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State of WSU Address!

News Items:
– WSU Returns on 10/3 With Another Double DVD Taping
– First Dates of WSU On The Road Fall Tour 2009 Announced
– WSU Releases Four Brand New DVDs with Women Match of the Year Candidates
– WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez Injured After Winning Another Championship!
– Rain Ready for Her “Reign”!
– Can Anyone Stop WSU Tag Champs Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred?
– Becky Bayless Ready To Return to Action!
– Rick Cataldo Left Without a Partner
– Where Does Angel Orsini Go From Here?
– Alicia & Brooke Carter Looking To Regain The Tag Team Titles!
– Brittney Force Debuts 10/3!
– A look at the WSU World Womens Championship
– Amber O’Neal Looking To Rise Through the Ranks!
– Missy Hyatt Looking To Manage Full Time!
– WSU Hires Two Brand New Commentators for DVD!
– WSU Championship Rankings!
– WSU To Be Featured in Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine Again!
– Stay Live & Stay Tuned!

Welcome to this huge WSU update. This update is broken down in several sections. There is so much going on in the most successful womens company in America today. Running more shows and releasing more DVDs than most male wrestling companies and running more shows and releasing more DVDs than any other womens company in America today has led to very busy times in WSU and we hope to catch everyone up about the latest on-goings in WSU today in this mega press release! We hope you can find the time to keep up-to-date on the latest rumblings in WSU!


WSU Returns on 10/3/09
What: Women Superstars Uncensored
When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
Where: The ACE Arena, Located at 725 Sips Street, Union City, NJ (5 Minutes from NYC w/public transportation to and from NYC)
Bell Time: First Show will start at 5:30 PM. Doors will open at 5PM

WSU, the leader of womens wrestling returns on October 3rd, 2009, as we make our de but at the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ. This venue is one of the premier venues in wrestling today and will bring out the best production in WSU yet!

Seven Huge Matches Have Been Announced For The First Taping

WSU World Championship Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Portia Perez
– Perez and Martinez lock up for the first time in nearly a year after their classic near 30 minute battle number 1 contenders match. With Nikki Roxx unavailable on 10/3, Martinez put out an open challenge, which was quickly answered by perennial WSU fan-favorite, Portia Perez. These two fought tooth and nail, and Martinez narrowly defeated Portia on 11/29/08. Now that Martinez is champion and having been in the ring with Martinez once before, Perez wants a chance at the most prestigious womens championship today. Perez looks to become the first ever Canadian World Womens Champion in WSU.

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs Alicia & Brooke Carter
– The rubber-match in this series takes place on 10/3. Alicia made a successful comeback, winning tag gold with Carter on 6/6, only for Havok/Hatred to take that gold away on 8/22. Now who will win the decisive battle?

(No DQs or Countouts, Anything Goes!)
Angel Orsini vs Rain
– These two have had a rocky relationship ever since January and it finally came to a head on 8/22, when Orsini had enough of Rain once and for all. Orsini already has one win over Rain, as she defeated Rain in the finals of the 2009 J-cup in a wild match. However, Rain looks more determined than ever before to dominate WSU and one can not under-estimate her cunning trickery.

Special Challenge Match
Amber O’Neal vs Sassy Stephanie
– Amber O’Neal had an impressive WSU debut, defeating Annie Social & Cindy Rogers on 8/22. Sassy Stephanie looks to get a win in her first match in WSU over Amber O’Neal. Can Stephanie jump up the WSU rankings with a big win over O’Neal, or will O’Neal continue her undefeated streak in WSU?

A WSU Original Returns!
Becky Bayless vs Rick Cataldo
– When Becky Bayless made plans to return to WSU on 10/3, after a year’s absence, many people lined up to the door, all wanting to make sure her stay was a short one. Becky, who always found herself on the rulebreaking side, will find herself a fan-favorite when she goes up against the Original Diva, Rick Cataldo. Cataldo has already eliminated Roxxie Cotton from WSU and plans on eliminating Becky Bayless next. Will Becky get a hero’s return or will her return amount to zero?

