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Confirmed for PWO Wrestlelution 2 – PWO Championship: Josh Prohibitionn vs. Johnny Gargano

This past weekend on Pro Wrestling Ohio TV, exclusively on Sports Time Ohio, a situation unfolded that many thought we would never see. An irreparable rift has been formed, and the two men that comprised inarguably PWO’s most unstoppable duo are now at odds. It is a true coming of age on Sunday, August 9 when Josh Prohibition must defend the PWO Championship against the very man who stood at his side for nearly three years – Johnny Gargano.

Prohibition & Gargano aligned shortly before the formation of Pro Wrestling Ohio, gaining a number of victories together in tag team action – most notably a win over The Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley. With the selfish and opportunistic Prohibition and the immature, cocky, and overbearing Gargano, the two created an alliance that few could stomach – but due to Prohibition’s world-renowned experience and Gargano’s beyond-his-years ring savvy – even fewer could defeat.

When PWO launched in October 2007, Prohibition saw the opportunity to have the brightest spotlight yet shine on him. With the young impressionable Gargano by his side, Prohibition led the both on a path of destruction through anyone who stepped foot into PWO to oppose them. The list is nothing short of impressive – M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross, John McChesney, Josh Abercrombie, Marion Fontaine, Colin Delaney, Jimmy Olsen, Hiromi Horiguchi, Gregory Iron, Jason Bane, Michael Hutter, Super Hentai – they all fell to the two-man power trip of Prohibition & Gargano, who craved every second of attention and press they could receive. Together, Josh & Johnny were simply untouchable and were synonymous with Pro Wrestling Ohio through its first year. Then, after PWO’s inaugural Wrestlelution, everything changed.

Johnny Gargano, despite suffering a dehabilitating back injury that left him on the shelf for many months, survived a violent and bloody Last Man Standing match, and thus earned an opportunity to wrestle PWO Champion M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross for the title. Cross had defeated Prohibition to become Pro Wrestling Ohio’s first titleholder, an outcome that sent Prohibition spiraling into a whirlwind of jealousy and rage. Gargano began an arduous and grueling road to recovery, while Josh attempted to send messages through violence and brutality. As we drew closer to the Gargano vs. Cross title clash, Josh’s demeanor seemed to only get more intense. Was Josh happy that his student that he had mentored for years was finally receiving his first ever chance to stand alone atop PWO? Or was he enraged over the fact that, for once, it was not all about Josh Prohibition.

Prohibition showed solidarity, supporting Gargano in the weeks leading to the championship match, claiming ?we? would take the championship from Matt Cross. However, little did we know what ?we? would turn out to be. When it seemed Gargano had Cross defeated, Prohibition leapt onto the apron, instructing Gargano to NOT pin Cross, but instead continue to punish him. Was this Prohibition putting personal hatred toward Cross over Gargano’s professional gain, or was it something more? The momentary miscue between Josh & Johnny allowed M-Dogg to recover enough to surprise Gargano with a pin and retain his championship. However a vindictive Prohibition, after months of being repeatedly denied an official title match by PWO management, called out M-Dogg center-ring and goaded Cross into accepting an impromptu title match. A fatigued Cross fought like the true warrior he is, but after a draining 15 minute war with Gargano, a fresh Prohibition was able to steal the title all to himself. Steal it, not just away from M-Dogg? but from Gargano as well. Was it inadvertent or a calculated ploy?

Gargano remained loyal to Josh in the weeks that followed, continuing to show his respect and appreciation for the man who had brought him to prominence. But suddenly, Gargano was hearing completely different thoughts than what he was used to. Thoughts he used to dismiss as lies or rumors, but now may have started to make some sense. After narrowly defeating Super Hentai in Hentai’s quest for revenge over Gargano, Hentai showed his true class and professionalism by praising Gargano’s in-ring talents. He continued by claiming Gargano’s only weakness has always been his immature negative attitude. An attitude that was fueled by Josh Prohibition. Hentai extended his hand to Gargano out of respect, and after a moment of torn deliberation, Johnny accepted. An on-looking Prohibition was irate. Did Josh see his creation beginning to slip away?

