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The GXW Faithful were treated to another high impact night of action at The Hopewell Community Center! Last Saturday Night as GXW Presented Night 1 of The Invasion of The Body Slammers ?09 Tour. A night of title changes and shocking turns and we?re only on Night 1 of The Tour!

Match 1-
? of the GXW World Tag Team Champions ?#1? Jefferson Early vs. ?Mr. Charisma? Russell Roberts
The Current half of the GXW World Tag Team Champions, Jefferson Early took on the thus far winless Russell Roberts in the opening contest. Early took apart Roberts with his snap neck breakers, slingshot German Suplexes, and vicious fore arms. Despite early showings of a comeback, Roberts was soon defeated with a top rope elbow from Early.
Winner- Jefferson Early

After the match Jefferson Early called Standards and Practices to the ring. As Daniels and Braswell came to the ring, Early thanked them for taking out the Holy Union last month at Suffering. Early then said for doing so he was hereby awarding Daniels and Braswell the GXW Tag Team Titles. GXW President David Cullen’s music quickly hit. Cullen came to the ring and said if Early was forfeiting the titles on him and Bravura’s behalf, that was Early’s decision, BUT Standards and Practices would have to win the titles against a mystery team tonight.

GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua then made his way to the ring. Fuqua as usual was dressed in all white suit with the GXW Television Title as well as a black suitcase. Fuqua got on the microphone to tremendous boos from the crowd. Fuqua explained to the crowd that last month he had defeated Mitch A Palooza in the middle of the ring and after the match nearly ended Palooza’s career. Fuqua then went on to say their was nothing left to do with Palooza but humiliate him tonight in this very ring. Fuqua then issued a challenge to Palooza, the challenge was if Martin Stanley could NOT pin or submit Mitch A Palooza in under 10 minutes, Mitch A Palooza would win $100,000 of Martin Stanley’s own money. Fuqua went on to say that the cash was in that suit case that was with him. Palooza came to the ring and accepted the challenge

Match 2-
Deimos vs. Senor Sabado Noche
The former GXW Television Champion Deimos took on the Lucha Super Star known as Senor Sabado Noche in a rematch from GXW Pain last month. While Sabado was able to out manuever Deimos, the Mexican Sensation proved to be no match for The Gladiator and was defeated after Deimos? Fall of Olympus.
Winner- Deimos.

Match 3
For the Vacant GXW Tag Team Titles
Standards and Practices vs. Treyvon Burr and Mimic
In a surprising turn of events, the mystery team to take on Standards and Practices was the rookie upstart Mimic and the debuting Treyvon Burr. Daniels and Braswell made short work of these two and walked away from the match 2 Time Tag Team Champions after a Citation on Mimic.
Winners and NEW GXW World Tag Team Champions- Standards and Practices.

GXW Lt. Commissioner ?Playboy? Peter Spade then came to the ring in his wrestling attire. Spade got on the microphone and said he was not dressed in his normal suit and tie, because he was here tonight to fight! Spade said that he had enough of Timmy Danger and since Danger wanted to make it physical last month by low blowing Spade from behind, Spade was going to make it physical by challenging Danger to a fight! Spade went on to say that Danger did not have the guts to show up in Hopewell, so Spade was making the match official, NO DQ Match Peter Spade vs. Timmy Danger in Blackwell Friday Night October 23 in Richmond! Spade went on to say that if Danger did not show up, he would be fired from GXW.

Match 4-
GXW Respect Title
GXW Respect Champion Eddie Diamond vs. Shorty Smalls w/ Kacee Carlisle
Kacee Carlisle came to the ring with the former GXW World Champion Shorty Smalls and got on the microphone. Carlisle explained that Shorty Smalls was tired of facing no name opponents and wanted a real challenge. Carlisle said that Smalls wanted Respect and to get it he was going to obliterate the GXW Respect Champion Eddie Diamond. Diamond made his way to a thunderous ovation as Diamond and Smalls locked horns. Diamond and Smalls battled each other in a stiff hard hitting contest. Diamond used his speed and technical ability to wear down the grizzled veteran. However Smalls used his sheer brute force and smash mouth style of wrestling to break apart Diamond After a hard hitting contest, Diamond reversed an Irish whip from Smalls. Kacee Carlisle then accidently tripped Smalls in the ropes. With Smalls turning around to see what happened he was quickly rolled up by Diamond for a three count victory to retain the GXW Respect Title. After the match Diamond extended his hand to Smalls. Shorty then told Diamond that since it was for the Respect title, he?d shake his hand like a man. Smalls then took Diamond’s hand but then quickly laid him out with a Lariat!
Winner and still GXW Respect Champion-Eddie Diamond