Old School Science
Cindy Rogers vs Malia Hosaka
– WSU 2009 Hall of Famer, Malia Hosaka returns to WSU. While Hosaka is well liked by everyone in WSU, Cindy Rogers asked WSU for this match as she wanted to test her wits and ability against one of the best to ever step inside the squared circle. This should be a great match up pitting two veterans who are well versed in the science, grappling, and submission styles when it comes to pure wrestling. This match will affect the WSU World Title rankings.

Tag Team Grudge Match
WSU Spirit Champion Latasha & Jennifer Cruz vs Jana & Brittney Force
– The feud between the former Soul Sister tag team, Jana & Latasha has reached a fever pitch in WSU. These two have been on each others throats for nearly a year, however with Latasha winning the WSU Spirit Championship, things have increased to an all new level! After the events of 8/22, Latasha & Jennifer Cruz have challenged Jana to a tag match. Jana has recruited rookie Brittney Force to have her back. In a match that will have Spirit Championship implications, will Jana or Latasha care more about winning or more about maiming the other? We’ll find out on 10/3!

WSU Hall of Famer, The First Lady of Wrestling, “The Walking Riot” herself, Missy Hyatt will be in the house on 10/3. Missy Hyatt will be hosting another live edition of “Missy’s Manor”, where Missy Hyatt will interview the returning Becky Bayless. With rumors swi rling that Missy Hyatt is itching to get back into the managerial game in WSU, could we see Missy’s newest client?

There will also be a second DVD taping on 10/3, but as usual, matches will be announced/take place based on the events of the first taping.

And So Much More, stay tuned to WSUwrestling.com for future updates!

Tickets are now on sale and can be ordered off the WSU and DOI sites for $12 in advance.What: Women Superstars Uncensored

When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
Where: The ACE Arena, Located at 725 Sips Street, Union City, NJ (5 Minutes from NYC w/public transportation to and from NYC)
Bell Time: First Show will start at 5:30 PM. Doors will open at 5PM


WSU Announces Three On The Road Fall 09 Tour Matches!

After our successful tour working with other quality promotions, WSU is proud to announce the first three dates of our Fall Tour:

On 9/18 at NWS, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez defends her championship against former WSU Tag Team Champion Brooke Carter. Full event info coming soon! For more, check out NWSWrestling.com

On 9/19 at ACE, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez defends against current WSU Tag Team Champion Hailey Hatred. If Brooke Carter is able to win the championship on 9/18, this match will be a triple threat match, as Martinez & Hatred are 100% booked. For more on that show, check out ACEProWrestling.com

Of course, WSU returns with another double dvd taping on 10/3 at the ACE Arena in Union City. Since we don’t know who will walk out champion that day, all we can announce is that on 10/24, WSU debuts at ISPW in Freehold, NJ. Current WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez has accepted this date, but if Martinez is not champion going into this show, Martinez has agreed to special guest referee a WSU Championship match. We will have a championship match, with both participants for this event announced after 10/3, since we don’t know what will happen on 10/3.

———- —————-

WSU Releases Four New DVDs!

WSU the leader in womens wrestling, has released four DVDs this month, as “The WSU Spirit Championship Tournament”, “NO LIMITS”, “As The World Turns” & “WSU On The Road: Summer 2009” are all ready to be sent to your home today! For full cover art of these DVDs and complete match listings, check out WSUWrestling.com or DOIVideo.com!

WSU is having a special $5 sale on previously released titles, which you can find out more about on WSUWrestling.com or check out http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doi/pages/wsuaugustdvdsale.html directly.

Here are the match listings for the new DVDs!

This is the WSU Spirit Championship Tournament DVD!
Match Listings:

WSU Spirit Championship Tournament First Round Matches:
Jana vs Jennifer Cruz
Latasha vs Lea Morrison
Amber vs Roxxie Cotton

Golden Trios 6-Woman Tag
WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & WSU Tag Champions Alicia & Brooke Carter vs Angel Orsini & Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred

WSU Spirit Championship Tournament Finals
Amber vs Roxxie Cotton vs Jana vs Latasha

Rick Cataldo vs Manny Moore

Vicious Vinny vs One Warrior Nation
Nigerian Nightmares vs Sony Boy Gulano & B. Fehrem

Gulliver’s Travel Match
Giant Silva vs JD Smoothie & Jersey Jobber & Soul Assassin & The Illegal Alien

This DVD features tons of backstage promos. Commentary done by Sean Hanson & Jimmy Gentry.
Full results of this show and a report can be found on WSUWRESTLING.com

WSU Presents “NO LIMITS” Featuring a 35 Minute WSU World Title Match!

