• Jon Dahmer defeated the Hebrew Hammer
  • “Mr. Standing 450” Rich Swann defeated “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy by pinfall to advance in the Wired TV Title Tournament.
  • Adam Cole defeated Alex Colon by pinfall to advance in the Wired TV Title Tournament.

    Main show:

  • Team Macktion defeated Azreal and Bandido Jr. with a Sliced Bread on Bandido.
  • Greg Excellent defeated Trent Acid. In one of the few negative moments of the evening, the crowd crapped all over Acid, and not in a heel way. In a “reaction” to the chants Acid said before the match that if he lost he’d be gone from CZW (translation: “if he can’t get out of his latest legal issues, it’ll give a convenient write-out”). Post-match, Kylie Pierce brings Greg a birthday cake (and for the first time in memory, a birthday cake was produced at a wrestling show, and someone didn’t wear it)
  • Devon Moore defeated Egotistico Fantastico in a match that felt like a write-out for Egotistico Fantastico.
  • In the “Fans Bring the Weapons” match, H8 Club and Jon Moxley defeated OMG, Scotty Vortekz, and DJ Hyde after Nick Gage rolls DJ Hyde up with a handful of tights. Weapons included a electronic piano, a barbed wire whip,

    In a post-match promo, DJ Hyde made changes to the “TOD Rewind” show in Townsend, DE on October 24. Matches were switched around to make Sami Callihan vs. Danny Havoc and Nick Gage vs. Zandig.

  • Post-intermission, ina good match, Drew Blood defeated Ryan McBride to retain the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title via his fast Tombstone pilderiver.
  • Sami Callihan defeated Eddie Kingston in a too-short match via clothesline in a finish that felt like it came out of nowhere, until the crowd could see that Kingston broke (or at best badly bloodied) his nose. Kingston got a bigtime pop coming in…with the Philadelphia crowd finally making him a babyfabe, whether or not he wanted it, as they have been at CHIKARA, CZW, and other local shows for months.
  • In the CZW Tag Title match The Best Around retained, defeating BLKOUT via shooting star double knee to retain the Tag Titles.
  • In a match to show your friends who think they don’t like CZW; Drake Younger defeated B-Boy by pinfall to retain his CZW Heavyweight Title. This match had false finish after false finish., had the crowd eating out of their hand….and was far and away the CZW Match of the Year. I’ll go so far to say it would easily stand on its own on any independent wrestling show in the Philadelphia market this year…Dragon Gate, CHIKARA, CZW, Ring of Honor or anyone else.

    The first pin saw B-Boy’s foot on the rope, with Younger refusing to take the win and the match continues. The entire face locker room is at the ring. The crowd is on their feet. Crowd is going nuts. B-Boy reverses Drake’s Landing into Drake’s Landing for a 2-count. Drake rolls through a rear-naked choke for the pin.

    Note to DJ Hyde: bring this back for a re-match at Cage of Death. Let the people who come once a year see that match, if you want to sell a new direction

    CZW returns to Townsend, DE on October 24 for TOD “Rewind” 8.5 with John Zandig vs. Nick Gage, Jon Moxley vs. Thumbtack Jack, MASADA vs. Brain Damage, Sami Callihan vs. Danny Havoc; and to the ECW Arena on November 14 for the lead up show to Cage of Death 11.

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