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What: Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) in conjunction with National Wrestling Superstars (NWS)
When: Friday, August 14th, 2009
Where: Knights of Columbus Hall, located at 94 Bridge Street in Belleville, NJ (Minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel)
Belltime: 7:45pm
Tickets: $15
Contact Information: Email address – BULLSMC@aol.com, Phone 732-888-1704

Women Superstars Uncensored, the leader of womens wrestling in the northeast and the company that has brought to you more women wrestling shows than any other company this year, returns fresh after our historic 70 minute Iron-Woman match between Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez on 8/14 in Belleville, NJ. This show also promises to make history, as WSU will be launching a new championship division, “The Spirit” Division.

On 8/14, you will see the following matches:

WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez & WSU Tag Champions Brooke Carter & Alicia Battle The Longest Reigning & Defending WSU Champion Angel Orsini & WSU Tag Team Championship Contenders Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred!

A Single Elimination 6-Woman Tournament To Crown The First Ever WSU Spirit Champion
Signed to compete in this monumental tournament are:
Lea Morrison
Roxxie Cotton
Jennifer Cruz

What is the Spirit Championship? The Spirit Championship will be a championship division focused on all the up and comers in WSU. WSU has noticed the blossoming and budding talents on our roster. WSU is not like other companies that rely on just big names, as WSU wants to be known for our homegrown stars. In our short 2+ year history, WSU has seen the rise of many stars, including Miss April, who was recently signed to a WWE contract.

It is with this division we give our wrestlers a chance to compete for gold and name recognition. While the WSU Championship remains the most sought out championship in womens wrestling, the Spirit division will capture the passion, the desire and the quest of wrestlers looking to ascend to the next level. There are many future stars in WSU and the goal of this division is to acknowledge the talents, merit and SPIRIT of these wrestlers.

The WSU Championship Committee has determined that SPIRIT Championship matches will feature tomorrow’s stars today! It is the goal of WSU to see the WSU Spirit Championship launch careers to a higher level. With the WSU Spirit Championship, we expect to see WSU stars use this championship as a stepping stone to the most prestigious and important championship in womens wrestling today – The WSU Championship.

WSU is proud to announce that Amber, Jana, Latasha, Lea Morrison, Roxxie Cotton & Jennifer Cruz have all thrown their names in the hat to make history, and become the inaugural WSU Spirit Champion.

To crown the first ever WSU Spirit Championship, WSU will be shaking up the traditional 8-person/team tournament format. On 8/14 you will see three first round matches. The winners of those three matches will then go on to a Triple Threat Elimination match to determine the first ever WSU Spirit Champion.

To make things fresh & exciting, the wrestlers won’t know their opponents and a random drawing to determine first round pairings will be held 5 minutes before belltime!

Here are mini-profiles on each of these candidates to become the first ever WSU Spirit Champion:

AMBER- Amber is a WSU original and was part of WSU’s birth. Amber saw moderate success in WSU until taking time off to heal injuries in 2008. However, on 8/14, Amber makes her year long return to WSU and plans on returning with a bang- by winning the WSU Spirit Championship.

JANA- Jana, who once was part of the loveable Soul Sisters tag team, has had a major attitude change ever since turning on her ex-tag team partner L atasha. Jana has been on the tear in WSU and came close on several occasions of becoming WSU Champion. It is with that spirit and vein that Jana hopes to become the first ever Spirit Champion.

LATASHA- Ever since being dastardly and violently violated by her ex partner Jana, Latasha has looked to carve her niche in WSU, only to have Jana derail Latasha’s success. Latasha has shown her soul, tears & pride in every match she’s had in WSU, and she’s looking to show she has the most SPIRIT on 8/14.

LEA MORRISON- Lea Morrison, who just completed a years service in WSU, has had trouble in breaking the mold and ascending to the next level. Not content on where she was in WSU, Morrison aligned with Kylie Pierce in a relationship that produced Morrison’s first win. However, Morrison plans on winning alot more, but will she have the SPIRIT to do it?

