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IWC presents
Saturday August 1st, 2009
Court Time Sports Center
95 Enterprise Dr. Suite 100
Elizabeth, PA 15037
Speical Autograph Session: 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Belltime: 8:00 PM

Ringside Reserved Tickets: $20.00
General Admission Tickets: $15.00
Kids Under 10 General Admission Tickets: $10.00

“Mr. Wonderful” PAUL ORNDORFF
“Superfly” JIMMY SNUKA
and more!!!
At IWC No Excuses 5, we will also be paying respect to the Legends of Wrestling! Already announced as appearing are ?Mr. Wonderful? Paul Orndorff, ?Superfly? Jimmy Snuka, Dominic DeNucci, and Pittsburgh wrestling legend Lord Zoltan!

IWC World Heavyweight Title Match:
“The Future of Fashion” SHIIMA XION vs. “Fabulous” John McChesney
IWC officials were notified of two shocking events on Friday that will have a major impact on the ?No Excuses 5″ event this weekend in Elizabeth, PA. First, we received word that Dennis Gregory had injured his right knee. Naturally there was a suspicion that this information could be false, however it has indeed been verified that his right knee was in fact injured, as Dr. Nick Ditulio wrote a report before he went on vacation indicating that Gregory suffered torn ligaments in his right knee that may or may not require surgery. Gregory is scheduled to see local Pittsburgh orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Anderson for further testing this Wednesday. Regardless, he will not be able to compete in the Texas Death Match against John McChesney this weekend. Begrudgingly, we here at wish Dennis Gregory all the best and hope for a speedy recovery.
We were also notified that due to visa issues, Ricky Reyes will not be able to appear for IWC this Saturday at IWC ?No Excuses 5″. He has vowed to return to IWC in the near future, and Shiima Xion is still clamoring to get revenge for his attack at Super Indy. These two situations left a void in two matches, and IWC Officials decided to give multi-time IWC Super Indy champion and perennial favorite John McChesney his first shot at the IWC heavyweight championship, as on Saturday night, August 1st, Shiima Xion faces John McChesney for the IWC heavyweight championship!
This is a match that fans have dreamed about for quite a while, and it will finally come to fruition. Though both men seem to have no personal issue with each other, both men’s drive to succeed is sure to make this match one of the most hotly-contested of the night, and quite possible this could turn out to be a legendary contest before it is through.

Six-Man Tag Team Match:
Jimmy Snuka’s place in wrestling history has been solidified for decades now, but he is still as competitive as ever. A true legend of the mat wars, ?Superfly? is undefeated in IWC competition, and words simply can not do justice in detailing his contributions to the profession. Michael Facade is starting to just hit his stride in the wrestling world, and is considered by many as having the best chance of anyone in the locker room as being the next breakout superstar. Jimmy Vega$ is a former IWC heavyweight champion whom has made sporadic appearances for the company over the past several years, but has declared that he is looking to re-establish himself and his legacy, and this six-man tag is the first step. Lord Zoltan is another that needs no introduction. Zoltan has been competing in the ring for nearly three decades, and has though he has competed regularly mostly in the tri-state area, his name in known literally all though the wrestling world. The consensus ?Pittsburgh Legend? marks his IWC return by teaming up with two of the ?young lions? in Shane Taylor and Logan Shulo. Both of these members of IWC promoter’s ?N-Con’s Army? are still in the primitive years in their respective careers. Teaming with Zoltan and standing across the ring from Snuka, Vega$, and Facade can only help increase their development by leaps and bounds.

IWC Super Indy Title Match:
“The Whole Shebang” JOHNNY GARGANO vs. first ever 2-time Super Indy Tournament winner SUPER HENTAI
For the IWC Super Indy championship, Super Hentai makes his first defense of this title reign against Johnny Gargano. Gargano was forced to surrender the Super Indy championship due to injury last year, and has not been seen in IWC since. Upon winning Super Indy VIII, Hentai was being presented the championship when Gargano returned to attack the new champion. Now, these two face off to determine the undisputed Super Indy champion.

“Bounty Match”:
“DeeeeeeeeeeeeeLicious” JIMMY DeMARCO vs. “The Baddest Man in IWC” RAYMOND ROWE
When the match announcements were made here on, it was reported that the Jimmy Demarco-Ray Rowe contest would be a ?bounty match?. When pressed for more information, IWC promoter N-Con simply said, ?Stay tuned!? Well, it has now come to light that N-Con is so obsessed with eliminating Jimmy Demarco that he has put up $10,000 of his own money to anyone whom puts Demarco out of IWC! Now, N-Con turns to one of his personal henchmen, Ray Rowe, to collect the bounty and eliminate Demarco. Rowe is one of the most feared men on the independent scene, with unmatched strength backing up his violent streak. Will N-Con finally rid his life of Demarco, or will Jimmy be the unlikely victor again in his crusade against our crooked promoter? The Jimmy Demarco vs Ray Rowe bounty match takes place at IWC No Excuses 5 on August 1st at Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA!

