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PWA Father’s Day Fight 2009 Results
Saturday June 20 2009

PWA – Pure Wrestling Association
“Father’s Day Fight 2009”
Guelph Ontario
Shelldale Community Center
Attendance: 100+
Ring Announcer: Brett Johnson
Referee: Brandon Haze
Results credit: Gordo for

1) 3-Way Match:
“Big Ticket” Reggie Marley def “The Last Prince of Persia” Rahim Ali and The Rush when he pinned Ali after a Rocker Dropper.

2) “Impact” Eddie Osbourne def “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin
(Although Osbourne is the PWA Pure Violence Champion this match was non-title and contested under normal rules)

3) Misty Haven def “Barely Legal” Addy Starr by pinfall using her feet on the ropes for leverage

4) PWA Internet Championship:
Champion Super Kamikaze def “MVP” Michael Von Payton to retain the title

5) PWA Tag Team Championship:
The Young Lions (“Two Shot” Tommy Ryder & “EZE” Eric Carnie) w/ Gordon Gustov def S.W.O.O.S.H. & Father Blob to retain the titles.
Normally fan favorites, the Young Lions were full-on heels under the guidance of the hated Gustov who berated ring announcer Brett Johnson for being a fat disgusting sack of guts. S.W.O.O.S.H. came to the ring and said he was there to rid PWA of “evil doers” and introduced Father Blob as his partner. Thanks to Gustov’s interference, S.W.O.O.S.H. was outside the ring and unable to prevent Blob being pinned after a superkick – top rope splash combo from the champs.

6) PWA Pure Wrestling Championship
Champion Geza Kalman Jr def Warhed to retain the title.

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Saturday, May 16 2009

“Challengemania 17”
Montreal, Quebec

Centre Notre-Dame-Du-Rosaire
Ring Announcer: Mat Courtemanche
Attendance: 500+
Results credit: Gordo for

Dark Match:
13 Man Battle Royal
“Heavy” Maxx Fury won the match and a spot as Diablero’s partner in the 4-Way Tag Match on the main show. [11 min]
Other participants: “The Wrestling Success Story” Seth Sypher, “Terrorist de la Lutte au Quebec” Alex Silva, “Pepe Le Pew” Pat Skillz, “The Good Guy” Lex Lerman, “L’emmerdeur de Premiere Class” Darren Obey, “The Hollywood Playboy” Chris Cruze, “Le Lion Russe” Sovietique Masque, “Gothic Freak” Hanzel, “The Underdog” Alex Smith, D-Rek Bones, “The Hellraiser” Axl Cage, “The New Idol” Johnny Jack Spade

-Main show opened with a video presentation of the card line-up.

1) NCW Tag Team Championship:
Champions Anarchy Rulz (Guil Reno & James Kraven) w/ Mary def Project 13 (TNT & Adrian O’Ryan) w/ Anna Minouska to retain the titles [7 min]

2) Electrico def Black Eagle w/ JJ Savage [8 min]

3) Pretty In Pink (Kid Rock & Gorgeous Mike) def Handsome JF & Marvelous Jeff [10 min]
Marvelous Jeff was Handsome JF’s “mystery partner”. Had Pretty In Pink lost the match they would have had to break up the team

4) 4-Way Tag Match:
Those Guys def Diablero & “Heavy” Maxx Fury, Los Elementos (Viento & Fuego) and the Mansour Brothers [10 min]

5) NCW Triple Crown Championship; 4 Way Dance:
Urban Miles def defending champ “Captain Sexy” Mark Andrews, Busty Love and Mr Cobra to win the titles [9 min]
-Mr Cobra was DQ’d for outside interference
-Busty Love was pinned by Miles
-Andrews was pinned by Miles

6) NCW Inter-Cities Championship:
The Phenomenom def James Stone to win the title [10 min]
Defending champ Stone had to deal with Phenomenom and various members of 4Saken4 throughout the bout. Phenomenom won by using the ropes during the pinfall. After the match Stone destroyed the 4Saken4 group with chair shots.

7) Grudge Match:
Tank def Samson w/ LuFisto [12 min]

8) Les Titans (Chakal & Bishop) def Frankie the Mobster & Jake Mathews [aprox 15 min]

9) NCW Quebec Championship; Triple Threat – No Holds Barred
Don Paysan def Sylvain Grenier and defending champ Nova Cain w/ Mr Tolo to win the title [18 min]
Grenier was injured very early in the match and had to return to the back. Nova Cain and Paysan fought around the venue before Paysan finally captured the title after a swanton bomb from the top rope.
After the match the entire NCW locker room flooded the ring to both congratulate Paysan and honor former champ Nova Cain who announced his retirement. A video tribute to Nova Cain followed by an “N-C-W” chant ended the show.

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