Match Listings:

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Alicia & Brooke Carter vs Rain & Angel Orsini

WSU Spirit Championship Match
Uncensored Rules
(c) Latasha vs Jana

Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs Ariel & Cindy Rogers

Annie Social vs Amber O’Neal

Lea Morrison vs Kylie Pierce

#1 WSU Spirit Championship Contenders Match
Roxxie Cotton vs Amber

MISSY’s MANOR Featuring The Wedding Shower of Rick Cataldo & Sean Hanson This DVD features tons of backstage promos and exclusive commentary.

Full results of this show and a report can be found on WSUWRESTLING.com

WSU Presents “AS THE WORLD TURNS” featuring two huge tag team matches and competition at its highest and finest!
Match Listings:

(WSU World Champion) Mercedes Martinez & Nikki Roxx vs Angel Orsini & Rain

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Alicia & Brooke Carter vs Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Latasha vs Jana

Amber O’Neal vs Cindy Rogers
WSU Spirit Championship #1 Contender Match
Annie Social vs Kylie Pierce vs Ariel vs Lea Morrison

Jana vs Jennifer Cruz

Big Van Missy vs Sean Hanson

Roxxie Cotton vs Rick Cataldo

This DVD features tons of backstage promos and exclusive commentary.

Full results of this show and a report can be found on WSUWRESTLING.com

WSU Presents “On The Road Summer ’09 Tour”

These matches were filmed during the Summer of 2009 as WSU invaded several of the hottest northeast indy promotions in the summer of 2009! These matches are full length matches and feature the hottest and very best in womens wrestling!

Match Listings:
“On The Road Summer ’09”

Angel Orsini & Salvatore Sincere vs WSU Tag Champion Brooke Carter & Hardcore Holly (7/25, Middletown, NJ)

Angel Orsini vs WSU Tag Champion Brooke Carter (8/1, Long Branch, NJ)

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx (8/8, Union City, NJ)

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Jessicka Havok vs Hailey Hatred (8/21, Union, NJ)
Special Referee: Angel Orsini

Ci ndy Rogers vs Jana vs Kylie Pierce (9/15/07 Boonton, NJ)

Full results of these matches can be found on WSUWRESTLING.com

Make sure to check out DOIvideo.com for the latest on these DVDs as these are some of our best releases all year!


WSU World Champion Mecedes Martinez Injured
WSU management regrets to inform fans that WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez was injured during a match with Nikki Roxx & Jana, while competing for The Wild Samoan WXW promotion. Martinez actually was able to continue the match and became the first ever WXW C-4 Womens Champion, showing that the WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez, is the best where ever she goes.

Martinez told WSUWrestling.com that before this match, she had been battling injuries due to her grueling championship reign in WSU. In what easily is the best womens wrestling match (and longest) to take place in America, Martinez said the IRONWOMAN match with Angel Orsini took a lot of her physically. Martinez has asked WSU for a competitive schedule, and in the past few months has defended the championship against top tier opponents. Martinez said her two matches with Nikki Roxx (released on the DVDs above) also led to some nagging injuries and on 9/5/09 when winning the WXW C-4 Womens Championship, Martinez said she felt major back pain, bulging discs, a twisted left knee, neck pain and nerve damage. Martinez was hospitalized today and will have an MRI mid-week. WSU wishes the best for Martinez during this time.

Martinez is currently scheduled for several matches going through November. Martinez has asked that she remain advertised as she will make all appearances. Martinez has stated that the WSU World Championship is the most important championship in womens wrestling today and she does not want to be stripped of it due to injury and will wrestle while not being 100%. Saying the WSU World Womens Championship is the most important championship in American womens wrestling today, but the fac t is the WSU Championship is defended more than any other championship in America today and WSU title matches have constantly produced women match of the year candidates.

Making her injuries public makes Martinez’s upcoming defenses that more interesting, as her opponents will know about Martinez’s injuries. When WSU told Martinez that she could have a break and promoted matches could be changed around, Martinez refused to hear any of it and demanded that everything stays as announced. Martinez could be treading some dangerous water, but the WSU World Championship and her reputation means so much to her that she feels that she has to do what is expected of her. The holder of the WSU World Championship is always under pressure, but there may have never so much pressure and intensity on being champion, than there is right now.

