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Showtime All-Star Wrestling ? Episode 106
Airing September 12, 2009 on CW58 in Nashville, Tn
Taped on August 28, 2009 at the SAW Mill in Millersville, Tn

LAST WEEK?Rick Santel gets a cheap win over Cassidy Riley via Paul Adams? loaded towel.

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins did the stand up opening at ringside. They hyped the HD taping at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds on October 10, SAW: The Next Level. Reno called it sacred ground. He talked about the building being constructed specifically for wrestling back in the Nick Gulas era and listed off some of the greats that made their names there.

We heard from the participants in the opening tag match during the intros.

Arrick Andrews and TJ Harley explained their motivation for going after the tag titles. Andrews was looking at the tag titles as another way of moving ahead. He said Kid Kash ran away to Europe to avoid giving him a shot at the SAW International Title knowing that Andrews had almost beaten him on three different occasions. Harley wanted revenge for the beating DKE gave him in the tag team tournament.

Dan Masters was with Derrick King Enterprises. A supremely confident King referred to their opponents as ‘some mongrel tag team?we?re walking in the champions, and we?re walking out the champions. It don?t get no better.?

1 ? SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sista O?Feelyah) vs. TJ HARLEY & ARRICK ANDREWS

Reno said Harley had given two gutsy performances in losing efforts but didn?t think he was at 100% from his injuries. King took big bumps. Harley used a pair of heel kicks to rid the ring of DKE. (Commercial break) Andrews squared off with Stahr. Andrews broke clean, then laid into Stahr with a nasty series of right hands, then a running lariat in the opposite corner. Stahr tried for a monkey flip, but Andrews landed on his feet and nailed Stahr with a running knee to the head. Cover and King was in to break it up. Andrews gave DKE a meeting of the minds. King fell through the ropes and was dangling upside down by one leg. Andrews used a baseball side to the outside to cause another DKE collision. Back inside, King begged for mercy and Stahr clipped Andrews? knee from behind. For the next few minutes, DKE’s sole focus became the left knee of Andrews. King used a leg DDT for a near fall. Andrew got to within inches of the tag before King cut him off. Andrews hit a springboard elbow out of the blue and made the hot tag. DKE fed for Harley’s lariats. Fisherman suplex on King but no cover. DKE caught Harley with a new finisher – a flapjack into Stahr’s flying double knee.

WINNERS: DKE retained the SAW tag titles in 7:50. A thoroughly solid tag match that the crowd was into it all the way. As usual, DKE made the babyface team look like a million bucks.

LT Falk interrupted DKE’s interview time to confront Haskins, his former partner. Falk said Haskins was ignoring his phone calls, emails and text message and it was time to man up, and explain what was going on. Stahr jumped Falk from behind and it was three on one. Reno called it a Lower Broad beatdown. Vordell Walker showed up, and DKE hightailed it to the back. Walker said he was 100% from the injuries he suffered at the hands of DKE. ?I put a little Robitussin on it and I?m good to go.? Walker offered to team with Falk against DKE. Falk gave a fiery speech accepting Walker’s offer.

Top 10 list: SAW International Champion?Kid Kash 1-Hammerjack 2 -Stevens 3-Jon Michael Worthington 4?Sean Casey 5-Andy Douglas 6?Santel 7-Jesse Emerson 8?Big Dolla 9- Haskins 10?Harley.

As I sit here alone in my dark room, I ponder the thoughts of things I shall do, how random life is and the choices that we make. How fortunate I am to have a father so great.

Marc Anthony was sitting in a dingy garage wearing his army gear. The footage was black and white. Wind was whirring in the background. Anthony was blindfolded and holding a dart. ?And in my hand I hold fate, the fate of another man who plays a hero, and when I throw this dart, we all shall know, who at the SAW Mill will walk no more, for the pain and affliction I bring is double from before.? Anthony quoted the nursery rhyme ?Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight? — threw the dart ? ?I wish I may, I know I might? ? pulling the blindfold off of one eye ? ?destroy Hammerjack in this fight.? The camera panned over to a board covered with photos of SAW wrestlers where the dart had pierced the one of Hammerjack.

2 ? SEAN CASEY (with the Freak Squad) vs. AIDEN SCOTT

Casey danced with Freak Squad in quad before the match. Reno wondered if Casey picked some of them up down on Dickerson Road. Aiden chant and Casey not happy about it. Scott controlled the arm until Casey planted him with a spinebuster at 1:30. As Casey toyed with Scott, the announce team discussed Anthony’s loose marbles. Casey took a bump when Scott blocked his middle rope diamond cutter. Scott made the comeback and hit a Blockbuster for a big near fall. Moments later, the superkick connected. Forget about it, Sean Casey is your winner.

WINNER: Casey in 4:03. Standard stuff but exceptional heat because of Scott’s status as a local favorite.

They threw it to Masters at ringside with Casey and the Freaks. Casey halted the interview so Tiana could fix his hair. Casey said he was the number four contender and the belt was coming home. No Casey promo would be complete without innuendos about his sexual prowess.


No resistance from Ashton whatsoever. A quick beating softened him up for a sitout powerbomb known as the Hammer Jammer.

WINNER: Hammerjack in 45 seconds. The new finisher is a definite upgrade.

