joseph bruen sent this in:

The New England pro wrestling Hall of Fame

proudly announces that…..

Mr.USA Tony Atlas has been added to the 2009 class!!!

Tony now joins 14 others that will be inducted into the class of 2009.

This event will be held on Sunday July 12TH 2009.

Located at the Bright ridge Club in East providence,R.I.

Please contact Joe at for ticket sales.

15 of the $20.00 dinner tickets remain.

We were able to make some more space to offer more dinner tickets.

$10.00 General admission tickets are also available.

General admission tickets include Entry to the event ONLY.

$20.00 VIP tickets include the Italian Dinner,Entry to the event and a souvenir program.

Dinner will include Pasta/Ziti,Meatballs,Grilled chicken,Sausage,

Pizza,Calzones,Garlic bread,etc…It will not be Buffet style.

In the event that Mr. Tony Atlas can not attend the event at last minute due to WWE scheduling,he will have his wife and an inductor there to accept the award on his behalf.

Tickets for this special event WILL NOT be sold at the door.

Advance ticket sales ONLY!!!

Check or money order are accepted for payment and payable to:

Joseph Bruen

870 Warren ave.

Apartment # 307

East providence,R.I.


The New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame has announced its 2009 class of inductees to be honored later in the year on July 12, 2009. The NEPWHOF was established in January of 2008, and covers not only the New England area, but the entire East Coast as well. The event is scheduled to be in East Providence, Rhode Island at the Brotherhood of the Holy Ghost Banquet Hall, or also known as the Brightridge Club. Tickets are already available for this 6 (2pm-8pm) hour event for $20. The cost of the ticket will get you into the event, an Italian dinner, and a souvenir program. Tickets to this event are limited, so be sure to place your order now.

There will be an autograph session from 2:00pm until 4:00pm featuring OX Baker among others and will be open to all ticket holders.

Dinner will be served from 4:00pm until 5:00pm.

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held from 5:00pm until 8:00pm.

The Induction ceremony will be hosted by “Founder” Joe Bruen

There will be a bar on hand and you must be 21 years of age to purchase anything from the bar.

The list of honorees include:

Mr.USA TONY ATLAS(Inducted by TBA)

“The Wolfman” Jason Sanderson (Inducted by Jeff Costa)

“Live Wire” Dave Padula (Inducted by Jose Perez)

Sheldon Goldberg (Inducted by Matt Storm and DC Dillinger)

Bobby Riedel (Inducted by Jimmy Hart, Dickie Rodz, and Ted DiBiase )

Gino Martino (Inducted by Anthony Rufo)

OX Baker (Inducted by Travis Funk and Wolfman Jason Sanderson)

“Lethal” Paul Lauzon (Inducted by Shane Simons and Derek Molhan)

The Power Company Twins… Dave and Dean (Inducted by The Soul Brothers,Brutus The Barber Beefcake and Kevin Landry)

Referee Slick Willie Jackson (Inducted by Tommy Degnan)

“The Late Superbad” Steve Bradley (Inducted by Alex Arion)

“ECWA Founder” Jim Kettner (Inducted by ECW`s Simon Diamond)

Kevin Landry (Inducted by his son Blaize,Power Company twins and Johnny Idol)

Gregory Caban sent this in:

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