Fans can wish Martinez good luck, as she will have an MRI this week, by leaving messages on her Myspace, the best way to contact Martinez, at: http://www.myspace.com/mercedesmartinez


Rain Ready for Her “Reign”!
While many fans are looking forward to Martinez/Perez II on 10/3/09, one person who is pissed that Martinez/Perez II is taking place is RAIN. Rain contacted WSU managment non-stop about being treated unfairly, despite setting up several alliances and plots for her own personal gain. Rain stated that she has never received a one-on-one WSU World Title match, while Martinez has stated she will fight anyone, anywhere, any place and at any time.

Rain also made several disparaging comments about former WSU World Champion, the longest reigning & defending champion, Angel Orsini. Rain said that Orsini cost her championship matches, gold and status in WSU and on 10/3, she plans on eliminating Orsini from WSU forever. Rain said:

“Everyone knows that Orsini needed me, and now that she wants to go suck up to her new BFF Martinez, go right ahead. I don’t need Orsini. Orsini can never get a WSU title shot while Martinez is champion, due to their stipulation from the Iron Woman match. Well I got news for Orsini, after I put Orsini out of wrestling on 10/3, I’m coming straight for Martinez and the WSU Title and when Orsini is out of that hospital bed and ready to come back, guess what chica, I’ll never give you a title shot. Now How You Doin!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

Rain added:
“I have been in WSU for nearly a year now and have beaten former WSU Champion Nikki Roxx, former WSU Tag Champions Brooke Carter & Miss April single handedly in the same night, The best from Texas Rachel Summerlyn, and WSU Hall of Famer Malia Hosaka. No one has a more impressive win-loss record over such quality talent like ME in WSU. I will finally achieve my goal and take over WSU once and for all soon. It’s all a matter of time and the only sensation “The Latina Sensation” Martinez will feel will be me kicking her teeth down her throat when I take my throne and what should be rightfully mine – the WSU World Title!”

WSU management have recognized Rain’s request for a championship match and will get a one-on-one title shot at the Martinez/Perez winner at a future WSU event, that is if Orsini doesn’t flatten her first.


– Can Anyone Stop WSU Tag Champs Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred?
Newly crowned WSU Tag Team Champions, Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred, the self-dubbed “The Best in the Midwest” have jumped out of the small pond and have now become the big fish in the big pond when they won the WSU Tag Team Championships on 8/22 from Alicia & Brooke Carter.

Havok/Hatred who are skilled and excellent 5-tool wrestlers, decided that they would make a name in WSU. Winning just wasn’t enough, as Havok/Hatred decided that they would leave their imprint in WSU forever. Havok/Hatred’s actions in WSU got so much coverage and reaction, that WSU copy-cat promotions ran by people who aren’t a fan of WSU’s sponsor AshleyMadison.com, have taken notice and have quickly booked the WSU Tag Champions, knowing that Havok/Hatred have put the womens wrestling world on lock. However, WSU is the only place in the northeast for quality womens wrestling, which is why Havok/Hatred decided to make their big move here.

Havok/Hatred destroyed the loveable and big fan favorite Big Van Missy (Missy Sampson). Missy Sampson came to WSU on 8/22, just a day after her burying her recently deceased father. Havok/Hatred viciously attacked Sampson and made cruel comments that we won’t reprint here about Sampson’s father. You will have to see the DVD yourself to witness the most shocking and perhaps, most disgusting comments ever made in WSU by Havok/Hatred.

After sending Sampson to a hospital with a concussion and bruised spine, Havok/Hatred went on to win the WSU Tag Team Championships. Havok/Hatred have been so dominating in womens wrestling and are easily the most feared tag team in all of womens wrestling.

Havok/Hatred have put out an open challenge to any tag team in the world today and will be defending the WSU Tag Team Titles in Ohio and other midwest states. Havok/Hatred have demanded WSU to make permanent name plates for the championships because they plan on never losing them. To book the WSU tag team champions you can contact WSU at BULLSMC@aol.com

One thing is for sure, Havok/Hatred do not care about anyone but themselves and have made it known that they plan on taking over WSU. By defeating long-time WSU tag champion Brooke Carter and former WSU 2-Time champion Alicia was no easy feat and Havok/Hatred have the attention of everyone in WSU. NO ONE IS SAFE.


