Interview with ROH’s The Young Bucks

Jeremy Chevallier (THTG) of sent this in:

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This week, we published an interview of The Young Bucks, young and promising indy team.

Here are some highlights:

– We were always inspired by the Rockers and the Hardy Boys we actually do certain things that resemble both those teams. We throw in a mix of lucha libre with american and japanese.

– The NWA is more old school, DG is Japanese style hard hitting high spot action, ROH is a mixture between Japanese style and American just like PWG. So there is some differences between the companies we work but their all great places we probaley prefer working for DG because usually were on tour with them and they have a lot of shows to work in a short amount of time and we prefer staying busy.

– We think that the 2 shows are totally different so you cant really compare them because HDNets show is trying to reach a certain demographic with the WWE style booking while their house shows and PPV’s usually reach out to the smart marks.

– Yes we actually hate wrestling in singles matches because we both feed off each other we love wrestling as a tag team and we will probaley try and stay together as a tag team for our whole careers if possible.

– We’ve worked for the WWE a few times doing little squash matches and work outs with them but we never got signed to a contract but one day we would love to work for them. We want to sign with TNA as soon as possible though if their interested in us, thats our goal our dream is to be in TNA.

– We probaley wouldnt reject a WWE contract unless TNA was offering us something because right now we rather go to TNA.

Jeremy Chevallier (THTG)

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