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Showtime All-Star Wrestling ? Episode 95
Airing July 4, 2009
Taped at the SAW Mill in Millersville, Tn

This episode is now available for viewing at [url=www.ProWrestlingWorldwide.TV]ProWrestlingWorldwide.TV[/url].

Opening with Hammerjack, Chase Steven and Flash Flanagan all in the ring with the SAW announce team of Michael Graham and Reno Riggins. Hammer said A-Team had tried to end all of their careers, but it was going to be tougher to do because they no longer had him to do their dirty work. Stevens said it was 3 on 3 because Paul Adams didn?t count for even half a man. Cut to A-Team on the ramp. Adams said if Stevens wanted to align himself with white trash such as Hammerjack, A-Team were more than happy to come down and kill three birds with one stone. A motley crew of SAW security struggled mightily to maintain order. Adams amused himself by egged the good guys on.

You can?t get past 10 guys Chase Stevens? I thought you were tough.

Commissioner Freddie Morton joined the fray to make a six man elimination match for today’s main event.

It’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong.

Derrick King Enterprises enter looking supremely confident. The announce team explained that King had orchestrated just what he wanted ? a match with the banged up tag team champions, who were down to the wire on making a defense within the 30 day limit. They cut to a great shot of Big Dollar towering over Drew Haskins.

1 ? SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions LT FALK & DREW HASKINS vs. DERRICK KING & JT STAHR (with Big Dollar & Sista O?Feelyah)

Crowd way into LT. Reno did some blatant kayfabing of DKE when he said Vordell Walker was far from ready to return per the video he sent in last week. LT was working smoothly with King and looking good on offense. Tag to Haskins and a nice combo by the champs ? Haskins with a reverse atomic drop, LT with a neckbreaker and Haskins with a jackknife pin. Haskins met Stahr with a huracanrana and cinched in a side headlock. Stahr reversed and took Haskins down with a top wristlock. Stahr used hair pulls to cut off Haskins? nip up attempts. Haskins persevered with the nip ups and tagged Stahr with an enzuigiri. Nice sequence. A Haskins headscissors didn?t gel. JT faked a tag by slapping his thigh and clubbed Haskins from behind. DKE gave the dumb rookie a beating. The highlight was a wicked top rope stomp by Stahr with Haskins bent across King’s knee. Haskins mounted a comeback without ever looking to make the tag. Stahr cut him off with a powerslam, and Falk made his second save of the match. DKE worked on Haskins? neck. King gave Haskins a hair Beel throw. Reno said Haskins might need Hair Club for Men after that one. Crowd revved up as stout ?Drew? chant. Haskins fought off Stahr’s attempt to dump him out of the ring and caught him by surprise with a missile dropkick. Haskins sold the neck like a fish out of water before making the tag. LT with a flapjack on King for two. LT countered King’s DDT attempt with a bridging northern lights and Stahr made the save. It broke down four way. Big Dollar jumped up on the apron with a chain. Ref Jesse Fields cut him off like a real sports official. Walker ran out and pulled Dollar off the apron. A wild brawl ensued between Walker and Dollar. In the midst of the chaos, Falk rolled up King for the three count.

WINNERS: Falk & Haskins retain in 12:45. A mix of good and bad. Match came across well on TV because the match had good heat with a strong pop for the finish. DKE made the champions look pretty decent. LT was clearly positioned at the star of the team.

Postmatch chaos ensued with Morton and security out to force DKE to the back, while Walker celebrated with the champions.


Reno said Worthington would be less than thrilled to learn that Kid Kash had signed a SAW title defense against Jesse Emerson. Reno said they tried to make the match with Arrick Andrews, but Kash refused because he had already given Andrews three shots. Graham talked about Emerson using his legal skills to get the embarrassing footage of JMW shown on TV. Meanwhile, a mean-faced Worthington was making mince meat out of little Aiden. Worthington cut off a mild comeback with the Three Stooges eye poke and attempted to rearrange Scott’s facial features with his right fist. But Scott escaped from Brentwood Breaker and clipped Worthington’s braced knee. Scott hit a missile dropkick off the middle rope and went up top. Worthington shook the ropes to crotch Scott. Worthington brought Scott off the turnbuckle with his finisher.

WINNER: Worthington in 4:25. Match served its purpose. Worthington has developed an appealing streak of nastiness. Scott has the makings of a quintessential enhancement guy.