– Becky Bayless Ready To Return to Action!
WSU Original Becky Bayless makes her long-awaited WSU return on 10/3!

Becky Bayless, who main evented the first ever WSU show, returns to WSU on 10/3/09. The last time we saw Becky Bayless, Bayless was defeated in seconds by Dawn Marie.

In the beginning of WSU, Bayless was involved in a huge war with then-WSU World Champion Alicia. The two feuded for 6 months, and their feud culminated in a LAST WOMAN STANDING MATCH, a match Alicia won.

During the ALICIA RETIREMENT SHOW, Bayless announced she was retiring from wrestling, to chants of “PLEASE DON’T GO” by WSU fans. However it would all be a ploy.

In what would be Alicia’s last match in WSU until 18 months later, Alicia defeated Melissa Stripes & Alexa Thatcher after an unlikely assist from Becky Bayless. From there, Bayless & Alicia announced that their entire feud was a sham, used to get one over on the fans, WSU management and every person in power in wrestling. According to Bayless & Alicia, both of these two concocted their feud in the hopes of having the best matches ever. Bayless was getting a manager/valet reputation in companies that didn’t recognize her talent while Alicia was wrestling the same girls every weekend. Together, these two plotted to fight each other, knowing they could put on excellent matches and have everyone take notice of what they were doing.

Alicia, who was leaving WSU to go to college, handed the WSU Championship to Becky Bayless, per their arrangement. It was a complete travesty to see the championship just awarded to someone.

However, Tammy “SUNNY” Sytch came out and said there was no way the championship was changing hands like this and challenged Alicia to an impromptu match. After hitting a Sunny Stunner on Becky, Sunny stunned Alicia, and won her first ever championship in her career!

10/3/09 will mark the first day that Alicia & Bayless are in the same building since that day, 12/22/07. A lot of things have changed. Bayless went on to offend many on the WSU roster, including Dawn Marie, Mercedes Martinez, Sunny & Portia Perez and left WSU in August of 2008 to take care of her personal life.

Alicia made her home-coming return on 6/6 and has forged an alliance which has produced a WSU Tag Team Championship reign with Brooke Carter.

When asked for comment about Becky’s return, Alicia stated, “There wasn’t a bigger Becky Bayless fan than me in 2007. She will be a great addition/return to the WSU roster, but right now I’m doing her thing and just like the fans of WSU, I’ll be interested to see what her thing will be on 10/3.”

Becky Bayless has put out an open challenge for 10/3 which has since been answered by “The Original Diva” Rick Cataldo. Rick Cataldo said it is disgusting that WSU is wasting their time promoting someone who has been arrested, even going as far as calling Becky a “jailbird”.

Becky is slated to appear on Missy’s Manor as well on 10/3 to address WSU fans about her past and future.

One thing is sure, where ever Becky goes, controversy follows, and we’ll see what Becky has up her sleeve on 10/3.


– Rick Cataldo Left Without a Partner
While on the topic of Rick Cataldo, Rick Cataldo lost his lover and his biggest enemy on 10/3!

As a result of their “LOSER-LEAVES-WSU” matches on 8/22, both Sean Hanson & Roxxie Cotton are no longer allowed to compete in WSU. Where these two go from here is uncertain as both have stated that they feel their matches suffered from bad officiating. However, the WSU board of directors have reviewed the video tape and are standing by the referee’s decisions in these two matches. Will we see these two in WSU again? Time will tell…

The self-proclaimed “Original Diva” of WSU, Rick Cataldo caught up with WSUWrestling.com to talk about the loss of Sean Hanson & Roxxie Cotton in WSU. Cataldo was furious about Sean Hanson getting destroyed by Big Van Missy, as Big Van Missy single-handedly ruined their wedding plans by eliminating Sean Hanson in WSU. While he is coping the loss of Sean Hanson, Cataldo was ecstatic about eliminating his former Beatdown Betty partner, Roxxie Cotton, from WSU.

