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Power Trip Wrestling – “The Right Way” – Sat 11th July 2009 – Rushden – RESULTS and Round Up!

It seems PTW are truly unstoppable, in a bizarre but enjoyable way. Heavy rain couldn’t stop us. Unfounded claims via email of lack of insurance to Rushden Council couldn’t stop us. Even the absence of PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth couldn’t stop the show from going ahead successfully (although his ego apparently says otherwise…). So sit back, and read about how we have a new PTW World Champion, new PTW World Tag Team Champions, and much more! Before we start though, we would like to sincerely thank Rushden Council for having us, and we look forward to hopefully being back next year!

* Dan Edge came out and stated that his partner in the “Evil Genius’s”, PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth, was sickened over the thought of having to go to Rushden to see his beloved Luton FC play in the upcoming seasons football fixtures, and that Petey had decided a chav filled dump like Rushden simply didn’t deserve to see him – that he was too big of a star to be there – and that this must have been just like Andy Burgess felt when he left Rushden to play for Luton FC, and that he had, quite frankly, decided to stay at home and deal with other issues. Edge said that Staniforth had apparently claimed that he was far too much of an ‘Icon’ to be there, and that “being an Icon….means you’re far more important than someone who thinks that he’s special”. Those who knew where that reference was directed, could only stand by and laugh and agree, as Edge followed this by stating that Petey had given him full power for the show, and that he was in charge for the afternoon.

PTW World Title Tournament – 1st Round

Dragonian beat Dan Vincent

Conor Hurley beat Ciaran Morrison

MTX Jem Brown w/Tiffany Wantsmore beat Adrenaline

G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’ beat D-Mon

PTW World Title Tournament – 2nd Round

Conor Hurley beat Dragonian

G ‘The Lap Dancing Superstar’ beat MTX Jem Brown. After the match, MTX blamed Tiffany for the loss, and she hit him with a low blow, and slammed his head into the mat. Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned,…

PTW World Title Tournament – The Final

G ‘ The Lap Dancing Superstar’ defeated Conor Hurley to become the new PTW World Champion. This makes G the first man to ever hold the PTW World, and PTW Cruiserweight titles on seperate occasions.

Non Tournament Matches

TITLE CHANGE : Mayhem Inc defeated F ‘N’ P, to become the new PTW World Tag Team Champions

Bill Duffy beat Darrell Allen

Mr Portugal beat Dan Edge

Sean Midnight beat Mad Mike to retain the PTW British Title

Nemesis (Scumboy Dani Graves & Prodigy) defeated Robbie Sincaide & James Dahmer

Tommy Stevens defeated Chris Brooks


We begin the PTW Summer Tour on the Isle of Sheppey on Wed 29th July, for five weeks in a row. Please check the PTW website at for more information.


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