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Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) RETURNS!!

On October 24, 2009, the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) will make its return to the Philadelphia-New Jersey area independent wrestling scene.

The TWA was founded by Joel Goodhart in 1989 and produced live events for several years in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware tri-state area. In addition to smaller shows, the TWA ran large venues like TEMPLE
University and the Pennsylvania Hall at the Philadelphia Civic Center.

The TWA combined some big name talent such as Cactus Jack, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, Jerry Lawler, Abdullah the Butcher, Manny Fernandez, Buddy Landel, and the Original Sheik with local talent like Tony Stetson, Larry Winters, Johnny Hot Body, JT Smith, Glen Osbourne, Michael Bruno,
Jimmy Jannetty, Rockin’ Rebel, D.C. Drake, Crybaby Waldo, and Don E Allen. The TWA also saw Mick Foley as Cactus Jack really hit a stride in his career in his matches with Eddie Gilbert and Sabu had some of his early matches there as well.

The TWA bought an alternative style of professional wrestling into the Philadelphia area, which the fans welcomed with open arms and support.

When the TWA ended in January 1992, it led to the formation
of Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) and later Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). It was the TWA style with such memorable feuds as Cactus Jack-Eddie Gilbert, Abdullah-Sheik, Tony Stetson-Johnny Hot Body, and Larry Winters-D.C. Drake that laid the groundwork for a new genesis in pro wrestling. TWA is truly the “Granddaddy of Philly Wrestling.”

Fast forward to 2009. TWA: The Reunion- “WE WRESTLE! WE BRAWL! WE DO IT ALL!” has emerged. Many of the original members of the TWA, along with some new faces, are looking to make an impact.

The TWA’s goal is simple, to present an AFFORDABLE, FAMILY and FAN FRIENDLY night of pro wrestling action. We want adults to be able to bring their children to the show,

enjoy the night, and not being embarrassed at what is being presented in the ring.

We have some fun things planned and hopefully some surprises.

Please, if you love pro wrestling like we do, or if you did, but lost that interest and passion, you owe it to yourself to check out the TWA.

Scheduled to appear* are ?Hitman? Tony Stetson, Larry Winters, D.C. Drake, ?the Beast? Glen Osbourne, ?Hitman? Michael Bruno, Crybaby Waldo, Jimmy Jannetty, Rick Perez, Rockin? Rebel, former TWA Champion ?Nature Boy? Buddy Landel, Al Snow w/ Head, ?King of Old School? Steve Corino, and more!!!

Please stay tuned to http://www.twaprowrestling.com/ and the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA)Facebook Page for news and event information.

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