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W.A.R. Wrestling returns to action at the UAW Hall in Lima, Ohio on Saturday night October 10th. The “Resurrection” event is the final chance to see W.A.R. Wrestling on the 5th stop of it’s return tour.

For much of 2008, W.A.R. Wrestling collided with rival wrestling promotion GWA for rights over the Lima Professional Wrestling territory. W.A.R. Wrestling owner The Postmaster was appalled at the dire state that GWA Owner Dusty Dillinger had let the business get into, and came back to challenge his authority.

W.A.R. Wrestling earned a great deal of pride when they defeated Dusty Dillinger and his GWA wrestlers in October 2008. Subsequently, W.A.R. Wrestling assumed full control of the company.

However, the company had been decemated by the fierce war between rivals, and ultimately it required re-building from the ground up.

No one knows what to expect from “Resurrection” as sources within W.A.R. Wrestling are saying that some huge announcements will be made that will change the face of W.A.R. Wrestling forever.

Who will return at the top of W.A.R. Wrestling? Who will challenge W.A.R. Wrestling’s newfound authority? Who is ready to step up and make an impact?

On October 10th, we expect these questions will be answered.

Already signed for this event is Dusty Dillinger, “Metal Head” Steve Stone, Matt Mason, Robby Starr, Hardcore Craig, Brandon Blaze, General Lee, Sherman Tank, Kaden Assad, “Bad Attitude” Brian Beech, N8 Mattson, Gutter, Danny Daniels, “The Filthy Animal” Mike Dodge, “Old School Empire”, Ty Darius, “Poison” Appollo Starr, Carlton Kaz, “Astonishing” Aaron Williams, CJ Otis and many many more.

Tickets for this event can be purchased at Rigali’s Pizza Village or Groamy CD’s & Tapes. Tickets are $10 advance / 4 for $30 or $12 at the door. Tickets can also be purchased on line. Pre-sale starts September 11th at all locations. Due to high demand and limited seating, only a limited number of tickets are available for this event and the only way to guarantee attendance is to purchase in advance. Online purchase of tickets is highly recommended.

Doors open 6:30pm with a 7:30pm belltime. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to ensure they obtain a seat.

Be sure to join us as W.A.R. Wrestling presents “Resurrection” live from the UAW Hall.

October 10th
UAW Hall (1440 Bellefontaine Ave.)
Lima, Ohio 45804
Doors Open 6:30pm / Bell Time 7:30pm
$10 Advance or 4 for $30 / $12 At the Door


***Card & Talent Subject to Change***

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