Bradley Grover sent this in:

Big Time Wrestling TV
Taped August 1, 2009 at Memorial Field in Webster, MA
Aired September 25/26, 2009 on WZMY-TV(MyTV New England)
Hosts:Steve Sparta and Lord Wendell Weatherbee
Ring announcer:Steve Sparta
Announcers:Major Devereaux and Steve Sparta
Referees:Sal Gillberto, Joe B. and Holyoke Joe

-Tonight’s main event is a 20-man battle royal with all the competitors blindfolded. We get cooments from some of the guys in the battle royal before we go to the match.
-Ads(BTW in Malden, MA on Sept. 26, Ticket Dugout, Pro Fitness Plus, BTW heavyweight title tournament in Webster, MA on Oct. 3, Superstar Pro wrestling School, BTW advertising, East Shore Athletic Club*, BTW fundraising)
-MATCH:20-man blindfold battle royal featuring Benny Juxx, A.J. Mitrano, Shockwave The Robot, all 3 DelFonzo Brothers, The French Connection, Total Eclipse, “Diamondback” Jack Maverick, Benny Bolanco(who?), Flex Armstrong, Master Jack, Lonestar and others. Some eliminations were too fast too call. Antoine Roy of the French Connection eliminated his tag partner Roberto Rush. Robbie DelFonzo and Benny Juxx were the last 2 in the ring. Juxx eliminated himself. WINNER:”Giant” Robbie DelFonzo
-Ads(BTW Malden and Webster promos, BTW fundraising, Sky Lounge & Bistro, East Shore Athletic Club*, Ticket Dugout)
-We see a promo for “Hurricane” John Walters paid for by Johnny Fabulous(John Cena Sr.)
-BTW Event Center:updated with new info for BTWevents in Malden, MA on Sept. 26 and Webster, MA Town Hall on October 3 with the BTW heavyweight title tournametnt with Manu(Afa Jr.), Spike Dudley, BTW tag team champion Slyck Wagner Brown, Tony “The Fonz” DelFonzo, Antoine Roy, “The Detonator” Big Rick Fuller and more.
-A promo from “Diamondback” Jack Maverick, who next week on TV faces BTW tag team champion Tre’ The Smooth Operatin’ Gangsta.

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