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RESULTS & A NEW CHAMPION : Power Trip Wrestling, Sun 6th Sept, Corby!

Taking over a new town, Power Trip Wrestling are proud to say that they had a very successful debut in Corby. We can already exclusively tell you that we will definitely be back there very soon, and we also can tell you that we have a brand new PTW Cruiserweight Champion. Read on….

* Petey Staniforth came to the ring, cockier than usual somehow, strutting like he owned the place. Mind you, if YOU had The Untouchables (G, Mason Storm, Tommy Stevens, & Scott Annette) by your side to back you up when your mouth is loud – you probably would too! Petey was his general overbearing far too confident self, and it took ‘The First Lady of PTW’ Chrissie, to interrupt him and finally shut him up. Chrissie took Petey’s ‘Clipboard of Doom’, looked at his planned matches for the evening, and informed him that his group of Untouchables weren’t going to have the easy ride he had planned for them. Chrissie said that Tommy Stevens would have to wrestle Andy Russell, PTW British Champion G would have to wrestle ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge, and that PTW Cruiserweight Champion Scott Annette would have to wrestle D-Mon. Petey was clearly annoyed by this, but chose not to argue, and to say that his boys would simply prove a point by beating them. Chrissie then called out Dan Edge, Andy Russell, and D-Mon to the ring, at which point Petey challenged them that if they were feeling up for a fight; he and his boys would take them on right there, right then. The good guys stormed the ring, the Untouchables took a dive out of the ring; and Petey laughed on the microphone that he’d outsmarted them once….and they’d do it all show long.

* Tommy Stevens w/Petey Staniforth defeated Andy Russell. The match was riddled with Staniforth’s underhanded cheating, including choking Russell, and two steel Clipboard shots to the head, that led to Stevens hitting his finishing move and taking the (cheap) victory.

* Sean Midnight & Mad Mike w/Tracey Kilby defeated Nemesis (‘Scumboy’ Dani Graevs & Prodigy), but the real story came after the match, when Mad Mike turned on Sean Midnight and sided with his opponents, as they destroyed Sean Midnight with a steel chair.

* Mason Storm w/Petey Staniforth defeated James The Sound Guy. Petey had come to the ring and said that he hadn’t been able to find anyone brave enough to take on Mason Storm, so he was clearly going to have to make someone do it – and he chose James, one half of the Ref Crew. Petey also baited James with the promise of a PTW Contract if he managed to win. Petey then left ringside, but returned after Mason Storm had won the match, with PTW British Champion G by his side; and as G and Mason held James’s arms out wide, Petey congratulated James on having shown enough heart and courage to justify a PTW Contract….and then knocked James out cold with a simply vicious steel Clipboard shot to the head. Petey’s words as he walked off laughing? “That’s what happens when you play with the big boys, James…Welcome to PTW”.

* Rik Apollo defeated Voodoo. Long time PTW fans will remember the previous names of both men, as Rik Apollo was priorly known as Rich N’ Famous, and Voodoo was known as Exodus.

* ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge defeated PTW British Champion G by disqualification. Prior to the match, Petey Staniforth had told Edge that this was his final obstacle to get to him in a wrestling match….and these words would haunt him, as after Dan Edge was hit in the head with the PTW British Title belt by G, Darryl the Ref saw no other option but to give Edge the victory (but not the title, which can not change hands on a DQ decision). This of course, meant though, that Edge was victorious. Petey told Edge that if he wants him that badly, then he’s got to do it where he says so….

* ‘MTX’ Jem Brown defeated Del Rico.

* In the main event of the afternoon, D-Mon (w/ ‘The First Lady of PTW’ Chrissie), became the brand new PTW Cruiserweight Champion by defeating Scott Annette (w/ Petey Staniforth). A back and forth match up, with neither man having a full and true advantage, was changed when Annette encouraged Staniforth into the ring to hold D-Mon so that he could hit him with a flying forearm blow. A miscommunication saw Petey take that forearm straight to the face, and he was knocked unconscious in the ring. D-Mon hit a superkick, and got the three count and celebrated. Petey had been dragged out of the ring by his fellow Untouchables members, but he laid at ringside completely motionless. When he did come around, he was in shock that Annette lost the championship that he had held since December 2008. A somewhat rattled Petey (who was slurring words and clearly concussed, to say the least), said that he was giving Scott Annette a rematch on the next PTW show, and through Chrissie, D-Mon conveyed that he was willing to put his mask on the line too – and that if Annette could beat him for the title, then he would also unmask. A still dazed and confused Petey took the challenge on Scott’s behalf, and the match is set for the next PTW show.

* But when is the next PTW show? For that…you’ll have to wait for our next press release. Because the news we’re about to break justifies one all to itself. Are you ready?…..


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