Cataldo said, “Cotton deserted me for greener pastures and thinks she can run her mouth without it getting back to me. Well now I’m still here and she is gone from WSU. GONE! GONE! GONE! While I have had many sleepless nights and wet pillows from crying myself to sleep over the loss of Hanson, the one bright spot in my days when I’m mourning the loss of Sean Hanson is knowing I will never see Roxxie Cotton again!”

When asked about his future plans in WSU, Cataldo stated, “The WSU Board of Directors refuse to give me championship matches and the fans of WSU are a bunch of homophobes! Well if I can’t be put in championship matches to win WSU Gold on my own, then I will take things into my own hands, just like when I became a WSU Tag Team Champion earlier this year.”

Cataldo elaborated:
“You see, WSU will never give me a SPIRIT or WORLD Championship match. So how do I get those belts around my sexy ass waist? By dominating and taking over WSU. On 10/3, I will debut my first client!!! On October 3rd, you will see the start of the most elite wrestlers in WSU with WSU Championship gold all working for me. I don’t mean to step on Rain’s toes or anything, but a diva has got to do what a diva has got to do, and if Mercedes Martinez is smart, she should call me now to set-up a deal!”

WSUWrestling.com highly doubts that Martinez, who is in the middle of one of the best reigns ever in WSU World Championship history would even acknowledge Cataldo’s presence, but it seems that Cataldo is trying to put a little band together in WSU.

We’ll find out who Cataldo has signed as his first client on 10/3!


– Where Does Angel Orsini Go From Here?
Former WSU World Champion & the longest ever reigning & defending WSU Champion, Angel Orsini, has broken free of Rain’s power games in WSU.

Orsini, who held the WSU World Championship for 9 months and made over 15 title defenses during her reign, lost an epic IRONWOMAN match against long-time friend-turned-rival Mercedes Martinez on 6/6. As part of the pre-match stipulation, the loser of that match could never get a WSU Championship match while the other was champion. So for Orsini to get another WSU Championship match again, she will have to wait for someone else to defeat Martinez.

Rain came to Orsini with a plan where Orsini could get a WSU Championship match – by helping Rain win the WSU Championship. Rain also wanted complete domination in WSU and had her eyes on the tag titles. Rain wanted to be the first ever dual champion in WSU, and sent out Orsini during the Summer of 2009 to take out the WSU Tag Champions. Orsini satisfied Rain’s expectations by defeating Brooke Carter on 3 seperate occasions.

However, Orsini has found a new respect for the competition and the quality of the athlete in WSU. Some have said maybe she’s gotten soft but Orsini explains:

“I am better than taking the easy way out. I was and I am a champion to many. WSU has grown so much in my two years here. I remember WSU struggling that I didn’t think this company would last the day Alicia left. However, I got my shot and when I saw WSU had the balls to give us the girls the ball, I was ready to run. I am proud of what WSU has become and what it has done for many careers. It has re-ignited my career after breaking both my ankles a few years ago. Just being part of WSU and the locker room, it is the best thing in wrestling today. I don’t need to blast innocent people with chairs or cheat to win. I am at an age where I want to show I am still the best and I want to show to the world that I don’t need any help to win. Am I pissed I can’t get a championship match? Yea, I would love to be champion again, but Mercedes Martinez is doing a .ing great job as champion, and I’d rather support her than cheat her out of a title with that bitch Rain. Myself and Martinez didn’t kill each other for nearly two years in grueling matches that will take time off both of our careers for Rain to swoop in and treat the championship like it’s a .ing prop. Rain is in for a world of pain and I can’t wait to finally get my revenge on this slime on 10/3.”

Orsini finally had enough of Rain on 8/22, when Rain ordered Orsini to brutalize and destroy Martinez’s face with a ste el chair. Orsini couldn’t do it, and had enough of Rain’s BS, that Orsini blasted Rain with a chair!!! Orsini vs Rain is set for 10/3 and it will be under Uncensored Rules, which means only pinfalls/submissions are legal to win.

However, if Orsini wins the match, where does she go from here? Orsini can not contractually get a WSU World Title match while Martinez is champion and respects Martinez so much that she will not interfere with Martinez’s reign. In fact, Orsini has shown through her actions that she will protect Martinez’s reign as champion and has thwarted the attempts of Rain’s plans of winning gold, even though it would benefit Orsini. Orsini has shown that her respect for the WSU World championship supercedes her own personal goals.