Hammerjack was at ringside with Masters.

You see, the past 6 months I?ve been doing things the right way. When I look into my friends? eyes, I could feel a little more positive about myself. When I look into my mother’s eyes, she feels a little better about her son. Know what I mean? When I look into my daughter’s eyes, hey, it’s there brother. She understands there is a dream. There’s a will. There’s a way and I?ve got that with these people behind me all the way. I?ve got a dream, and that dream is to take the belt off of Kash and put it around the waist of Hammerjack.

Hammer said Anthony was a crazy guy that manipulated a lot of people in the back. He wasn?t intimidated by Anthony or his videos, and Anthony was not going to interfere with his dream.

The bumper was footage from the First Annual Dog of Nashville Sausage Festival.

Cut to the announce team at ringside. Reno talked about Cassidy Riley coming in to help Chase Stevens take on the A-Team. Graham introduced comments from A-Team and Riley.

EARLIER THIS WEEK…Adams and Rick Santel were seated in the living room with the sound of somebody banging on a cup in the background. They couldn?t believe how demanding ?he? was. They did rock-paper-scissors to determine whose turn it was to change his bedpan. Adams lost. They entered the bedroom to find David Young in bed wearing a neckbrace. Young complained about the lack of attention. Adams went to change the bedpan (a enamel roasting pan). ?Oh God, David, this is brutal.? Young said he had to take a Hammerjack. While Adams was out of the room, Santel asked why Young was using a bedpan if his legs were fine. Young blackmailed Santel with a reminder about the chunky Freak Squad girl in the back of Paul’s car. Young didn?t want to take his medicine. Adams bribed him with Chunky Monkey ice cream. Adams zoomed into the hangar with a spoonful of ice cream, but Young still refused the medicine. ?David, Roy wants you take your medicine.? Adams was holding a tiger stick puppet. Roy tried to cajole Young into taking the medicine. ?I bet you would do it if Siegfried asked you.? Roy kissed Young. Young said Squeaky (his blow up toy) was getting all upset. As Young and Adams continued their power struggle over the meds, Santel cut a promo for his match with Riley. He called Riley the biggest butt monkey walking the face of God’s green earth.

Riley was interviewed by Brandy Malone. Riley said he should have known A-Team had something up their sleeve. Riley said he was pissed off and Santel and his little friend, Paul were going to feel the brunt of it.

4 ? ?Nature’s Greatest Miracle? RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams) vs. CASSIDY RILEY

Before the ref could call for the bell, Riley waded in with fired in his eyes and Santel bailed out. They brawled at ringside with Riley getting the better of it. Back inside the ring, Santel begged for mercy. Riley belted Santel with right hands then knocked him for a loop with a superkick. Riley pulled Santel to his feet and slung him over the top rope. Reno said Riley wasn?t looking for a three count tonight. With Adams begging him not to, Riley gave Santel a snap suplex on the concrete floor. Santel sold it like his back was on fire. Reno said that was the difference between Sports Entertainment and Professional Wrestling ? no mats on the floor. Riley rolled Santel under the ropes and turned his attention towards Adams. Santel clubbed Riley from behind and brought him in with a back suplex. Santel spent the next four minutes working on the back of Riley’s neck. Reno put over Santel’s toughness for coming back from the suplex on the floor. Santel debuted Nature’s Greatest Elbow for a near fall. Riley escaped from the Santel Slam and hit the handspring back elbow. Comeback time. Big bumps by Santel. Riley DDTed Santel but was attacked by Andy Douglas. Riley was holding his own until Santel recovered to make it 2 on 1. Hammerjack hit the ring. A-Team powdered out for a little celebration.

WINNER: Riley via DQ in 6:45 due to interference by Andy Douglas. For action and heat, this was significantly better than their first two matches.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: This was the first full speed ahead episode since the move to prime time Nashville television, as sizable portions of the first two episodes were devoted to introducing the characters. As such, it was one of the better shows SAW has done of late for entertaining talking. I liked idea of starting off the Hammerjack/Anthony angle with promos and no physical confrontation. Anthony was in fine form. The creepy ambience SAW creates for his vignettes was in full effect. It was world’s better the previous one with Raven. Hammerjack cut the best promo I can recall him doing. He’s an atypical babyface but he’s a man of the people at the SAW Mill. The A-Team vignette was comedy gold. One funny sequence after another. My words in no way did it justice. Young’s facial expressions have to be seen to be appreciated, as does Adams with the stick puppet. The opening tag match and the set up for follow up tag match next week worked fine. Andrews gave the strong performance he needed after looking so anemic in the match with Kash last week. I was surprised just how over Falk is at the SAW Mill, and even more so to the reaction for Scott, who is yet to win a match. Casey’s act doesn?t do much for me, though I?m glad to see he’s been given a more defined role as a title challenger rather than doing random matches. This show had a stronger main event than the first two CW episodes. Riley looked motivated. Right of the bat, Santel’s big bumps were attention getters. I liked the way the announcing highlighted Santel’s toughness, because his character does a lot of chickenshit heeling. The finish was by the numbers booking to advance the main story. Not a great show, but plenty of good stuff, nothing that was really bad, and one classic comedy vignette.

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