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Brief recap of American Rampage Wrestling

Date: Friday, August 28th, 2009

Venue: Royal Theatre, Castlebar

Attendance: circa 800 people

(Full recap and article to follow tomorrow)

Scotty (Too)/The Hotty def. Justin Sane via the W-O-R-M

Rob Van Dam & X-Pack Vs AWR Heavyweight Champion Rene Dupree and Kid Kash was announced as Main Event for tonight

?Picture of Perfection? Shawn Maxer def. M-Dogg 20 via Submission

?Lord of the Manor? Paul Tracey cut a promo about being above everyone else and degraded the fans in a sort of watered-down Chris Jericho, yet nonetheless entertaining and heat-enducing, way. Joe E Legend’s music hit and interrupted him. Joe called for a test of strength but Tracey backed away and made his way out of the ring. As Legend posed for the crowd soaking in their adulation ? a regularly used foolhardy decision ? turning his back to the rampway Paul Tracey hit him with his cane knocking him out for a while.

Joe E. Legend Vs. Lord of the Manor Paul Tracey announced for later on tonight.

Omen defeated (Dublin, Ireland’s) ?Suicide Machine? Paddy Morrow

Decent reception for Morrow but he was knocked into ?the morrow? or possibly next week after a devastating Black Hole Slam by Omen. Huge ovation for his Swanton Bomb and Suicide Dive.

Side note: It seems that while WWE do not let wrestlers win in their home town very often, from what I?ve seen of Paddy Morrow, he doesn?t get to win in his home country!


Sabu, sporting a mach-3 style shaved head defeated ???? (During the interval I took too long outside and missed the start of the match. I think it may have been Joey Cabray via seated chair leg-drop onto opponent through table. Much longer appearane than his previous visits to the west of Ireland. Huge pops when he brought out and utilised chairs, tables and the guardrails. Botched his first attempt at the springboard elbow ? which, all in all, is a good showing for Sabu compared to some of his bouts with the ?e. I was disappointed there wasn?t a ?You F?d up!? chant or an ?ECW? chant but then most wouldn?t have heard either the ?F? word or the original ?ECW? so there ya go. Can?t win ?em all.

Joe E. Legend defeated ?Lord of the Manor? Paul Tracey

Chants of ?He’s a Legend? ?Joe E. Legend? and other variations of cheers that end with the word Legend echoed throughout the match. Nice amount of heat for tracey, quite a few near falls and a good match, as always from Legend, to get the crowd hot enough for the main event but not burnt out.

Main Event

RVD and X-Pac defeated Rene Dupree and Kid Kash via 5 Star Frog Splash.

Lots of back and forth action and various exchanges of pin-attempts and tags in and out for the match. X-Pac hit the Brono Buster just before RVD landed the 5* Frog Splash to pick up the win. After the match a young boy in the crowd was pointing a foam finger at Kash so he grabbed it from him and tore it in two. Classic stuff!

Most Over:



Joe E. Legend

X- Pack

Most Heat:

Rene Dupree

Kid Kash

LotM Paul Tracey

Justin Sane

See tomorrow for a more in-depth account of the show.

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