Orsini might become the longest ever #1 contender to never get a title shot. We’ve also heard rumors that due to Orsini’s situation, Orsini is thinking about settling down and starting a family. By leaving WSU for a year to have a child, it would surely guarantee that when Orsini came back, someone would have knocked Martinez off as champ and Orsini could resume her championship career. What will become of Angel Orsini in WSU? When asked about about the family rumors, Orsini said, “My personal life is my personal life and if I choose to take time off for WSU for that reason, I will let you know then, but for now, please don’t ask me about my personal life. Whether I take time off in 2010 or not, I will always be here even if I’m unable to wrestle just to support the girls. However, right now my focus is on Rain and that is all that matters to me right now.”


– Alicia & Brooke Carter Looking To Regain The Tag Team Titles!
Former tag team champions, Alicia & Brooke Carter, have made it known that they want Havok/Hatred on 10/3, in a rematch for the WSU Tag Team Championships. Alicia & Carter originally defeated Havok/Hatred on 6/6, during Alicia’s return from a 2 year break from wrestling. How ever, accompanied by a mean streak and knowing their opponents, Havok/Hatred upseated Alicia/Carter on 8/22 to become the new WSU Tag Team Champions.

A rubber match, the third ever match between these two units, will take place on 10/3, and anything can happen. Brooke Carter, without a doubt, the WSU Rookie of the Year for 2009, has held the WSU tag team championships for 6 months in 2009, and knows what it is like to win and retain tag team gold. However, Carter has been on the losing end of several matches in the Summer of 2009 and is hoping for a big bounce back come 10/3.

Alicia, who told WSUWrestling.com that she was “sickened” and “flat-out disgusted” with the attack perpetrated by Havok/Hatred on Missy Sampson, said this match between the two teams is now “100% personal. Havok & Hatred tried to use reality to make names for themselves here. Carter & I will make our names once again on 10/3, this time as 2-Time WSU Tag Team Champions. This will be a war.”

However, WSUwrestling.com have heard rumors that Alicia returned to WSU for one reason, and that is to regain what she feels is rightfully hers – The WSU World Championship. Fans have been buzzing that WSU has grown, the talent is better and WSU has reached new heights when Alicia left the company to focus on her college school work in 2007. WSUWrestling.com have heard that Alicia wants to return to old form and prove to every one, the fans, the wrestlers, the management, the critics and everyone else that she is still the best womens wrestler alive today. Could Alicia be distracted going into this match, and what does this mean for the Carter & Alicia duo, or are these rumors, just that – rumors!


– Brittney Force Debuts 10/3!
Pennsylvania veteran, Brittney Force, joins the WSU roster on 10/3. Force, who previously wrestled under the name, XTC, is excited to join the premier womens wrestling company in the northeast. WSU, who are known to be innovators and showcase ne w talent, while other promotions are left to use these WSU stars because they can’t create/showcase stars of their own, is excited to see what Force can do in a WSU ring.

However, it looks like Force is running with a bad crowd, as the sinister Jana has recruited Force to be her partner in a match with Spirit Championship implications. Force told WSUWrestling.com, “I know what’s been going on with Jana & Latasha. After all I watch the WSU DVDs too. All I know is that by teaming with Jana, I am put into a high profile match and perhaps can translate that into a WSU Spirit Championship shot down the line. I can’t wait to get into a WSU ring and show the fans what I can do.”

WSUWrestling.com, the leaders in WSU reporting, have also heard that Force is “different” than others in WSU and gets a bit “excited” when wrestling other females. We’ll see what that means on 10/3.


– A look at the WSU World Womens Championship
While many various promotions have their idea of a world championship, WSU is proud of the hard work our champions have done to increase the visibility of our championship. In 2009, WSU has seen excellent matches and intense competition for the right to be WSU World Champion. The WSU World Championship has been defended more than any other womens championship in the United States in 2009. While other regional promotions may call their champion a “world” champion, the fact is only the WSU World Championship was defended in other countries & continents in 2009, a start as WSU looks to connect the globe.