One week later, Prohibition scolded Gargano, attempting to ?put him back in his place?, not only criticizing him for listening to Hentai, but for failing to defeat M-Dogg 20 for the PWO Title in the first place. Just when it seemed Josh’s manipulative ways had put Gargano back in the shadow of Prohibition, Gargano was visited by another familiar rival. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross himself, much like Hentai before him, endorsed Gargano’s talents and condemned his attitude and blind faith toward Prohibition. Cross stated to Gargano the phrase that would ring truer than anyone could?ve imagined – ?He needs you more than you need him?.

Later that night, Prohibition defended the PWO Championship against PWO’s Most Dominant Man, Jason Bane. Though, to the untrained eye, it almost seemed like a handicap match. Time after time, Prohibition would distract the referee, throwing Gargano into the battle lines by ordering him to attack the most physically imposing athlete on the PWO roster. It seems during this match, the words of Hentai and M-Dogg had sunk in once again. Gargano saw the reliance Prohibition had on him, contrasted to Gargano who defeated Hentai without anyone’s help at all. Gargano left ringside, and left Prohibition to, for the first time in PWO history, face his problems on his own. It was a brief moment in defiance, but would he have it in him to do it again?

One week later, Prohibition was once again enraged with Gargano. Prohibition reminded Gargano that PWO was and is always about Josh Prohibition. Josh is the leader, Johnny is the follower. Gargano was seemingly beginning to realize that the partnership that dominated PWO from day one wasn?t really an equal partnership. It was an alliance formed to benefit only one. Josh condemned Gargano’s behavior of a week before, and told Johnny he would show him how a corner man should act later that night when Johnny wrestled Lars Rockne.

However, the increasingly demanding belligerence of Prohibition and the increasingly conflicted Gargano once again led to a disagreements and dissention. Gargano seemed to have Lars Rockne in-hand, until Prohibition repeatedly began barking orders and making Gargano do things the way Prohibition wanted him to, including making him use a steel chair. The constant orders of Prohibition threw Gargano off of his game, distracted him, and ultimately cost him the match. Gargano was frustrated, near his breaking point, and Josh Prohibition was not about to let this pass by without another harsh lecture.
Josh once again began to spin his web of deception to Gargano, but this time Gargano could see the truth staring him in the face. Prohibition claimed he’s beaten everyone, he’s taken everybody out, and he is the star of the show. Gargano, however, was quick to point out that there was one man in PWO Josh Prohibition has never defeated. That man? is Johnny Gargano. Gargano had finally realized that so many were right about Josh Prohibition. And more importantly, Gargano had gained the confidence and the guts to do something about it. The coming of age of Johnny Gargano had officially begun.

On Sunday afternoon, August 9, at the Nautica Pavilion, 2014 Sycamore St. in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, 3 p.m. belltime, PWO’s most unstoppable duo officially explodes.

Josh Prohibition spent nearly three years molding and crafting his ally and partner in his own image. To create a sadistic, diabolical, cunning athlete, to be at Josh’s side and help lead him to the top of Pro Wrestling Ohio. Now, Prohibition must look at his creation face-to-face and attempt to destroy it.

Johnny Gargano spent nearly three years idolizing and admiring a man whom he rightfully thought to be one of professional wrestling’s absolute best. Gargano confided in him, trusted him, followed his every instruction, with the promise and hope that he would one day stand atop the wrestling world with his mentor and teacher. Now, an older, wiser, and stronger Gargano looks at that same man and sees a selfish manipulator who used every ounce of Gargano’s blood, sweat, and tears to help build his own legacy, and then cast him back to the shadows when he was no longer needed.

Josh Prohibition is the most intelligent, conniving, and successful athlete in PWO history. Does he have what it takes to outsmart and overpower Johnny Gargano once again at PWO’s grandest stage? Johnny Gargano is the most promising young athlete in professional wrestling today, and for the first time is thinking clearly, independently, and focused on his own success. Can Gargano’s coming of age be completed with championship gold at PWO Wrestlelution 2?

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