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RESULTS: Power Trip Wrestling, Wed 12th August 2009, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

Welcome to the results and recap from week three of PTW’s Summer Tour 2009. Another incredible night by the seaside for both PTW, and the fans. And we can start by telling you that if the show could have a subtitle, it would be probably be “The Night The Boss Was Broken”.

If we are to assume from Dan Edge’s victory last night that he is liable to make it to Wed 26th August, and get his match with PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth, then we have to assume our arrogant boss isn’t going to be in much state physically to wrestle, or even move right now…not after all he went through last night. Let’s take you to the results….and you’ll see what went down.

* Petey Staniforth came to the ring, somehow seemingly more cocky than usual, strutting around, and surrounded by members of his new group of ‘associates’, The Untouchables. With Tommy Stevens, Mason Storm, and Chris Brookes by his side, nothing seemed to bother Petey too much. Even the fact that G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’ couldn’t make the show due to travel issues couldn’t dampen his mood. ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge (with Conor Hurley, and Mr Portugal) came to the stage, to interrupt, much to the appreciation of the fans, and wanted to know who both he and PTW World Champion Conor Hurley were wrestling on the show. Staniforth told Edge that he would have to face Chris Brookes, and that Hurley would wrestle Tommy Stevens. After exchanging verbal threats and insults between the two, Petey then offered them into the ring to fight, but The Untouchables then bailed out straight away not giving them chance to get near them.

* In a triple threat match, Jimmy Havoc defeated Darrell Allen, and James Dahmer.

* James Mason and Tom Childs defeated Mean N’ Green (Anton Green & Maverick)

* PTW World Tag Team Champions Mayhem Inc w/Druss defeated The Ref Crew.

Petey Staniforth came to the ring with Mayhem Inc, and told Darryl the Ref that to punish him for his fast count and helping Dan Edge win the week prior, he was going to have to face Mayhem Inc – ALONE! From the sound desk, PTW Crew member James took offence to this, and stated that Darryl was his best friend and it wasn’t fair. The evil Petey just laughed, and said if he had such a problem with it, he was free to get in there as Darryl’s tag team partner….but Petey would be Special Referee, and Mayhem Inc ripped off the referee shirt from Darryl’s back; which Petey promptly tucked into his belt to hang from his jeans. And after Staniforth put in probably the most biased refereeing performance since Trevor Kettle in the League Two game with Luton Town vs Bradford last season (all Luton fans will appreciate this reference), Mayhem Inc double teamed and cheated their way to victory; destroying the ‘Ref Crew’, and Petey laid Darryl’s referee shirt over his unconscious body after the match.

* In a Gauntlet Match, D-Mon became the new PTW British Champion.

Sean Midnight had defeated Mason Storm in the first match, but was promptly defeated by a cheating Tommy Stevens, who became PTW British Champion at this point, and Stevens also defeated Mr Portugal under questionable tactics to say the least. Dan Edge came out with PTW Lawyer Justin Case, and suggested the possibility of another entrant to the Gauntlet, which Justin said was legal; and much to the shock of all, D-Mon came out from nowhere, and defeated Tommy Stevens and won the PTW British title.

* ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge defeated Chris Brookes w/Petey Staniforth.

This was a hard fought match, and one that saw Petey Staniforth’s attempt at cheating fail badly, and lead to him being hit in the shoulder with one of Dan Edge’s crutches and falling from the ring apron to the unprotected floor on the outside. Staniforth was later seen nursing a lump and a nasty bruise on his left shoulder, but no-one had any sympathy for the egotistical boss of PTW. And after Dan Edge heroically defeated Chris Brookes to survive one more week on his quest to get a match with Petey, Edge was sneak attacked by The Untouchables, as Mason Storm, Tommy Stevens, Chris Brookes, and even Petey himself got into the ring to attack. The most shocking moment of this was when Stevens set the chair on Edge’s ankle, for Brookes to hit his double foot stomp from the top rope. This wasnt enough for the maniacal Staniforth though, as he then locked on an anklelock in the centre of the ring on Dan Edge, screaming that he was going to break Dan’s ankle there and then. Conor Hurley, Mr Portugal, D-Mon, and others; came to the ring to make the save for Edge, as The Untouchables ran out the side door of the venue.

* Donny Bull defeated Valek. But this wouldn’t be the last we saw of Donny….

* In a handicap match, Druss defeated The Dunne Brothers (Pete & Damian).

* In the main event of the evening, PTW World Champion Conor Hurley defeated Tommy Stevens w/Petey Staniforth & Mason Storm at ringside. After the match, Dan Edge came out to celebrate Conor’s retaining of the PTW World Title, and Staniforth got in the ring and taunted Edge that he couldnt hit him, and did everything he could to provoke him into doing so; even going so far as to kiss him on the forehead! Edge was begged not to react by ‘The First Lady of PTW’, Chrissie; and also PTW’s Lawyer Justin Case….and amazingly, he managed to stay strong and not react. But he pointed out to Petey that whilst he couldn’t, there was a man behind him who could. Petey turned around to be lifted high in the air by Conor Hurley, and to be knocked out cold by Conor’s sit down stunner variation. This wasn’t enough for the fans, or for the good guys in the ring who had had enough of Petey’s constant arrogance; and the 400 lb plusmonster Donny Bull was called out to the ring, and proceeded to hit his big splash on Petey. Not even THIS was enough for everyone in attendance, and Donny Bull was encouraged to do it not one more time, but TWO more times onto the unconscious boss of PTW. As Petey laid there, Dan Edge took the microphone and told him that the following would be what would happen on the 26th August, and put one foot on Staniforth’s broken body; and pinned him one…two….three, as the crowd went wild in approval.

We can only say we don’t know the physical condition of PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth right now. Not that he has any sympathy at the PTW Office, or amongst the fans, or the fan favourite wrestlers in the company. To recap, he was already dealing with shoulder issues from being hit from one of Dan Edge’s crutches and falling from the ring apron to the unprotected floor; and then hit with Conor Hurley’s sit down stunner, and took three big splashes from the 400lb plus Donny Bull. We can only speculate what Petey’s current state of health currently is, and we hope to have word on the subject soon, with just two weeks left to go on the PTW Summer Tour 2009!


Power Trip Wrestling present ‘Unbreakable’ – The Summer Tour 2009!


Isle of Sheppey Holiday Village,
Warden Bay Road,
Isle of Sheppey,
ME12 4LX.


Wednesday 19th, 26th August 2009!


8pm Start!


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