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WORLD-1 News For Week Of October 12-18, 2009

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 got a huge shot in the arm by inking a deal with Pro-Wrestling ZERO1 in Japan to become the exclusive foreign talent agent for their company. Although ZERO1 has gone through problems over the last few years they are still running regular events and want to expand once again to bring in foreign talent.

Current W-1 heavyweight champion Steve Corino already has done 72 tours with ZERO1 from 2001 to 2009 plus North American champion Alex Anthony, Ricky Reyes, and President Kehner were in Japan last year at this time. Over 20 W-1 alumni have toured ZERO1 over the years and it is W-1 intention to send more talent over the next few years with many first timers.

November 22 will be W-1’s first double header since 2007 when W-1 produced the King and Queen’s cup. Both events will take place at the Neptune Fire House in Neptune, NJ with bell times being 2pm and 5pm. Tickets are only $5 for each show! Both events will run no more then two hours and fifteen minutes (the main events will be based on curfew) so that our fans can enjoy the WWE’s Survivor Series on pay per view.

WORLD-1 heavyweight champion Steve Corino will be challenged by ISPW’s Ace Darling on the afternoon event. Darling, a long time Northeast mainstay, recently returned to the ring after a retirement looking better then ever. He is looking to make his debut in W-1 a memorable one by defeating a man he hasn?t wrestled in almost ten years! Darling will have comments for Corino on in the coming weeks.

As for Corino’s opponent for the evening event, he will be matched up for the first time ever with the returning and current WWC World Jr. heavyweight champion Ricky Reyes. Reyes is upset that the W-1 title is not on the line and said that he will appeal to Pro-Wrestling ZERO1 in Japan to challenge Corino for his ZERO1 United States openweight title. Corino, the champion since November of 2008, has rarely defended the title since winning it with his last defense being in March 2009 against Kamikaze in Tokyo, Japan. Rob Dimension has told that Reyes has no room to complain about the title defenses and that he should take his fight to President Mike Kehner.

Speaking of Rob Dimension, Roxie Cotton wants a piece of him in the worst way. Cotton, who surprised many but not only winning the Ultimate Rumble at Repercussions in September but then took Corino to a ten minute defense, was not amused by the sexist comments that Dimension made after the defense. Her and her ‘special? friend Super Sweet have challenged Rob Dimension and his Monster C to a mixed tag team match at Vast Energy Vol. 2 on the 22nd.

But Cotton has a very important match during Vol.1 when she tangles with Annie Social to decide the new WORLD-1 Women’s champion. The W-1 Women’s title has been dormant since 2006 when Japanese star Kyoko Kimura held the title. Past champions include Sumie Sakai, Allison Danger, Amazing Kong (TNA’s Awesome Kong), and Natsuki Taiyo. Social may have the upper hand because she has hired Rob Dimension to be her manager that afternoon!

Rumors are flying everywhere about the friendship or lack of friendship between North American champion Alex Anthony and Sean Haze. Over the last few months, miscommunications not only in the ring but outside of the ring has led to a sort of rift between the two young stars. Both men deny that there are problems but fellow wrestlers and fans can see that they are about to explode. They will wrestle former WORLD-1 tag team champions Mark Mest and Greg Spitz in a match billed as ?Loyalty Or Betrayal?. Will Haze and Anthony be able to coexist as a tag team or is their friendship torn apart?

Anthony also has his hands full on the afternoon event when he will defend the North American honors against PPW Worldwide champion Erico. Erico, who had a great debut in August at the Hashimoto Memorial Tournament, is looking to add his first W-1 title to his internationally defended PPW crown.

WORLD-1 tag team champions Symbol consisting of Tommy Thunda and Chris Rockwell, managed by the very shady yet smart Richard Guille are not looking forward to their upcoming two out of three fall defense against W-1’s most popular wrestlers The Beast and GPS. Esq. Guille (yes, he wants us to know he is a lawyer) said that there is no way that Symbol should have to defend the tag team titles against Beast and GPS again after successfully defending the titles against them on August 28.

Two huge grudge matches will also take place on November 22 as Ruthless Ryan Sawyer and Kevin Kannon will finally meet one on one. It was Sawyer that turned against his former Ruthless Payne partner on May 31 after they lost the W-1 tag team titles to Symbol. In the process, Kevin Kannon’s leg was broken and he was out of competition until September 26 defeating Greg Spitz in his return. Kannon, who announced that he is changing his wrestling name to his given name Kevin Kannon, is looking for revenge against the 2009 Hashimoto Tournament winner.

The other grudge match is a return match between Damian Dragon and Reiko DMF. As we saw on August 28, Reiko put his hands on Dragon’s wife, Foxxy Foxx, and was about to assault her before he was run off by Dragon. They met on September 26 but due to the actions of Esq. Guille, Reiko was successful. This time Dragon is coming with his wife and even more focus. Folks, this could be ugly!!!

W-1 is also pleased to announce that our weekly TV show will be shown online through in the next few weeks. W-1 Fighting TV is available on Ocean County TV every Wednesday night.

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 Presents ZERO1USA Vast Energy Vol.1

Sunday, November 22 (2PM belltime)

Neptune Fire House

230 Neptune Blvd. Neptune, NJ

1. X vs. X

2. X vs. X

3. Kid America (W-1) vs. X

4. WORLD-1 Women’s title, decision match: Annie Social (Free) w/Rob Dimension vs. Roxie Cotton (Free)

5. Six Man War: The Beast (B4W), GPS (B4W), & Damian Dragon (WOW) vs. Team Symbol (Tommy Thunda, Chris Rockwell, & Reiko DMF) w/Richard Guille

6. Revenge Match: Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (3K) vs. Kevin Kannon (W-1)

7. North American title: Alex Anthony (c) (W-1) vs. Erico (PPW)

8. WORLD-1 heavyweight title, V3 defense: Steve Corino (c) (Survivor) w/Rob Dimension vs. Ace Darling (ISPW)


Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 presents ZERO1USA Vast Energy Vol. 2

Sunday, November 22 (5pm belltime)

Neptune Fire House in Neptune, NJ

1. X vs. X

2. X vs. X

3. X vs. X

4. Loyalty Or Betrayal: Alex Anthony (W-1) & Sean Haze (Free) vs. Beauty & The Butcher (Greg Spitz & Mark Mest)

5. Special Challenge Match: Roxie Cotton (Free) & Super Sweet (B4W) vs. Rob Dimension & The Monster C (Survivor)

6. Grudge Match Part 2: Damian Dragon (WOW) w/Foxxy Foxx vs. Reiko DMF (Symbol) w/Richard Guille

7. First Time Ever: Mr. Wrestling Steve Corino (Survivor) w/Rob Dimension vs. the returning Ricky Reyes (WWC)

8. WORLD-1 tag team titles, 2 out of 3 Falls: Symbol (c) (Tommy Thunda & Chris Rockwell) w/Richard Guille vs. The Beast (B4W) & GPS (B4W)

***Notes: Kevin Payne has changed his name back to his given name Kevin Kannon?Kannon, Kid America, and Alex Anthony have all changed their affiliation to WORLD-1 becoming the first three branded W-1 wrestlers. There are rumors that both Steve Corino and The Monster C will also jump to W-1?The ?X? wrestlers will be filled this week with non W-1 talent that will be trying out for consideration by ZERO1. Wrestlers looking to tryout should email

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