Showtime All-Star Wrestling ? Episode 93
Airing June 13, 2009
Taped at the SAW Mill in Millersville, Tn

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Opening with Jon Michael Worthington at ringside with Dan Masters and the dude is fuming. The footage (of Worthington suffering the ultimate humiliation down on farm with TJ Harley) should have never been shown. Worthington accepted Jesse Emerson’s challenge and said he fully intended to beat the living crap out of him. He ordered Masters to get Commissioner Freddie Morton on the phone and do whatever.

Cut to the opening montage and then right to the ring as Worthington made his entrance. Reno Riggins and Michael Graham on commentary. Reno said Emerson had succeeded in getting into Jon Michael’s head.


Emerson sporting the manly facial hair and in control with a side headlock early. Worthington used hair to back Emerson into the corner and stunned him with a back elbow. Worthington unloaded with a straight right hand. Worthington with dirty brawling. Crowd broke out the ?Jesse? chant. Emerson rallied with a series of big chops before charging into a taste of Worthington’s boot. Worthington nailed Emerson with a rabbit lariat for a near fall. Back from commercial break, Worthington was in control with a rear chinlock. Worthington cut off Emerson’s comeback and pounded him in the corner. Emerson came back with one, two, three, make that four right hands to put Worthington down. Emerson with a standing dropkick, a back elbow and a big backdrop. Emerson tried for the Alabama Slam, but Worthington grabbed the ropes and held on for dear life. Worthington then tried for a powerbomb, but Emerson took him down with a double leg and jackknifed him for the pin.

WINNER: Emerson in 5:37. Hard-hitting, competitive match. Their first one was good. This was one was better.

At ringside, Graham introduced the A-Team. Andy Douglas said he had repeatedly proven he was the better man, but when Chase Stevens got a fluke win a few weeks back, it was time to do things A-Team style (cut to footage of the parking lot beatdown). Douglas said they let Stevens live on purpose. Douglas said he would give Stevens one more rematch. A loud ?A-Team sucks? chant. Douglas? sold losing his concentration. ?This time, don?t train to win. Train to survive.?
Rick Santel called ?Fluke? Flanagan’s two wins over him preposterous and absurd. ?You ought to run out and buy a lotto ticket right now, because at the hands of the OMG, your luck is going to run out, daddy.? Paul Adams said Hammerjack had also had a lot of luck ? bad luck. He said Hammerjack was nothing but poor white trash like the fans.

Grew up in a trailer park drinking rain water out of a tire in the front yard?Grandma coming out of the hills, away from the still with a jelly jar full of moonshine for the whole family to get drunk and scratch off lottery tickets, waitin? for something good to happen to them, something to fall into their lap, something for nothin?. That’s what Hammerjack did all those years, and you know what? It never happened.

Adams said Hammerjack thought his life was finally on a roll, but his streak of luck ran out two weeks ago when A-Team ended his career (cut to footage of Hammerjack getting his neck shortened by a series of piledrivers). David Young said that after 20 years in the business he was known to have the best plans. He was an idea man.

?m a team player and I know, because I?ve had two very successful divorces. I know all about how to get rid of somebody.

Young said they should go to Ryan’s buffet and talk it over.

2 ? BIG DOLLAR (with Derrick King & JT Stahr & Sista O?Feelyah) vs. JOHN MAVERICK

Dollar put Maverick down with a huge headbutt within the first 10 seconds. The bludgeoning was on. Dollar scraped Maverick off the mat and pinned him with a full nelson slam.

WINNER: Big Dollar in 45 seconds with the Dollar Bill. An impressive debut match. With that size and physique, if Maverick can wrestle (and there was no way of telling from this) he has a future.

Graham was at ringside with DKE. King said some were calling him a soothsayer regarding the addition of Big Dollar. He said they weren?t taking a backseat to A-Team when it came to putting people out, claiming LT Falk, Drew Haskins and Vordell Walker as casualties. Graham said Walker had responded.

EARLIER THIS WEEK IN SAVANNAH, GA?Walker said he was not at 100% thanks to DKE. Walker said he was rehabbing his injuries and would return as soon as he had a doctor’s release to take care of unfinished business.

Stahr said DKE were the rightful tag team champions. He called the win by Haskins and Falk a fluke (word of the day apparently) Stahr said if Haskins and Falk were unable to defend them, the titles should be awarded to DKE.

Simpleton! You strange creature, you have abused my trust.

Raven had Marc Anthony trapped against a wall behind sections of chain link fence. Anthony was bruised and bleeding. Raven was royally pissed at Anthony for costing him the match last week. He had sick thoughts running through his head. ?I think I should drive a hole inside your head. I think I should take a pliers and reach up inside your nostrils, and pull something out and then stuff it back in.? Anthony begged for one more chance. ?I shall take every opponent from this day forth, and I shall grind them to dust?Redemption is all I ask. One chance is all I ask.? Raven said it was only one chance that would give. Raven vowed to bring his wrath down upon Anthony if he failed. The way this vignette was staged was pretty awesome.

