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Saturday night’s NWA Anarchy television taping put the final nails in the coffin for Fright Night 09 on October 31, the 11th consecutive year that event will be held in Cornelia.

With only three tapings between major events, by necessity, much of the setup was left to the go home taping. Fortunately, a strong foundation had been established for all of the major matches, so the stipulations made sense, and it didn?t feel like overload. It was a relatively short taping focused on talking and making matches, and one that avoided giving fans too much in the ring.

Attendance was 120, and while the lower numbers remain a concern, there was a palpable sigh of relief after dropping below 100 paid two weeks ago. Whatever the reasons for the continuing low numbers, and I do think it’s a combination of factors, the creative end is not one of them. The storytelling has been up to snuff. Young talent is gradually being elevated, and the fans have embraced Caprice Coleman as a main event level star in only two appearances, although the majority of the credit for that success is due to Coleman’s undeniable talent and charisma.

NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer opened the show hyping Fright Night, which falls on Halloween night for the first time in Anarchy history. There will be Trick or Treating for kids in the parking lot starting at 7pm.

Announcer Greg Hunter directed our attention to the WrestleVision where his broadcast partner John Johnson was with The Entourage. Andrew Alexander credited ?The New Pain Train? Jay Clinton with retiring wrestling’s only serial killer (Iceberg). He put the blame on New Wave for not holding up their end of the deal. Right on cue, New Wave attacked Entourage. They brawled through the claustrophobic backstage area, down the ramp and into the ring. Mr. Black stepped through the ropes with a perfectly timed choke bomb on Derrick Driver to derail New Wave’s signature finisher, the Unskinny Bop. The other Entourage members followed suit with their big moves capped of with a top rope elbow by Clinton (same move he used to pin Iceberg).

(1) The NWA Anarchy Young Lion’s Title Match between Champion Skirra Corvus and Hayden Young went to 10 minute draw. Young dominated the opening chain wrestling exchange. When Corvus busted out his aerial game, the crowd got behind Young. A cool spot saw Young counter Corvus? bat like submission with a Boston crab in the ropes. Corvus did a Matrix move to elude Young’s flying bodypress. Corvus was back on the attack until Young made him miss with a swanton bomb. The action spilled to the outside, where the battle continued until both men were counted out. Good match. It was the most over Young has been since his return.

Aden Chambers was Greg Hunter’s guest for the Personality Profile segment via the WrestleVision. We learned that Chambers was a 10 year veteran, who had participated in the 2008 Super 8 tournament and been in the ring with the likes of A. J. Styles and Consequences Creed. He advised Shaun Tempers not to look past him. Pretty bland stuff. Chambers came across as too nice a guy to be in the wrestling business.

(2) Jacob Ashworth vs. Cory Hollis was ruled a no contest at 2:37 when Orion Bishop (accompanied by NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Vain) destroyed the both of them. And they were having a surprisingly good match too. Bishop obliterated them ? Ashworth with a fallaway slam and Hollis with a midair spear.

Shadow Jackson hit the ring. Vain used Bishop as his shield. Jackson avoided Bishop’s raging bull charge and no sold Vain’s blows. Vain’s hasty retreat to the dressing room was halted by Palmer and his ax handle. ?If you ain?t runnin?, you?re hidin?.? Palmer ordered a dog collar match for Fright Night – Jackson vs. Vain. He also promised to knock Bishop’s nose off his face if tried to get involved. Well done. Bishop is starting to have discernible facial expressions. The gimmick fits Vain’s crimes like a glove.

(3) Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) beat Team Macktion (Kirby & TJ Mack) in 12:29. The Mack brothers got a lukewarm response. It had been a couple of years since their last trip into Cornelia. Good heat for the champions, though. Macktion dominated the first 6 minutes of the match with a variety of clever double teams. They faked a stereo dives, dodged a sneak attack and then hit the dives. At one point, the champions ended up in the dreaded 69 position and freaked out in disgust. Pendleton blocked Macktion’s attempt to hit their finisher on Talent, and the champions destroyed Kirby’s back. Hot tag. Double 619 and double Alabama Slam by Macktion, but Talent foiled a move by TJ. Finish was a botched Rodeo Driver, as Talent slipped off the ropes. Pendleton pinned TJ.

Talent said they had just beaten a nationally ranked team and had already beaten every team in the locker room. That brought every team in the back to ringside ? Rowdy Friends (Don Matthews & Jessco Blue), ADD (Manchild & Jamie Lee), Mike Posey & Seth Delay, Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn), J-Rod & BJ Hancock, Entourage and New Wave. Hunter announced a tag team rumble would open Fright Night with the winners to get a title shot later in the evening. Anarchy Mega Rumbles are always well booked, fun affairs. Still, the cast of characters left me feeling like the tag team titles have lost their luster since the heyday of the Devil’s Rejects/New Wave’s feud, and are now a notch below the TV Title and more on par with the Young Lion’s.

The second half opened with a WrestleVision ruckus during which Todd Sexton put El Veterano out of commission for the tag match that opened the hour.

