Steven Ashe sent this in:

C*4 presents “Rise Above 2009”
Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance: 160
Referee’s Alex Hetfield and Bakais

Dark Match: PeeWee defeated Nemesis

1) J. Rukn overcame the odds, and surprised the crowd, in defeating Stupefied, Sabian, and Michael Elgin in a 4-Corners Match. In what is being called a MOTY contender, Rukn not only won the match, but also the support of fans.

2) “Last Persian Warrior” Rahim Ali defeated Jagged.

3) Bash Bison defeated Deeno w/Cheeky and Chaz Lovely – Following the win, Cheeky joined the action, and led a three-on-One assault, attacking Bash. Rush stormed out of the locker room to cleared the ring. However, he surprised all when he knocked out Bash Bison with a chair, stood over him, and said “Shayne Hawke sent his regards”.

4) Sexxxy Eddy defeated “The Hot Property” Shane Matthews

5) The Untouchables (Dan Paysan & “Rockstar” Jimmy Stone) continued their winning ways beating The Warriors (“Pyscho” Mike Rollins & Josh Alexander)

6) Tyson Dux pinned “MVP” Michael Von Payton, in a match which stipulated that Twiggy was banned from ringside. In a surprise to all, Twiggy was introduced by Dux as the special guest referee. Despite a super-kick to MVP’s jaw, Twiggy attempted to be as impartial as possible. Following the match Twiggy told MVP that he would be there to screw Von Payton every way possible this season – unless MVP stood up and faced him one on one next month. Von Payton agreed, and demanded it be a street fight – so that he could once and for all destroy Twiggy – and run him out of C*4 for good. Following this MVP blindsided Twiggy – leading to a huge pull apart brawl, that needed 6 security guards and referees to end.

7) In a very exciting Three-Way-Dance, Player Uno pinned Hallowicked, to claim win over Wicked, and Japanese sensation Kushida.

8) C*4 Champion “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen defeated Claudio Castagnoli with a sharpshooter. In a very hard hitting match-up, that saw Steen suffer a knee injury early on, the two gave in their all. Claudio seemed to have Steen beaten, after targeting the injured knee – however Steen rallied back, and locked in a sharpshooter in the centre of the ring – leaving Claudio with no choice but tap out.

C*4 thanks all of its loyal fans – and looks forward to celebrating our 2nd Anniversary on Saturday November 21st – at “Only the Best 2”. More nfo coming soon!

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