SAW Top 10
International Champion ? Kid Kash

1. Arrick Andrews
2. Jesse Emerson
3. Andy Douglas
4. David Young
5. Jon Michael Worthington
6. Chase Stevens
7. Flash Flanagan
8. Shane Smalls
9. Chrisjen Hayme
10. Sean Casey

Worthington was interviewed by Graham. He was irate as hell. JMW basically said Emerson was suffering from delusions of grandeur by thinking he could hang with greatness. They cut to footage of Emerson pinning Worthington two weeks ago. Worthington called it a fluke (there’s that word again). Worthington said he wanted a rematch no matter what it took.

3 ? Elimination Match: CHASE STEVENS & FLASH FLANAGAN & HAMMERJACK vs. A-TEAM (Andy Douglas & David Young & Rick Santel with Paul Adams)

The announce team set up the match. The numbers game was going to be factor but this time, it might not be to the A-Team’s advantage. Graham said fans were dying to see Hammer get revenge on Adams.

How many folks out there would like to get their hands on their former bosses, especially in this economy?

A-Team stalled. Stevens took over on Young and handed him over to Hammerjack on a silver platter. Hammerjack tried to smother Young. Flash greeted Santel with a drop toehold for an early two count. Reno reminisced about being caught in the wrong corner in a six man tag teaming with Barry Hororwitz & Brooklyn Brawler vs. Smoking Guns & Tatanka. Flanagan made a blind tag as Santel hit his finisher (a modified TKO) on Stevens. Flanagan then eliminated Santel with his own move at 2:30. Back from commercial, the faces were taking it to A-Team. Reno said Adams would soil his undies if it got to 3 on 1. Douglas speared the ringpost and fell to the floor when Flanagan moved. A-Team looked doomed. As Flanagan tried to suplex Douglas backing inside the ring, Adams distracted ref Joe Williams (yes, the refs still have names in SAW), and Santel ran back to ringside to trip up Flanagan. Santel held onto Flanagan’s leg and Douglas landed on top of Flanagan for the pin at 5:15. Douglas and Stevens went toe to toe. The action spilled outside the ring and both men were counted out. Douglas took a shot into the brick wall. Douglas used a chair across the throat of Stevens. The crowd was on their feet chanting for Hammerjack as he went at it with Young. Cut to Douglas and Stevens battled through the lobby and out into the parking lot. Stevens gave Douglas a pair of shots into SAW’s roadside sign. Douglas used a telephone poll wire to choke Stevens. Cut back to the ring. Young had a sleeper locked in and the crowd was still chanting for Hammerjack. Young with a look of disbelief as Hammerjack refused to go out. Hammerjack on the comeback trail. Michinoku Driver but Young rolled a shoulder at 2 and 7/8. Adams breathed a sigh of relief. Hammerjack tried you send Young to la-la land, but ?War Machine? hung tough. Young used hair to slam Hammer down on the back of his head. Young stood on Hammer’s hair and pulled his arms for the second women’s spot of the hour. Young went back to a choke submission. The arm dropped twice but not the third time. Cut to Douglas and Stevens back inside the SAW Mill and still battling. Hammerjack hooked the ropes to block a DDT. With the ref’s back turned, Hammer gave Young a thrust to the throat with the sledgehammer. 1..2..3.

WINNER: Hammerjack & Stevens & Young in 14:30. Nice story match. Great wrestling? Not so much. The parking lot stuff was pretty cool.

Hammer and Stevens gave Douglas the 2 on 1 treatment. Hammer grabbed Adams by his neck tie. Pregnant pause before Santel gave Hammer a shot to the kidneys with the hammer. Flanagan hit the ring on Santel and?

We?re completely out of time. We??ll be back with more SAW wrestling next week. We?re a cut above the rest. What a night!

CLOSING THOUGHTS: This episode was strong on logical story progression. It was the right time for the heel side to get a major dose of comeuppance. The opening mic work with Stevens and Adams did a nice job of setting the stage. Stevens cut to the chase (sorry) and came across more like a top level guy. I really liked the finish of the tag match. A SAW referee actually prevented interference. The officiating in SAW has improved. The booking doesn?t make them look like idiots all the time and the actual officiating of the matches is more credible. Dollar brings big time intensity to his role. When he dove on top of Walker, it looked like he meant it. Riggins and Graham did a stellar job of framing the story for both the tag title match and the 6 man. What worked best about the elimination match was the stuff between Stevens and Douglas and cutting back and forth between the ring and the extracurricular activity. Flanagan pinning Santel with his own finisher was a nice touch, as was Santel eliminating Flanagan to spoil what appeared to be an insurmountable advantage for the face side. The crowd reactions and the story went a long way towards making up for the so-so wrestling in the main. The pandemonium conclusion to the hour worked fine because it hasn?t been overdone. About the worst thing that could be about this episode was that the wrestling wasn?t as good as the stories Adams and company were spinning, but the soap opera was more than enough to keep me entertained.

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