IWC Tag Team Title Match:
IRISH AIRBORNE (Jake & Dave Crist) vs. THE GAMBINO BROTHERS (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
In a match for the IWC tag team championships, Jake and Dave Crist, the Irish Airborne, defend against Mickey and Marshall, the Gambino Brothers. The feud between these two teams turned violent at Super Indy VIII, and now they will meet an No Excuses 5. However, a standard match just will not suffice, so IWC officials have determined that this match will have stipulations to be determined.

International Challenge:
Jason Gory’s biggest moment was when he won the Super Indy championship at Super Indy VI in the Super Indy scramble over John McChesney, Eric Young, and Larry Sweeney. He again stands on the brink of a career defining moment when he faces Japanese sensation Kushida Yujiro! An introductory profile on Yujiro will be available this weekend here on, but we promise that you will not be disappointed when you see him in action.

Tag Team Action:
Two of the most outrageous, cocky, and arrogant stars to recently join IWC’s roster are Marion Fontaine and Kato. On August 1st, they will team up to take on one of the most outrageous tag teams and successful tag team dynasties to step into an IWC ring, Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy, Sexual Harassment. Harassment need a victory to get back into tag team title contention, while Kato & Fontaine are looking to find success in an IWC ring and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Who will come out on top here?

Pre-Show Matches:
Gregory Iron vs. J-Rocc
Louis Lyndon vs. CJ Sensation

Plus all the fun & surprises you’ve come to expect from IWC!
The International Wrestling Cartel is pleased to announce that it has joined the Wrestlers Rescue Program!
Wrestlers Rescue is an organization that was founded by former WWE and ECW alum Dawn Marie. While they have taken on several wonderful causes in their short time, currently their main concern is to raise money for wrestling legend ?Dr. Death? Steve Williams. The following was taken from
?Wrestlers Rescue (has begun) a campaign to raise approximately $20,000 for our mutual friend Steve Williams. Williams underwent throat cancer surgery in 2004, and was declared cancer-free in 2005. During the surgery to remove the cancer and to reconstruct his throat the doctors inserted a unit called a Stoma. This unit requires him to place his thumb over the hole in the stoma when he wishes to communicate. As science has progressed, it now leaves Steve eligible to obtain a hands free device. As you can only imagine this would provide a more convenient and healthier way of life for him.
Since Wrestlers Rescue is primarily a foundation that helps to raise monies for injuries and ailments due to a career in wrestling , this does not mean that WR cannot help to facilitate a fundraiser to help one of our professionals raise money to help them live a better quality of life. We plan on do ing so by helping in the organization of various fundraisers.?
The IWC will be taking part in this campaign, as on August 1st at IWC ?No Excuses 5″, we will be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win an autographed cowboy hat signed by WWE Hall of Famer, ?Good Ol? JR?, Jim Ross!
All proceeds from the raffle will go towards the purchase of a new voice box for Dr. Death Steve Williams.
You can purchase your raffle tickets now at or at the No Excuses live event on August 1st.

Raffle tickets for the Jim Ross autographed cowboy hat are only $3 each, or 4 for $10.
For further information about Wrestlers Rescue, its campaign, auctions, raffle tickets, and more, go to
To join Wrestlers Rescue’s mailing list, send a titled email ?Mailing List? to or
Thank you all for your help, and let’s all help out ?Dr. Death?? or as he is known now, ?Dr. Life?!
IWC Schedule updates:
IWC Wrestling presents: IWC Wrestling Saturday, October 3rd 7:00 p.m. Clearfield County Fairgrounds Clearfield, PA Featuring Superfly Jimmy Snuka and other IWC superstars? Tickets are priced at $20 front row ringside reserved, $15 2nd and 3rd row ringside reserved, and $10 general admission. Stay tuned to for more information on our huge debut in Clearfield, PA!

Also, IWC ?Boiling Point 4″ was originally scheduled for Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA on October 3rd. The date of that show has now been changed to Saturday, October 17th back at Court Time. There will be more information coming forth shortly regarding IWC ?Boiling Point 4″!
Tickets to No Excuses 5 and other IWC live events are already on sale, including:

October 3, 2009 – Clearfield County Fairgrounds, Clearfield, PA
October 17, 2009 – Court Time Sports Center, Elizabeth, PA – Boiling Point 4
October 24, 2009 – Big Spring Area Communy Center, Newville, PA – Newville Knockout 2009
November 14, 2009 – Court Time Sports Center, Elizabeth, PA – November Pain 5 December 12, 2009 – Court Time Sports Center, Elizabeth, PA – Call to Arms 2009

Tickets can be reserved safely and security online using your credit or debit card by visiting!
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