J House sent this in:

Beginning at 7:00PM, the road to Sportsfest 2009 continues as WXW C4 and the explosive era detonate on your desktop, featuring WXW C4 Ultimate World Champion & Campe?n Internacional, “Extreme” Billy Dream and WXW C4 Ultimate Hybrid Champion, Eddie Guapo. Plus you will see in action, Eric Cobian & John Bane w/ Doc Daniels, “Puerto Rican Terror” Havoc, All Money Is Legal, The Sons of Samoa (Samu & Afa Jr., formerly WWE Superstar, Manu), and the vacant Elite Tag-Team championships will also be on the line. Experience the action of WXW C4 Blast TV on HybridEnt.TV this Sunday, June 28, 2009, 7:00PM EDT.

A MAJOR Announcement has been confirmed concerning the future of CZW and Hybrid Entertainment Television and WILL air tonight!

At 8:00PM EDT, the ARCHIVES are open, and it is time to “ENTER THE COMBAT ZONE” with the very first episode of CZW Fake You TV. This is the most action-packed episode of all-time bringing you some of the most memorable moments in CZW history. This episode features, the “International Superstar” Trent Acid on his rise to the top of the independent wrestling scene, Ric F’N Blade, the unified Spanish Announcement Team (SAT), consisting of Jose and Joel Maximo and the Amazing Red, Tajiri, Justice Pain, Lobo, Wifebeater, and Briscoe versus Briscoe. See what has had the world talking for over ten years, as HybridEnt.TV unlocks the vault and streams CZW Fake You TV.

Get ready for the debut of Dory Funk, Jr., presents !BANG! TV from the Funking Conservatory on June 30, 2009. The stars of tomorrow take to the ring as we will feature the decorated Shane Chung versus second-generation wrestler, Wahoo McDaniel, Jr. Plus, the Legend and Hall of Famer himself, Dory Funk, Jr. will be in action in a controversial match with Blain Rage. See all the hype leading up this match with the exclusive contract signing. Tuesday’s are all about FUNK on HybridEnt.TV. Join us and witness history this Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 8:00PM EDT for Dory Funk, Jr presents, !BANG! TV.

Power-Trip Thursday premiere this Thursday Night, with the latest addition to the Hybrid Family of content providers, Power-Trip Wrestling out of the United Kingdom. More information will be made available soon, as HybridEnt.TV goes international!

– The stars of the U.K. are about to invade HybridEnt.TV with “Power Trip Thursdays” with the debut of Power-Trip Wrestling. More information is coming soon.
– Fight the World Wrestling returns this Wednesday, July 1, 2009, with another episode of OVERDRIVE!
– CZW WIRED returns next weekend, featuring CZW World Champion Drake Younger versus the BLK Jeez Sabian.

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