(4) Seth Delay & Mike Posey beat Bo Newsome in a handicap match with a cameo by Slim Brodie (7:41). Newsome fought the good fight. He was more than holding his own, until he made the mistake of chasing Posey around the outside of the ring and got cut down by Delay’s surprise body block. The heels gave Bo a beating. Delay hit his double knee gutbuster, but Posey missed with a long distance guillotine legdrop, and Slim J’s music played. Out came Brodie Chase dressed as J to take the hot tag (and show off his abs). Bo reached. Brodie smacked Bo across the face. Posey pinned Newsome with a double arm DDT.

Post-match, Chase Delay and Posey did another rendition of the ?no more bandanas? routine.

(5) Shaun Tempers beat Aden Chambers to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title in 7:12. Dead crowd. It was one of those deals where the match quality was fine, but nobody believed Chambers had a chance of winning. Chambers got too fancy for his own good with the flying stuff, and Tempers clubbed him in the neck and went to work on the body part. Tempers was plenty stiff with his blows here. He used a rabbit lariat and a northern lights suplex for near fall. Chambers came back with an enzuigiri to the temple and an STO for a near fall. Chambers got a neat near fall, reversing a Tiger Bomb into a huracanrana. But Chambers moonsault found nothing but Tempers raised boots, and Tempers went right to the hangman’s neckbreaker to get the three count.

Greg Hunter announced that Ace Rockwell had decided on the stipulation for his match against Tempers at Fright Night. It would be a Last Man Standing Match. (Rockwell did a video explaining this that will air on television but was not shown in the building due to technical issues). Tempers threw a fit to the point he was getting crybaby heat.

(6) Caprice ?Ice? Coleman defeated Jimmy Rave in 10:29. A matchup featuring two NWA Wildside alumni circa 2000. Rave did his TNA Guitar Hero gimmick. He did a masterful stalling routine to build the heat. Probably the best heat all night. Coleman kept working a side headlock. They did the deal where Coleman used the headlock to drag Rave into the ring and had his feet draped on the top rope. Rave was yelling for Coleman to break the hold, so he dropped Rave on his face. Rave worked over Coleman’s knee. The heat seeking spot was Rave spitting in Coleman’s face from close range. Coleman hit a springboard leg lariat for a double down, and had the crowd chanting his name. Coleman ducked Rave’s punches, blitzed him with body shots and a knockdown right hand. They traded big near falls with Coleman hitting That’s Life (new name for Thermal Shock) to get the clean pin. Good match.

Post-match: Phil Shatter and Kimo attacked Coleman. Jeff G. Bailey was taunting Coleman with Shatter’s NWA National belt. Mikal Judas made the save brandishing a steel chair. Judas was yet to name his partner for the main event. Coleman was the obvious crowd pleasing choice.

(7) Mikal Judas & Caprice Coleman beat the NWA Elite (Phil Shatter & Kimo with Jeff G. Bailey) when Coleman pinned NWA National Champion Shatter in 10:37. Early on, it was Judas on fire with his stout power game, and the Elite having problems getting untracked. Coleman took the heat, and once again, he had the crowd rallying behind him. At one point, Coleman reversed Shatter’s PTSD with an inside cradle, but the Elite kept cutting off Coleman’s comebacks. Coleman decked the Elite with a double dropkick and made the tag, but ref Jeff McGowan didn?t see due to Bailey jumping up on the apron. The spot worked because it’s a tactic Bailey rarely uses. Kimo ripped off Coleman’s leaping leg drop for a near fall. The Elite were setting Coleman up for a stuff piledriver, when Judas busted into the ring with a sky high chokeslam on Kimo. Moments later, Coleman blocked the PTSD and pinned Shatter with That’s Life. The finish got a major pop.

Palmer came out and made a HUGE deal out of Coleman beating the NWA National Champion ?on live TV?. He granted Coleman a title match for Fright Night (the National title is actually controlled by the NWA Board of Directors, a detail that is not part of the storyline). Palmer laid out the stipulations for Judas vs. Kimo at Fright Night. If Kimo won, Palmer would sign Judas? contract over to the Elite. Bailey was ecstatic. However, his orgasmic response proved to be premature. Palmer went on to say that if Judas won, Palmer would get Kimo’s mask (and thus control of Kimo) for 35 days. The show closed Kimo on his knees crying out in anguish.

NOTES: Judas and Shatter are booked for WWE RAW in Jacksonville on 10/19. New Wave are scheduled for 10/20 Smackdown in Columbia. Judas, Shatter and Kimo will be doing their usual security gig at the TNA tapings on 10/20 and 10/21?Greg Hunter will doing the ring announcing at the Rampage Pro Wrestling taping today in Warner Robins…In his opening, Palmer sent out birthday wishes from the Anarchy family to Bill Behrens and cameraman Dewayne Burton?Tempers is the son of Sal Rende, a former minor league player, mostly with the Chattanooga Lookouts, who has managed in the minors and currently serves as the Minor League Hitting Coordinator for the Philadelphia Phillies.

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