$100,000 10 Minute Challenge
GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua vs. Mitch A Palooza
The rules of the match were simple. If Palooza could last 10 minutes with The Big Easy and not get pinned or submitted, he would leave Hopewell with $100,000 of The Big Easy’s money. Fuqua took it straight to Palooza before for bell even rang. Martin Stanley went for quick pins to start the match and tried wearing down Palooza’s already injured ribs with attacks to the back and rib area. Despite trying to wear down Palooza early on, The 24/7 Party Animal kept kicking out and escaping. With the clock winding down at Five minutes left Fuqua began to panic and end it quick, but Palooza would not stay down. Palooza even went so far as to stalling on the outside to kill time. With less than a minute to go, Fuqua’s panic continues and he could not keep Mitch down. Finally after hitting The Money Clip on Palooza, time had ran out and Mitch A Palooza walked away that evening $100,000 richer and revenge on The Big Easy.
Winner- Mitch A Palooza

Main Event
GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh w/ Zahara vs. ?The Artist? Raphael
IN a rematch from GXW Suffering Last weekend, the newest GXW Fan Favorite The Pharaoh with his new valet the lovely Zahara did battle with ?The Artist? Raphael, the former Diego De La Rosa. Pharaoh was greeted to the ring with a loud ?PHARAOH? chant from the Hopewell faithful. Still with a score to settle, Raphael was ready to take the GXW World Heavyweight Championship from him. Pharaoh and Raphael began the contest with some on the mat skills. Both men going hold for hold and counter for counter with both competitors still knowing one another very well still from their last encounter. With The GXW Faithful firmly on his side, Pharaoh began to take control of the contest and began to wear down Raphael enough to get him into the dreaded Guerilla Clutch. However The Artist would not submit and countered with a Boston Crab known as The Work of Art. However Neither man would submit. Pharaoh once again went for The Guerilla Clutch, but Raphael kicked Pharaoh off and crashing him into Referee Jack Dunn. With Jack Dunn knocked out, Raphael pulled out a foreign object from his tights and went to nail Pharaoh with it. However Zahara slide into the ring and took the object from Raphael. Raphael quickly responded by knocking Zahara out with a Superkick. Pharaoh made his way from behind then and took down Raphael with a Pharaoh Slam. With referee Jack Dunn out cold, Deimos ran out to the ring and attacked Pharaoh from behind. After attacking Pharaoh, he threw Raphael on top of the out cold Pharaoh and left the ringside area. Referee Jack Dunn crawled over and counted 1-2-3. Ring Announcer Brent Fllenor then proclaimed Raphael the NEW GXW World Heavyweight Champion! As Raphael celebrated GXW Lt. Commissioner Peter Spade came to the ring and over rode the decision and said things weren?t going to go down like that. Spade proclaimed that due to Deimos? interference Pharaoh had won via DQ and remained champion.
Winner by DQ and STILL GXW World Heavyweight Champion-The Pharaoh

Fans don?t miss GXW action as The Invasion of The Body Slammers Tour ?09 Continues THIS Friday Night at The Blackwell Community Center in Richmond 300 East 15th Street Richmond, VA! Bell Time 7 PM and Tickets only $5. Then again on Saturday Night in Prince George High School in Prince George, VA as tickets once again $5 and 6 PM Bell time!

In action GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh will be making defenses both nighbt, no doubt to give his thoughts on his current war with Raphael and on the recent double cross from Deimos.

Also Deimos will be in the building both nights as well and can hopefully shed some light on his recent actions.

Also GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua and Mitch A Palooza? war heats up as Palooza is now $100K richer thanks to Night 1 of the Tour! Fuqua surely will have a lot to say as usual as we head into nights 2 and 3 of the tour.

Also Friday Night Timmy Danger takes on ?Playboy? Peter Spade in a No DQ Match in Blackwell. This war has been heating up long enough and Spade has plenty of aggression to take out on the loud mouthed Danger. If Danger does not show up Friday Night he will be fired on the spot, could this be the end of Danger in GXW or does Danger have an ace up his sleeve? Find out on The Invasion of The Body Slammers Tour.

Also NEW GXW World Tag Team Champions Standards and Practices will be on the tour for the weekend. Controversy behind the Tag Team Title situation continues as Mark Bravura returns Friday Night to face Phil Brown. The always out spoken Bravura will definitely have a lot to say regarding Jeff Early’s recent decisions, Standards and Practices, and The Holy Union. Speaking of which, Deacon Strickland has been MIA since the injuring of Rev J Boogie at the hands of S&P! Will he be in Blackwell or Prince George, find out this weekend!

Shorty Smalls? rampage for respect continues as he was last seen lariating Eddie Diamond last weekend. Both Diamond and Smalls will be in the building this weekend and things are sure to heat up!

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