WrestleView.com’s own Josh Boutwell (TNA Impact recapper, “Viva La Raza! Lucha Weekly” writer) sent this report in:

New Heights Wrestling Presents Supercard ?09
Florala, Alabama
June 27, 2009
Report by: Josh Boutwell of WrestleView.com

Down here in lower (way lower) Alabama we don?t get a ton of wrestling other than the occasional legends show or WWE event in Dothan, Alabama except for one INDY promotion that runs monthly shows in Florala (right on the Alabama and Florida line obviously) out of the old National Guard Armory. There they pack in as many fans as they can inside that building (and boy the heat shows it) and it gets loud quick. They?ve been around for about 3 years and they hold a Supercard every year. This was my second Supercard (I went to last years as well) and both were good but I have to say that tonight’s was definitely the better of the two. I decided that I had to show our local guys some love and write up a recap/review of the show for the WrestleView family.

NHW Tag Team Championships
The Invasion (Jerry Reiner & Justin Cruze) def. Hybrid Paramount (BTY & Chris Tighe) via pinfall
This match was to crown the very first NHW Tag Champs! If your interested, BTY stands for Better Than You. This was a really fun tag team match to get the show started off right. BTY & Tighe are very impressive as a team (and as singles wrestlers) as were The Invasion. Both teams used some great double team moves including a Double Team Diamond Cutter when BTY had one of the Invasion moves on his shoulders. In the end Invasion got the duke and were crowned the very 1st Tag Champs.

Police Baton on a Pole Match
?Human Wrecking Machine? Dunham def. David Prime via pinfall
This was an okay matchup and I?ve seen a lot of stuff hung from a pole but this was my first police baton on a pole Match. After some chair shots and baton shots (after Dunham pulled it down) Dunham eventually got the hard fought pinfall.

Omega w/Vain def. The Arkangel via pinfall
This was my first time seeing either of these two guys and both were pretty strange. Arkangel came out to the ring wearing a suit and tie and preached to us and telling us how we were all sinners (and even brought up bestiality, that was odd), while Omega looked like a freaky cross between Vampiro and Chessman (a AAA wrestler in Mexico) with red and black (and I think some green) face paint and heavy metal music. Omega gets the pin for the win.

At this point NHW Commissioner, Dandy Jack, came out and welcomed tonight’s challenger to the NHW Heavyweight Title, ?Scarface? Terry Ryker and he hyped up Scarface saying he believed he could win the belt tonight and that tonight ?there must be a winner.? Scarface then asked NHW Champion: Milo to come out to the ring and he challenged him to have the match right now instead of waiting till later tonight! Milo agreed and the match was on!

NHW Heavyweight Champion
?Scarface? Terry Ryker def. Milo (c) via pinfall to win the title!
This match was very interesting for a couple of reasons. Last year at Supercard ?08 Scarface was scheduled to face BTY for his then-NHW Heavyweight Champion but had to pull out due to an injury he suffered the previous night in Andalusia, Alabama (I was also there). Now a year later he finally gets his shot and also this was the true definition of David vs. Goliath with Ryker weighing in at about 330 pounds and Milo weighing around 190 pounds. This match was extremely stiff and exciting. Milo told Ryker before the match that they were friends but this was about his title so it was all business and they were enemies tonight. They damn sure fought like enemies throwing several every stiff forearms, punches, knees, and kicks at each other early on. Eventually they took to the floor and Ryker set up a table on the outside of the ring and then proceeded to Powerbomb Milo off of the apron through the table in one of the sicker spots of the night! That, however, wasn?t enough and Milo kicked out at two. Milo was able to make a comeback with a big Enziguri and then an outstanding 450-Splash, but Ryker too kicked out. Finally Ryker was able to hit a vicious Black Hole Slam on Milo to get the pin and finally win the belt he’s been chasing.

?Bullet? Bob Armstrong & Super Nerd def. ?Nightmare? Terry Allen & Mr. Fantasy via pinfall
Mr. Fantasy is by far one of the more entertaining people I?ve seen live. This is my third time seeing him and all three times he has been absolutely outstanding on the microphone completely ripping into people at ringside before the match. Fantasy and Nightmare said they would be ripping off the mask of the Bullet tonight who I was shocked to see on the flyer promoting this show as I just attended his supposed ?Retirement? Show last month. Anyway he and the Super Nerd won and entertaining, old school style tag match when Armstrong got the pin on Nightmare and the fans popped big for him like they always do.

NHW Cruiserweight Championship
?Pure? Doug Pitt (c) def. Street Bandit & ?Big Deal? Ryan Holland via pinfall to retain the title!
Pitt had previously successfully defended his belt against both Street Bandit & Ryan Holland in singles matches, but this time he had to face them both at the same time. Some exciting stuff in this one. Holland hit a nice suicide dive onto Bandit & Pitt on the floor and then Bandit hit a Frog Splash. The referee got caught in the crossfire at one point and Pitt used the belt on Holland to retain his title.

Main Event
NHW Gulf Coast Championship
King of the Mountain Ladder Match
?The Prodigy? DJ Pringle def. BTY, Chris Tighe, Gutter, Doug Pitt, Nero, B-Rad, & California Kid
This was an extremely exciting match and an awesome way to finish a very fun night, and also shows that TNA Wrestling continues to greatly influence the INDY scene in today’s wrestling (not too long ago another Gulf Coast fed did an Ultimate-X Match). DJ Pringle is actually the son of legendary manager, Paul Bearer (or Percy Pringle III) and is pretty hated down here (super heel). This match is the same as TNA’s version except if you are pinned or submitted here you are actually eliminated from the match rather than sent to a penalty box. Hybrid Paramount kicked off the match in great style as they both hit big dives to open the match. BTY hit a nice Suicide Dive through the ropes onto everybody else on the floor. Tighe then followed up with a Somersault Plancha, jumping off the back of BTY for even more leverage, over the top onto the pile on the floor. One of the more vicious spots we?d seen all night was when BTY began to destroy the chest of B-Rad with repeated and in very fast succession over and over chops to his chest that actually made the (very pretty) girl taping the show actually turn her head from it. Needless to say his chest looked like beat up hamburger meat. Tighe pulled a trick right out of the Terry Funk handbook when he went around the world with the ladder nailing Pringle, BTY, & Pitt. They all took turns taking big shots off the ladder including Pringle getting Double Powerbombed off the ladder and many other sick spots with the ladder. In the end Gutter (a hometown favorite) almost had the belt hung when Pringle sprayed him with something like hair spray or something and then grabbed the belt and hung it to become the very 1st Gulf Coast Champion! After the match Pringle got on the mic and said that he told all of us that he would be a champion.

All in all it was a great night of wrestling and a damn good bargain for the $7 admission. If you ever around the Gulf Coast area in lower Alabama or upper Florida I would suggest any wrestling fan attending an NHW event.