Dragon Gate USA Results – 9/6/09
Location: Chicago, Illinois

(Courtesy: Cuda at CHIKARAfans.com)

Dragon Gate USA returned to action, entitled “Open the Untouchable Gate” in Chicago, IL, for its second American show after a successful Philadelphia, PA debut show (which had its debut airing this weekend on PPV).

Pre-show match

FRAY!: Johnny Gargano beat Arik Cannon and Flip Kendrick and Hallowicked and Mustafa Ali and The Great Malaki and Louis Lyndon and Shiima Xion to win the for the second time when he eliminated Hallowicked. Order of FRAY elimination: Arik Cannon, Shima Xion, The Great Malaki, (The) Flip Kendrick, Hallowicked


Dragon Kid defeated Masato Yoshino after Kid pinned Yoshino following a hurricanrana into a crucifix bomb in about 15 minutes. This was a pretty by-the-book, formula match from these two. But the formula is a fantastic one so it was a real good match that really got the crowd warmed up. Pretty much all signature spots hit by both guys, including a Dragonrana attempt evaded by Yoshino. Dragon Kid offers a handshake again to Yoshino who just scoffs and blows him off

Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw beat Gran Akuma and YAMATO in about 15 minutes after Quackenbush pinned Akuma with a Quackendriver II.. YAMATO attacked Quackenbush and Jigsaw after the match, but Hallowicked made the save. YAMATO and Akuma are booed mercilessly by 95% of the crowd and are red-hot for Quack yet again. YAMATO and Akuma jump Quack & Jig during their entrance and double team Quack, working over his back before focusing on Jigsaw. The rudos do a lenghty beatdown on Jigsaw who finally gets the tag to Quack who cleans house. Quack frequently frustrates YAMATO by evading moves and blowing raspberries at him. As expected, everything eventually breaks down where a lot of big moves are hit.

Jimmy Jacobs made his Dragon Gate USA debut and tried to recruit the Young Bucks to join him, but they turned him down. Genki Horiguchi and Ryo Saito ended up helping Jimmy beat up The Young Bucks.

Naruki Doi beat Bryan Danielson with a Muscular Bomb in an incredible match. Danielson came out with no music, so the crowd sang his “The Final Countdown” theme. The match was back and forth throughout. Doi ended up winning after hitting the Doi 555 into the muscular bomb for the pin in about 22 minutes. After the match Danielson asked other indy wrestlers to take his crown as “the best in the world” while specifically naming Davey Richards. . After Danielson’s speech, the crowd sang his theme again.

Post-match Dragon gets on the mic and says when he was booked for DGUSA, he wanted the toughest opponent possible and he got it. Dragon thanks Doi and encourages the crowd to give him a standing ovation. Doi gets his much-deserved cheers and defers the spotlight to Danielson. Dragon starts by saying that this is not the time for goodbye speeches but he thanks the crowd for thinking he’s the best in the world and admits he may not be able to be that guy anymore. He then makes a challenge to all indy wrestlers to flourish in his absence so that they themselves might be the next best in the world. Danielson then singles out Davey and challenges him to put on a performance worthy of that moniker later tonight. Danielson thanks the crowd one final time and to the delight of the fans, “Final Countdown” starts playing. Dragon shakes hands with the fans at ringside but climbs back in the ring for the chorus, saying he has to do this one more time. Crowd sings along with him and Dragon leaves.

CIMA beat Brian Kendrick with the air raid crash into diving double knees. Both guys are over and are respectful to each other to start with but Kendrick soon starts heeling it up. CIMA responds by working over Kendrick’s ass a bit. He sets him up for the corner dropkick spot but then starts undoing his trunks which Bryce quickly puts a halt to. CIMA indicates he wishes to sodomize Kendrick before spanking him a few times and then hitting the dropkick. Match was okay but ended way too soon. I’d be surprised if this went over 10 minutes.

Davey Richards beat Shingo after forcing him to tap to the koji clutch in about 26 minutes. DGUSA announcer Lenny Leonard said this was one of the best matches he’s seen in ages. Fan reaction is extremely positive with many people in attendance calling it an incredible all-out in-ring war. Davey’s a lot more over than he would have been before the match thanks to Danielson. Shingo gets a “Where’s your mullet?!” chant due to his new shaved head. This match was .ing amazing. Loud, stiff shots aplenty from both guys and they went out and put on a masterpiece and the crowd loved every second of it. This match is worth the PPV alone.

Post-match, Davey gets on the mic and puts over Shingo and then calls out Danielson. Danielson comes out clapping and congratulates Davey for doing exactly what he asked for. Davey brings up his history with Danielson and thanked him for thinking he was worthy of taking Dragon’s spot. Then, in true Davey fashion, he attacked Danielson and screamed that he didn’t need anyone’s endorsement and that he would win the Open The Freedom Gate Title. He kicked Danielson a few more times, yelled out “Best in the world!” and left. Danielson got up looking dejected and headed to the back.

In the main event, Ryo Saito and Genki Horiguchi beat The Young Bucks after Genki spits blue mist into Matt Jackson’s face and Saito nails him with a Double Cross in about 17 minutes in what was said to have been a great main event. The match involved mist blown in the face and a ref bump with the Young Bucks getting a visual fall before the finish

Ring announcer says that this will remain a non-title contest. Crowd spends much of their time heckling Genki who reacts every time and tries to get Bryce to do something about it. From my limited experience with them, this seemed like pretty standard Young Bucks fare while Genki & Ryo heeled it up big time, choking one of the Jacksons at one point with what looked like a bullwhip. Match was starting to really pick up but just before it could kick into high gear, it ended suddenly leaving me feeling underwhelmed.

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