In 2009 we’ve seen Bullrope matches, steel cage matches, no-time limit matches and of course, the epic 70 minute Ironwoman match, the longest match ever in womens wrestling history, all for the ultimate prize in womens wrestling – the WSU World Championship. The WSU World Championship is the most active title in womens wrestling today. The WSU World Championship has been held by and challenged by the very best in womens wrestl ing, in a trend that will continue as WSU moves forward.

It is through the hard work of the wrestlers in WSU and the fan support in WSU that the champion is able to continue hone her craft. WSU thanks everyone for their support as current champion Mercedes Martinez plans on being the very best champion in womens wrestling today.


– Amber O’Neal Looking To Rise Through the Ranks!
Amber O’Neal from the “dirty south”, is a long-time veteran of the wrestling business. While Amber O’Neal is known as one half of the “Team Blondage” tag team, Amber has made it clear at this point in her career, she has one goal only – to become WSU World Champion.

Amber started her career in WSU off on a good note, as she compiled a 2-0 record scoring wins over former 2-time tag champion Annie Social & former WSU #1 contender, Cindy Rogers. O’Neal also debuted a new finishing pinning manuever in WSU, as due to her flexibility, has been able to keep her opponents down for the count of three by bridging her entire body over her opponent. All it takes is 3 seconds to win a match and Amber has used her cunning genius, flexibility and agility to stay undefeated in WSU.

Amber has made it known she has championship aspirations and will not be denied. Amber, due to her status in the wrestling industry and her undefeated record, has jumped quickly up the WSU rankings, and it could be only a matter of time before Amber is challenging for championship gold. It might have taken a while for Amber to get into WSU, but she has quickly and smartly taken advantage of the opportunity.


– Missy Hyatt Looking To Manage Full Time!
The First Lady of Wrestling & 2009 WSU Hall of Famer has done it all in her career, except for one thing – to manage someone to a WSU Championship reign. Missy Hyatt, who has been a commentator for WSU for the past two years, has occasionally dabbled in the managerial ranks, helping the Soul Sisters, Dawn Marie, Portia Perez & Lacey Von Erich to meaningful victories. However, what would happen if the host of Missy’s Manor decided to go into managing full-time in WSU? The opportunities and possibilities are endless! Hyatt has applied for a managerial license in WSU, and it should be interesting to see who joins up with Hyatt as time goes on in WSU!

– WSU Hires Two Brand New Commentators for DVD!
With Missy Hyatt looking to enter the WSU managerial world and due to Sean Hanson losing a loser-leaves-WSU match, WSU’s original commentating team needed to be replaced. Fans & critics have been up and down on Hyatt/Hanson in the past, so perhaps fans will be thrilled to know that WSU has hired two new commentators, that have debuted on the August DVD releases.

WSU welcomes Jimmy Gentry & Tommy Wong, as they will now handle the WSU commentating on future WSU DVD releases. WSU asks for fans to leave their feedback on the WSU message board or on WSU’s facebook pages on the new commentators, as these commentators have been hired on a trial period, with the fans holding their fate!


– WSU Championship Rankings!

WSU is proud to announce that we will be featured in PWI Magazine again. Make sure to check out the next section for more. PWI will be covering WSU’s World Championship Rankings, and based on recent events, here are the WSU World Title Rankings that will appear in a future edition of PWI magazine!

World Champion – Mercedes Martinez
1. Nikki Roxx
2. Rain
3. *Angel Orsini
4. Amber O’Neal
5. Latasha
6. Ariel
7. Hailey Hatred
8. Jessicka Havok
9. Alicia
10. Cindy Rogers
* Can not get a title shot while Martinez is champion.

For WSU Spirit & Tag Team rankings, check out the brand new WSUWrestling.com!!!


– WSU To Be Featured in Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine Again!

WSU will be featured in several upcoming issues of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, as photographers were in attendance covering the huge 8/22 double dvd taping. Make sure to check out Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine on news stands, as PWI will be putting out their “Top 50 Females” issue for 2009, with several WSU stars included on that list. Also WSU official rankings will be covered.

In the past year, former WSU World Champion Angel Orsini has been profiled in the magazine. Also profiled is former WSU Tag Champion Brooke Carter. WSU is getting attention from all over the wrestling world, and it has never been a better time than now to be a WSU fan!


– Stay Live & Stay Tuned!

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