ROXXIE COTTON- Roxxie Cotton, the former 2-time WSU Tag Team Champion is no stranger to WSU gold. Cotton is looking to become the first ever tag & Spirit Champion when she enters this tournament. After finally ridding herself of Rick Cataldo, this Beatdown Betty plans on showing WSU that she has all the SPIRIT in the world on 8/14!

JENNIFER CRUZ- Jennifer Cruz, who debuted with WSU in April of 2009, looks to match her spunk and grittiness with her first WSU Championship. Cruz is still seeking her first win in WSU. Does Cruz have enough Spirit to not only win her first match, but her second match in WSU and become WSU SPIRIT Champion? We’ll find out on 8/14!!!

One thing that can be promised, we will see four highly contested matches in the spirit of competition and survival of the fittest on 8/14. Be there to witness WSU History!


While the Spirit Championship Tournament might be overwhelming enough, let’s not forget about the huge 6-woman tag team match that has been signed for 8/14. On one side you have all the gold in WSU, as WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez teams up with WSU Tag Champions Brooke Carte r & Alicia. On the other side, you have the longest reigning WSU Champion Angel Orsini teaming with Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred.

The Orsini/Martinez feud is like none other in womens wrestling history and is easily a candidate for not only feud of the year, but perhaps the biggest feud ever in womens wrestling. After brawls, classic technical wrestling, street fights, draws, cage matches, bullrope matches & an epic 70 minute Ironwoman match that changed the face of womens wrestling, these two have done it all. While Orsini can no longer get a WSU Championship match as a result of the Ironwoman match, Orsini looks to extract revenge against her long-time rival in this 6-woman tag.

On June 6th, 2009, history was made when the former 2-time WSU Champion & perhaps a WSU Icon, Alicia, returned to the ring. Alicia joined forces with Brooke Carter and successfully replaced Miss April by defeating Havok & Hatred in a explosive tag team match. Havok & Hatred have asked for a WSU Tag Team Championship rematch, citing that they didn’t know Alicia would be there on 6/6 and now can fully prepare. The WSU Championship Committee has sided with Havok & Hatred on this issue, but…

Angel Orsini & Rain have been granted a WSU Tag Team Title Match on 8/22. WSU has determined that whoever walks out with the gold on the first taping of WSU’s 8/22 event between Alicia/Carter vs Rain/Orsini will take on Havok/Hatred on the second taping. That makes the chemistry between Orsini & her partners all that more interesting, as possibly Orsini with Rain, could be taking on her tag team partners in this match just a week later!

Alicia has returned to WSU and is immediately thrown in the crossfire. With perhaps the WSU Rookie of the Year for 2009, Brooke Carter, this new team is looking to establish their dominance over the WSU Tag Team Division. However it is no secret that Alicia & Carter would also love to add a WSU Championship to their resume, as both competed in the WSU Uncensored Rumble for a shot at the WSU Championship, just like Havok & Hatred.

You have three champions on one side and three challengers. Everyone of these stars wants gold in WSU. This match perhaps be a huge preview of what’s to be in store for the rest of the calendar year in WSU. There are so many different stories and tales to be told heading into this match, but on 8/14, there will only be one ending. What team will prove their superiority on 8/14?

All this and much more!

This event is being co-sponsored with WSU’s brother promotion, National Wrestling Superstars. Also on this star-studded event will be several NWS matches featuring some of the northeasts brightest stars. NWS matches for the event will be announced soon.


Don’t forget WSU and NWS continue to go the distance the following weekend, as the NWS returns on 8/21. On that card will be a special WSU Championship match between WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez & an opponent to be named in the upcoming weeks. Then on the next night, 8/22 in Boonton, NJ, WSU returns with another double DVD taping featuring the very best in womens wrestling. We will have full card information and ticket info released shortly.


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