Larry Goodman sent this in:

NWA Main Event packed the house for their weekly television taping last night at the NWA Studio (aka the Community Life Center) in Nashville.

The atmosphere provided by the standing room only crowd of 150 at 413 Veritas Street was the best thing about the show. It’s a good setup for TV studio style wrestling. Weird location though, right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

The overall quality was hampered by a thin crew. Steve-O, Matt Boyce, Travis Sawyer, Tony Lucassio, and Rudy Charles all were absent.

Jason James and the debuting Aaron Camaro did the TV opening from ringside. James said George Gulas had appointed Scott Barry as the new face of management and given him the unenviable task of coming up with a ?viable solution? to the fiasco surrounding the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title. James said the main would be Will Owens vs. ?Boogie Woogie Boy? Gary Valiant in the main event. Big pop for Boogie’s name.

(1) Corey Hollis beat Mike Posey in 10:50. Crowd likes Hollis, who was a having a rough time of it early. He blew a standing moonsault. Posey went to work on the arm of Hollis. Working a body part is one of the best parts of Posey’s game. Hollis made Posey miss a guillotine leg drop, and Posey sold his ass big time. They traded leg kicks. Hollis made the flying comeback. Nice athleticism but lots of light showing. Rest of the match was much better. In a bit of an NWA Wildside tribute, Hollis used Jimmy Rave’s Dusk Til Dawn (spinning headscissors into a crossface), and Posey used a variation of Todd Sexton’s Gamebreaker (draping double underhook DDT) for a near fall. Hollis hit the Pele style kick, but Posey kicked out. Hollis countered Posey’s finishing move with a jackknife pin for the three.

(2) White Tiger beat CJ Freeze in 4:12. The pop for Tiger was off the hook. These people love him. His work has improved dramatically over the last year, but the thing about Tiger as a babyface is the kid has heart. Tiger opened with a flurry of offense. Freeze got brief heat with power moves. Tiger fed off the crowd’s energy, They traded blows. Freeze went down after a charging chest bump into the buckles, and Tiger was on the money with the Tiger Splash.

Intermission number one: Promoter/cameraman Mike Porter was joined by the raffle master himself, Bert Prentice for the first raffle of the evening — just $1 got you a shot at pics of Jeff Hardy AND Steve Austin.

(3)Terry Teague beat Vic the Bruiser via DQ in 4:33 Vic was effective as the lunatic bad ass. With the platinum blonde and wild-eyed trance, he was like a black Crazy Luke Graham. Vic no sold Teague? stuff and gave him a beating. The crowd popped for the stiffness of Vic’s lariat. Vic drilled Teague with a middle rope elbow and refused to allow the pin. Teague avoided Vic’s guillotine leg drop. Not sure that was supposed to happen, because Vic didn?t sell it a lick and immediately laid Teague out with a standing spinebuster. Vic brought a stun gun into the ring and shocked the helpless Teague for the DQ. The babyfaces came out to carry to Teague to the back. Vic started after James with Porter egging him on from behind the camera. This worked.

(4) Victor Kosmo beat Chad Hyatt in 4:24. This pairing was a disaster waiting to happen. Lousy match but it had strong heat because the crowd was hating on Hyatt, and chanting ?Barney? at him. Hyatt bailed to get away from Kosmo’s frenetic offense. Hyatt used a mule kick to take over. Hyatt applied the worst looking single leg crab in wrestling history. Hyatt went for the figure four and Kosmo countered with a sloppy inside cradle for the pin. The NWA ME fans responded to Kosmo’s enthusiasm, and seemed willing to overlook how primitive his skills are.

(5) Antonio Cathey beat Sexy C in 4:23. Cathey has the physical attractive you want for a Nashville babyface. Zero ring presence though. C’s has a mouth on him and good size, but a gut that was hanging over his tights. C potatoed Cathey with a lariat to the chest, then missed a leg drop off the ropes, becoming the third heel to do so. Cathey won it with a slow motion huracanrana. Bad match.

Shawn Shultz came out carrying the disputed NWA Mid-America Heavyweight belt. Big crowd response split 75/25 against him. Shultz claimed he ran Steve-O out of town. Shultz said he was unbeatable, a level above people like Flair, Austin, Pillman, Windham and Double A. Shultz said he had possession of the belt and nobody was taking it. That brought an unusually dapper looking Barry out. Shultz asked if Barry was going to bore him to death. He said Barry didn?t scare him any more than Porter. Barry said Sawyer and Lucassio weren?t there was because he had suspended them. Barry grabbed the belt. Shultz collared Barry. Barry threatened to suspend Shultz. That didn?t phase Shultz, but when Barry threatened to fire him, Shultz backed off in fear. Barry threw Shultz out the building – ?Don?t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya” – and said he was vacating the title. As a live segment, this worked well. Shultz was his usual great self. Barry was fine as the authority figure.

A second intermission brought Prentice forth from dinner in the concession stand to run a second raffle.

(6) Will Owens and ?Boogie Woogie Boy? Gary Valiant were both counted out at 10:10. Boogie attacked Owens and had him on the run with the crowd chanting ?Go, Boogie, Go?. Valiant tried for the Boogie Blaster but Owens leveled him with a lariat. Just when I thought I might get through a Nashville wrestling show without seeing a sleeper hold, Owens used one. Boogie took a body slam off the top a la Flair. Owens mocked Boogie. Said he was stopping the Boogie train. Boogie sold Owens? kicks to the thigh realistically. With the crowd behind him, Boogie hit a swinging neckbreaker that left both men down. Boogie made the comeback and went for the Blaster again. Owens was having none of it and headed for the dressing room. Boogie pulled Owens back in the ring. Owens ran again. They brawled on the outside until the ref called for the bell. An OK match, but the finish didn?t have the heat or intensity they would have liked.

Barry announced it would be Owens vs. Boogie in a no DQ-falls count anywhere in Nashville match for September 24.

NOTES: NWA ME will be running a free show ?Fall Brawl? on October 10 opposite SAW’s big TV taping at the Fairgrounds. There will be no TV taping on October 8?Big Poppa (White Tiger’s father) said they?re driving 1500 miles a week to support his wrestling career?Prentice said he just completed chemotherapy for a cancerous tumor in his colon. He’s scheduled for radiation on October 5?Shultz is booked for Ring of Honor on October 9 in St. Louis and October 10 in Indianapolis…Hollis and Posey are booked for NWA Anarchy this Saturday.

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