Bradley Grover sent this in:

Big Time Wrestling TV
Taped August 1, 2009 at Memorial Field in Webster, MA
Aired October 9/10, 2009 on WZMY-TV(MtyTV New England)
Hosts:Steve Sparta and Lord Wendell Weatherbee
Ring announcer:Steve Sparta
Announcers:Major Devereaux and A.J. Mitrano
Referees:Joe B. and Holyoke Joe

-Sparta announces at the outset that The DelFonzo Brothers(Eddie “Bam Bam” and Tony “The Fonz” with “Giant” Robbie DelFonzo) teaming with the Patriot will face The French Connection(Antoine Roy and Roberto Rush) and Lord Wendell Weatherbee.
-MATCH 1:”Diamondback” Jack Maverick vs BTW Tag Team champion Tre’ The Smooth Operatin’ Gangsta. The action was back-and-forth until Tre’ took control. Tre’ took a fallaway slam to the canvas. Maverick tried to rip apart Tre’s face. Tre’ then kicked out of several pin attempts. After being tossed across the ring, Tre’ refused to submit to a camel clutch. Tre’ hit a low blow on Maverick, then pulled an Eddie Guerrero on Maverick behind Joe B.’s back by tossing Maverick his own cowbell and then falling to the canvas. Joe B. turned and saw the cowbell in Maverick’s hand and called for the bell. WINNER by disqualification:Tre’ The Smooth Operatin’ Gangsta
-Ads(East Shore Athletic Club, Ticket Dugout, Pro Fitness Plus, Superstar Pro Wrestling School, BTW advertising, East Shore Athletic Club, Roddy Piper promo for BTW[get well soon, Hot Rod!])-MATCH 2:The French Connection and Lord Wendell Weatherbee vs The DelFonzo Brothers and The Patriot(with “Giant” Robbie DelFonzo). At one point, the DelFonzos rolled each other up and caused Roy to backdrop Rush. Eddie missed a cannonball off the top rope. Roy, Rush and Weatherbee triple-teamed Eddie. The audio then cut out for the rest of the match. Tony tagged in and cleaned house until he was blinded by a handful of baby powder. Weatherbee scored the pinfall. WINNERS:The French Connection and Lord Wendell Weatherbee.
-Ads(Ticket Dugout, Sky Lounge & Bistro, BTW fundraising, East Shore Athletic Club, Ticket Dugout, Superstar Pro Wrestling School, BTW advertising)
-Sparta and Weatherbee close the show for this week.

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