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On August 22, 2009, the only independent pro-wrestling promotion in the Texas panhandle that brings you nationally known, television wrestling talent does it again. The West-Texas Wrestling Association, known to its fans as the WWA, once again raises the bar as they bring both Jerry Lynn and Raven to Amarillo for a head to head confrontation!

Jerry Lynn is currently under contract to Ring of Honor, one of three nationally televised wrestling organizations in North America. Lynn’s wrestling credentials include titles held in ROH, TNA, WWE, WCW and the original ECW. This match will feature Lynn’s eight apperance for the WWA in three years.

Raven, most recently under contract to TNA, another of the three nationally televised wrestling organizations, in a free agent on the independent wrestling scene with titles to his credit in TNA, WWE, WCW, the original ECW and the NWA. Raven was the first professional wrestler to hold championships in each of the major American promotions of the last decade; World Wrestling Entertainment, World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. This match will feature Raven’s debut for the WWA.

Credentials aside, this match is taking place for a specific reason. The WWA has been very vocal in its support and praise for the legacy of the original ECW, so much so that it has embraced the innovations and the ideology of that legacy in much of what the WWA strives to provide to its fans. Earlier this year, at the fourth installment of the WWA’s signature event, Collision Course; Jerry Lynn battled and defeated Justin Credible, another ECW alumni, in a match that was deemed a ?Return to Extreme?. In doing so, Jerry Lynn took the mantle of WWA’s Extreme Icon.

This brings us to Raven’s issue. Raven feels that above anyone else, he alone is THE Extreme Icon. At the Legends of the Arena event, held recently in the old ?ECW Arena?, Raven teamed with Credible and in the process learned of Lynn’s recent victory. Raven contacted the WWA and demanded this match in order to defeat and humiliate Jerry Lynn, thus cementing his status as THE Extreme Icon of the WWA.

This match is being fought under Hardcore Rules, which means there are no rules? just as Raven likes it. But Jerry Lynn is not to be discounted as a hardcore wrestler, although mat fighting is his forte, Jerry’s ability to rise to the occasion was shown with his defeat of Justin Credible less than six months ago. Will Raven take Jerry to the Extreme? Or will the New F?N Show live up to his moniker? The only way to find out is to be at the WWA Warehouse, LIVE and in person on August 22nd for the biggest singles match in Amarillo in the last 12 years? at Extreme Warfare 3, brought to you by the ONLY Amarillo Promotion that can bring it to you? the WWA!

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