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WXW C4 Returns To The New Mountainville Memorial Hall With “After Party” This Saturday in Allentown, PA!

WXW C4 comes back to the New Mountainville Memorial Hall this Saturday, March 6th with “After Party”. Tickets are $12 GA and $15 for 1st Row with a 7:30pm Bell time. For more information and to watch a web exclusive preview video, head over to right away. Lots of action will be happening at the “After Party” show of the Blasty Award Ceremony and the fall out has already been felt by some.

Two weeks ago at the Blastys Ultimate World Champion AC Anderson took home a whopping 3 awards including the top honor of Wrestler Of The Year. This infuriated former Champion Eric Cobian and Doc Daniels who before inducting fellow Dynasty member Tommy Suede into the first ever Hall Of Fame told everyone in attendance that they knew that honor belonged to Eric Cobian and the fans had purposely screwed Cobian out of the honor. Doc and Eric then decided that if he couldn’t have the award, then no one would. As Anderson walked out to his car after the ceremony, the Dynasty attacked him in the plaza and parking lot and made him watch as his Blasty was ran over by a car. Anderson has vowed to get revenge and will start this Saturday against John Bane. Be sure to see that attack by watching the After Party preview in the Blast Video Box over at Will Anderson get his revenge or will Bane pick up his first Word Championship and cause even more dissention in the Dynasty?

Speaking of Dynasty dissention, the two top stars of the Dynasty will go one on one when Eric Cobian takes on “Smooth” Tommy Suede to see who the leader of the Dynasty truely is. Suede has been on a rampage of late demanding he get the star treatment that Cobian seems to have been getting as of late. Suede made it clear that he should be getting the title shots and top billing because he is a decorated athelete and a huge movie star after his debut film of “The Wrestler”. Cobian seems to differ as he is the former Ultimate World Champion, has constatly defended the honor of the Dynasty in huge match ups and has led the Dynasty to victory on more then one occasion. Who will be able to add the title of “Captain” to their resume after this Saturday? Check out the preview video at to see exactly what Cobian and Suede think about their upcoming match up.

Another generation of the Samoan Dynasty is about to walk into the ring after Lance Anoa’i, son of former WWF Tag Team Champion Headshrinker Samu, will sign his WXW C4 Roster contract this Saturday live in the ring after turning 18 last Monday. Although this should be a happy day for Lance and his family, it’s has a cloud over it as he will sign another contract that day also: for his first match with The Dynamic Sensation. h After TDS won a loser leaves town match against Sean Maluta, TDS and the Dynasty literally spit all over the heritage and tradition of Maluta’s family when they took his Lava Lava, tossed it in a trash can and set it on fire. Lance swore to defend not only his cousin’s honor, but his family by challenging TDS for his first match. Will the contract signing be a happy day or will the Dynasty ruin it when they enter the ring to go face to face with Lance this Saturday in Mountainivlle.

After months of tourment by Johny Ego, Niya will finally get a bit of revenge when Ego takes on the debuting Mikey Valentino with Niya as the special Referee this Saturday. After Niya came up short in a 3 way match in January, Ego had attacker her once again at ringside. Having seen enough Ref Valention came to Niya’s aid by running of Johny Ego. After exchaning words Valentino chalenged Ego to a match this Saturday in Mountainville. Will Niya finally get revenge on Ego?

Additionally, the SAT will make their return to WXW C4 when they take on the newest tag team of Devon Moore and Sabian and the Tag Team Of The Year, All Money Is Legal in a 3 way tag match that should promise to be a fast paced match. Also appearing: “Samoan Storm” Afa Jr aka WWE’s Manu, Campeon International Eddie Guapo, Havoc, Niya, DJ Hyde and many more!

For more information and to watch the preview video, head over to right away and be sure to be at Mountainville this Saturday for the After Party.