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Saturday, March 13, 2010

DMW – Distinctive Modern Wrestling
“Time Well Wasted”
Hamilton, Ontario
@ The former Fight Factory
Attendance: 50-60 (Max Capacity)
Ring Announcer: Adam Haze
Referee: Billy Jeans
Results credit: Gordo for

1) “Motion Picture” Ethan Page def Cody Shore [10 min]
Shore returning after a long layoff due to a leg injury kept things basic to start with. Page took over after a DDT on the ring apron. Shore rallied late in the bout but wasn’t able to overcome the multi-facted attack of the Motion Picture

– Josh Rogen & Sabrina Kyle came out to the ring and claimed they didn’t cheat to win their match against Jodi D’Milo & Steve Brown at the last (& first) DMW event. (Fans thought differently.) They said the scheduled rematch wasn’t going to happen since D’Milo & Brown were too scared to show. Some broad in the audience got into a shouting match with Kyle and she invited the idiot to get in the ring. She did and was swiftly dumped to the mat by Rogen. Brown & D’Milo ran out to chase the villains away before they could stomp the stupid grin off the “fan” who was not ejected from the building for jumping in the ring.

2) Lithium def Tommy Powers [3 min]
Powers, a rookie who once wrestled as the Steel City Warrior couldn’t handle the 287lb masked monster from Waco, Texas and tapped out to a crossface after being dropped face-first on the top buckle and then splashed. Not totally a squash but close enough.

3) SWAT def “Kung Fu” Logan Savage [6 min]
Back and forth to start with until Savage started taking over with his Martial Arts skills at which point SWAT shoved him into the ref taking the official out of the action long enough to smash Savage in the face with a set of handcuffs before pinning him. (And the ref missed Savage in the ropes during the pin too.) Savage beat up SWAT after the match so the rogue cop won the match but lost the fight.

4) 3-Way Elimination Match
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def Luis Aveiro and Alessandro Del Bruno [9 min]
Lots of high flying in this one that was in and out of the ring. Luis pinned Alessandro at the 8 minute mark and then O’Shea pinned him a minute later. After the match O’Shea raised Aveiro’s hand calling him “the newest sensation on Ontario indy wrestling” before leaving the ring so Luis could accept the cheers of fans. A guy who had been sitting like a zombie near the wrestler’s entrance since before the show started suddenly jumped in the ring and attacked Aveiro, finally knocking him out with a running knee to the face. O’Shea and the ref came back out to help Luis to the back. Nobody seemed to know where the attacker went or who he was.

5 “King of KO’s” Joey Kings w/ “Motion Picture” Ethan Page def Jesse “.ing” Amato [8 min]
Page was an active cheerleader for his Entourage partner and helped out by stomping Amato when Kings tossed him to the outside. Jesse was game but struggled against the larger and more technically skilled Kings and finally fell to a stiff short-arm to the side of the head.

6) “The Sport” Jessy Jones def KC Andrews [10 min]
Jones cut a promo before Andrews arrived, insulting fans and promising to defeat KC who was making his singles match debut. He did that but not without a liberal amount of cheating and there were a few times where it looked like the rookie was going to pull off the upset. No such luck.

7) Intergender Tag Match
Sabrina Kyle & Josh Rogen def “Work of Art” Jodi D’Milo & “The Vanilla Gorilla” Steve Brown [9 min]
D’Milo wrestled the first 5 minutes of the match against both Kyle and Rogen before finally tagging in Brown. The ref lost all control of the match soon after and all 4 started fighting at the same time. The ref was out with Brown and Rogen who were brawling outside the ring so he didn’t see Kyle pull out a chain and smash D’Milo in the head with it. Kyle pinned D’Milo to win the bout but her partner had retreated to the dressing room and was nowhere to be seen. At the fans urging Brown powerbombed Kyle and squashed her with a big spash. After Brown and D’Milo left, Rogen returned to drag Kyle’s carcass from the ring

8) “The Modern Warrior” Justin Sane def Rip Impact [12 min]
The main event was definitely the match of the night as Impact and Sane threw almost everything they had at each other. Good back and forth action and it could have gone either way but in the end it was Sane who had his hand raised in victory

DMW’s next event is April 17th