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Stranglehold BLOODSTOCK 2 Results
Saturday, October 17 2009

Toronto, Ontario
@ Sterling Lofts
Ring Announcer: Big Daddy Donnie
Referees: Jimmi Hellbent, Ref Wasted, P. Wee, Jesse Amato
Results credit: Gordo for

1) “Dynamite” George Terzis & Rip Impact def Matt Burns & “Custom Made” Markus Ryan [17 min]
While Impact & Markus Ryan fought outside the ring Terzis pinned Burns after a fireman’s carry & toss into a double gut buster.

2) BLOODSTOCK 2 Tournament; Round 1:
Hornet def Rico Montana [7 min]
Chairs were the weapon of choice for this match. Hornet survived a powerbomb onto chairs to take the win after nailing a couple DDTs. Rico might have helped him with that by missing a charge and running head first into a chair in the ropes.

3) BLOODSTOCK 2 Tournament; Round 1:
Matt Cash def Bloody Bill Skullion [8 min]
This match featured knives, forks & broken beer bottles. Both guys bloodied up. Most of the match fought out on the floor amid fans and also in the back of Big Mac’s pick-up. Finished in the ring when Bill missed Cash with his flaming punch & hit Ref Amato instead. Cash hit Skullion with a chair and Ref Wasted ran in to count the pin. Skullion then powerbombed Ref Wasted.

4) BLOODSTOCK 2 Tournament; Round 1:
Kentucky Butcher w / The Wizard of Wrestling def CP Assassin [8 min]
Butcher won after smashing light tubes over Assassin’s chest and then landing a big elbow drop for the pin. Prior to that, two huge splashes had failed to break the tubes. Assassin’s arm was cut to ratshit & he was rushed to hospital for 16 stiches.

-Intermission [30 min]
A band played while staff mopped up Assassin’s blood and swept the glass from the ring

5) BLOODSTOCK 2 Tournament; Round 1:
Green Phantom def Nazi Destructor w / The Wizard of Wrestling [7 min]

6) I Quit Match:
Cherry Bomb def “Midnight Special” RJ City [9 min]
Long mic spot from RJ City. First with the singer of the band and then RJ sang a song (The Impossible Dream?), Finally Cherry came out & the match started. RJ dominated until Cherry grabbed him by the nuts and threatened to shove a stick up his ass.

7) BLOODSTOCK 2 Tournament; Round 2:
Green Phantom def Matt Cash [4 min]
A Staple Gun Match

8) Kentucky Butcher w / The Grand Wizard of Wrestling def Hornet [ 13 sec]

-Intermission [30 min]
Another band played – just as loud & as bad as the first one

9) BLOODSTOCK 2 Tournament Final:
Green Phantom def Kentucky Butcher w / The Wizard of Wrestling [7 min]
A Fans Bring the Weapons Match. Phantom was a bloody mess from tube shots. Butcher missed a move off the 2nd rope & Phantom pinned him after a tube-assisted elbow drop

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