown came to the ring. Phil congratulated Pharaoh on changing his ways. Phil Brown then went on to say that after the events of Night 2, he was now Number 1 Contender for the title. Phil Brown then challenged Pharaoh. Before Pharaoh could accept the challenge “The Artist” Raphael ran in and attacked both men from behind. Raphael stood over Brown and took his claim to the Number One Contendership and challenged Brown to a match tonight.

GXW World Tag Team Championship
Standards and Practices ? vs. Mimic and Senor Sabado Noche
The upstart masked tag team of Mimic and Sabado Noche took on the first ever two time GXW World Tag Team Champions Kevin Daniels and Gordon Braswell, Standards and Practices. Despite their valiant attempt at the upset victory over Daniels and Braswell. S&P were able to prove why are the best at what they do by defeating Mimic and Sabado with The Citation.
Winners and STILL GXW World Tag Team Champions- Standards and Practices

Landon Thomas vs. Deimos w/ Timmy Danger
Deimos quickly tore apart Landon Thomas and then pinned him with one foot after a Fall from Olympus. Danger then got on the microphone and insulted The Prince George Football team. Danger then stated that Phil Brown and had been trying to undermine Deimos all year and even though Deimos had been a former Television Champion, he never received a rematch for the title or a World Title Shot for that matter. Danger went on to say that he was going to now take Deimos to the top and Pharaoh had gone soft.

Shorty Smalls & GXW World Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua w/ Kacee Carlisle
GXW Respect Champion Eddie Diamond & Mitch A Palooza w/ P.G.H.S.’ Own Coach David Emory
Fuqua and Smalls came to the ring ready for battle. Fuqua no stranger to Prince George, as the last time he was in Prince George he had attacked Prince George’s Wrestling Coach David Emory. Palooza and Diamond came to the ring with Emory to a thunderous ovation from the Prince George crowd. Despite an early lead Diamond was on the receiving end of a lot of punishment from Fuqua and Smalls throughout the match. Diamond eventually was able to make the tag to Palooza who came in a house of fire. In the end Smalls and Diamond fought to the back while Palooza pinned Martin Stanley Fuqua clean in the middle of the ring. Diamond, Palooza, and Emory then celebrated with the crowd.
Winners-Mitch A Palooza and Eddie Diamond

GXW World Heavyweight Championship
The Pharaoh ? vs. Krotch
In a rematch from the previous night’s classic confrontation, The Pharaoh defended his conveted title against Krotch in a rematch from the night before. Krotch came into this match with a plan to dethrone The Egyptian God and try and not make the same mistakes as the night before. Pharaoh went in with the same game plan as the night before to lead to victory. Pharaoh went on to wear down Krotch with his dreaded Guerilla Cluth, but Krotch was able to counter. Pharaoh then quickly tried to end it at the end of the match with a Pharaoh Slam, but Krotch rolled over his back and misted Pharaoh! With Pharaoh blinded Krotch pinned The Pharaoh! With Krotch announced as The NEW GXW World Heavyweight Champion the crowd booed and jeered relentlessly. Referee Bobby Cruz then went to check on Pharaoh and saw the mist in Pharaoh’s eyes and reversed his descision and awarded the match to Pharaoh by DQ.
Winner by DQ and STILL GXW World Heavyweight Champion- The Pharaoh

“The Platinum Icon” Phil Brown vs. “The Artist” Raphael
In the night’s main event Phil Brown went to get a measure of revenge on The Artist from the attack earlier in the night. In a solid contest, both Raphael and Phil Brown went toe to toe throughout the match. While Raphael dominated a majority of the match, Phil Brown was able to rally back and with the fans of GXW and Prince George High School behind him, Brown defeated Raphael with a Super Kick. After pinning Raphael, Timmy Danger and Deimos hit the ring and attacked Brown. After several mintues of attack, Deimos hoisted Brown up for The Fall of Olypmus, but none other than The Pharaoh made the save and chased Deimos and Danger away. After Danger, Deimos, and Raphael left the rign area. Pharaoh extended his hand to Brown and both men celebrated with the crowd. Brown then asked the crowd if they were ready for an alliance between The Platinum Icon and The Egyptian God.
Winner- Phil Brown

Fans continue to follow GXW and support GXW as The Invasion of The Body Slammers Tour 09 continues! This Friday as GXW goes into Night 4 of the Tour in Hotchkiss Community Center located at 701 E. Brookland Park Blvd. Richmond VA 7 PM Bell Time and Admission is just $5! The The Tour reaches it’s final stop Saturday Night on Halloween as GXW makes it’s Charles City Debut at The Ruthville Gym Complex at 13100 The Glebe Lane in Ruthville, VA at 7 PM admission is just $5!



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