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Big Time Wrestling TV
Tape dates within recap
Aired September 11/12, 2009 on WZMY-TV(MyTV New England)
Hosts:Steve Sparta and Lord Wendell Weatherbee
Ring announcer:Steve Sparta
Announcers:Major Devereaux and A.J. Mitrano
Referees:Holyoke Joe and Sal Gilliberto

-Sparta and Weatherbee hype the announcement coming later in the show from BTW Commissioner Richard Byrne. They send us to our opening match.
-MATCH 1:Mr. TA vs Spike Dudley(Taped June 19, 2009 at the Webster, MA Town Hall). This match is a qualifier for BTW heavyweight title contention. Spike comes in through the back door and enters behind TA, who was looking to the entrance curtain. They fought all over the building. TA kept beating on Spike in the ring. After kicking out of all of TA’s pin attempts, Spike gets the pin after an Acid Drop. WINNER by pinfall:Spike Dudley
-Ads(BTW in Danbury, CT on Sept. 25 and Malden, MA on Sept. 26, Ticket Dugout, Pro Fitness Plus, Superstar Pro Wrestling School, BTW advertising, East Shore Athletic Club)
-MATCH 2:Marty Jannetty vs BTW tag team Champion Slyck Wagner Brown(taped August 1, 2009 at Memorial Field in Webster, MA). This was a great technical contest with back-and-forth action between the two great wrestlers. They traded numerous near-falls in mid-match. Jannetty connected with a superkick and pins SWB with a sunset flip. WINNER:Marty Jannetty
-Ads(BTW in Malden, MA on Sept. 26, Ticket Dugout, Sky Lounge and Bistro, BTW fundraising, East Shore Athletic Club, BTW in Danbury, CT on Sept. 25)
-Promos from members of the BTW roster.
-Richard Byrne says there will be a tournament for the vacant BTW heavyweight title on Oct. 3, 2009 at Webster, MA Town Hall. Participants will be announced weekly and there will be some surprises.
-We end with Steve Sparta in the BTW event center:Sept. 25-Danbury, CT with guests Tatanka, Tammy Lynn Sytch(former WWE diva “Sunny”) and Roddy Piper, Sept. 26-Malden, MA with Piper and Oct. 3-Webster, MA Town Hall featuring the aforementioned tournament with Rick Fuller, Tony DelFonzo, Antoine Roy, Lonestar, Spike Dudley “Hurricane” John Walters and more to be announced.

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