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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 – Memorial Hall – Melrose, MA

– “Slyck” Wagner Brown defeated MWF TV Champion “Straight Edge” Brian Fury, Rick Fuller, “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, Scott Reed and Max Bauer in an 6-Pack All-Star Challenge to win the vacated MWF Heavyweight Championship with the help of fellow Uprising member Tommaso Ciampa.

– ODB & Roxxi def. Awesome Kong & Jamie D. in the debut of John Cena Sr.’s “Fabulous Women of Wrestling” division.

– John Cena Sr. (w/ The Kat & Elmer Pepin) def. J-Busta (w/ Donna Ouelette)

– Eddie Edwards & Scott Reed defeated each other with a double pin in a Championship Competition qualifying match, so President Cena announced both men would go on to the championship match.

– Slyck Wagner Brown def. Antonio Thomas in a CC qualifying match.

– Max Bauer def. MWF Tag Team Champion Beau Douglas (w/ Bull Montana) in a CC qualifying match.

After the match, Brian Milonas joined the attack on Douglas before Ox Baker’s Army’s long time nemesis

Rick Fuller ran them off. Fuller then attacked Douglas and left him laying.

– MWF TV Champion Brian Fury def. “Future Legend” Luke Robinson in a non-title CC qualifying match.

– Rick Fuller def. “Executioner” Brian Milonas in a CC qualifying match

Pre-event matches:

– Bobby Ocean def. Furio Falcone in his MWF debut.

– Robbie Ellis def. “Big Bear” Andrew Countis. Following the match, Luke Robinson hammered Ellis with a verbal tirade followed by a vicious superkick.

– John Cena Sr., ODB, The Kat and Spike Dudley took place in a Q&A session prior to the event.

In an amazing 6-Pack Championship Challenge Match, “Slyck” Wagner Brown of JBL’s Uprising came away victorious and just the fourth MWF Heavyweight Champion in company history! With mayhem going on at ringside and referee Tony Jordan knocked out, Scott Reed appeared to have the match won, however, the recently reinstated Tommaso Ciampa “saved the day” so to speak for The Uprising and helped Brown come away with the win and the championship. After the match, President Cena was livid and announced that Brown’s first title defense will come at MWF ROAD TO THE GOLD Saturday, November 14th against TNA superstar “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal – an to ensure that there won’t be any outside interference, the match will take place inside a 15 foot high steel cage!

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic and released at 5:21AM Saturday, June 27th. Due to doctors orders, Billy was unable to join us NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS live despite his on-going efforts to help the Pepin’s.

With a lot of hard work both in and out of the ring for weeks leading up to the big event, in a few short weeks Shiloh Pepin will be attending summer camp for the very first time. She’ll enjoy a week away from home for the very first time with kids her own age. A special thanks to everyone who attended the event and purchased raffle tickets! We hope to do it all over again in 2010!

While JBL had a special satellite dish installed on the roof of Memorial Hall so he could watch the event life, he had severe issues with the phone. He attempted to disrupt the ceremony at the beginning of the event with a series of attacks on John Cena Sr. and “Superstar” Billy Graham. After “Slyck” Wagner Brown became the new MWF Heavyweight Champion, JBL attempted to congratulate “Slyck” and give him advice on what it’s like to be a world champion, however, the reception again broke up. In a huge announcement, at ROAD TO THE GOLD November 14th, the $50,000 Tournament will take place, with cash and bragging rights on the line. Look for JBL’s messages on BOSTONWRESTLING.COM shortly.

In a somber moment, former MWF Heavyweight Champion Todd Hanson came to the ring like a true champion last night to return the championship belt he held proud for nearly two years due to a serious injury sustained at the hands of the MWF “stalker” Dylan Kage and Paul Bearer. After Hanson’s emotional speach to the fans, Dan Mirade told him that while he begins his road to recovery that he needs to “find” Todd Hanson again – not someone looking handsome in a mirror. . .not a duke. . .not a sports entertainer. . .but Todd Hanson the professional wrestler. Meanwhile, Dylan Kage, who was slated to take part in the Championship Competition last night, was missing in action. MWF officials learned today from his manager Paul Bearer that after Kage held the MWF Championship for nearly four years 2003-2007, he deserved an automatic spot in the 6-Pack Challenge. After a wild night in Melrose, Mr. Cena was not happy to get this message.

In a match many never expected to see, MWF President John Cena Sr., led to the ring by former WWE Womens Champion The Kat and Elmer Pepin, defeated J-Busta of the Uprising (w/ Donna Ouelette). Bad blood was boiling all night between these two. In the end, with a little help from the Kat, Cena made Busta submit with the STFU, then hit Cena with the FU to add insult to injury after the match. In an effort to give the fans the most bang for their buck, Cena was able to line up former TNA Knockout Roxxi to team with ODB to defeat Awesome Kong & Jamie D in the first match in his “Fabulous Women of Wrestling” division – big news to come on that one!

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