3 ? SEAN CASEY (with the Tiana & Britney) vs. AIDEN SCOTT

Riggins said Casey’s partner in High Society, Chris Michaels had to take time off for surgery. Graham said Casey’s banged up knee appeared to be 100%. Scott got off to a fast start with an arm drag, then won a battle of hammerlock reversals. Casey whined that about cheating. The crowd got on him with a ?crybaby? chant. Tiana covered Casey’s tender ears. Casey opened up on Scott. He hit a slingshot suplex and di a double biceps pose while choking Scott with his shin. Referee Jesse Fields rightly refused to count the pin. Casey paused to take a drink of water from Tiana. Back inside the ring, Casey hit a powerdrive suplex for a two count. Scott fired up. Casey cut off Scott’s mad charge with a back elbow and hit a diamond cutter off the middle rope. Scott kicked out of Casey’s nonchalant cover. Casey was incredulous. The announce team was impressed. Scott launched a comeback but Casey nailed him right in the mush with a superkick and it was over.

WINNER: Casey in 4:24. Solid return match for Casey ? no signs of that nasty knee injury or ring rust.

Graham interviewed Casey with his Freak Squad at ringside. Graham asked Casey about the status of Chris Michaels. Casey was more interested in bragging about his sexual prowess, but he did admit that Michaels was banged up. Then he was off for some two-on-one action with the Freak Squad.

Shane Smalls read one of his absurd poems to the crowd. It got more heat than his match.

Graham ran down the top 10 list and announced two top 10 contenders matches for next week: Chase Stevens (7) vs. Andy Douglas (4) and Flash Flanagan (10) vs. Rick Santel (6).


The rubber match of the series according to Graham. Pretty good pop for Hayme. Waistlock takedown by Hayme and Smalls scrambled to the ropes. According to Reno, Smalls claimed Hayme was done winning matches in SAW as long as he was around. Smalls on the attack, but Hayme catches him with his head down and get the first two count of the match with a suplex. Hayme took it to the mat with repeat headlock takeovers. Smalls knee appeared to buckle on a leapfrog. He tried to send Hayme face first into the turnbuckle, but Hayme stomped a mudhole in him. Hayme blasted away with uppercut forearms that reminded Reno of Barry Horowitz. Smalls made Hayme eat the turnbuckle after all. Smalls got near falls with a pair of backbreaker variations and put Hayme in the rocking horse. Smalls dropped Hayme on his face and hit a senton backsplash for a two count. Hayme stunned Smalls with an upkick to the ear. Smalls cut off the uprising and went back to working the body part. Hayme went up and over Smalls and started laying in the strikes. Smalls cut him off again and hit a spinning suplex. Cover and Hayme rolled a shoulder at 2 and ?. Smalls choked and kicked in frustration. Smalls tried for a moonsault. No water in the pool. Hayme favoring his back, Smalls holding his gut, and both men slow to rise. A missile dropkick by Hayme found its mark. Hayme followed up with a spinning fireman’s carry for a near fall. They got lost in a spot, and Smalls knocked Hayme down with a clubbing forearm to the face. Ouch. They each blocked suplex attempts. Hayme used a rolling reverse cradle for a two count. Hayme with a small package for another near fall. Hayme sent Smalls into orbit with a enzuirgiri. It looked like lights out for Smalls, but Hayme went up top instead of covering. Smalls met Hayme in midair with a dropkick. Both down for a count of six. Up and trading big shots toe-to-toe. Smalls went down first. Hayme moved in and got caught with a jawbreaker as time expired.

WINNER: None. They went to a 10 minute draw. Cool layout. Great effort. High workrate. No heat. Match had the best striking ever in a SAW ring from Hayme.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: Although this episode opened and closed with good wrestling, when all was said and done, it was the talking segments that left more of an impression. The promos for sure had more heat. It was shame that mysterious clicking noise marred the audio again?The finishes worked well?Quite the Father’s Day scene between Raven and Anthony. Raven is done here, but maybe not for good based on that marvelous vignette, as it was a perfect set up for Raven/Anthony down the road? This was one of A-Team’s better ringside tirades. Good mic work across the board. Adams was more venomous than usual. Seemed like he was needing to get something out of his system. It It’s comical when Young and Adams start playing off each other?Worthington again sounded like he really meant business. The only babyface talking was by Walker which was nothing special. The empty Styrofoam container in the shot of Walker really bothered me. Sloppy attention to detail?It’s amazing how much mileage SAW gets out of a roster where all the effective mic work comes from the heel side and babyface side are subpar talkers. Andrews, Boogie, Emerson, Walker ? there’s not one strong talker in the bunch?They?re doing a good job getting Big Dollar (Charles Evans) over as this maniacal powerhouse?It no revelation that there’s a weak correlation between heat and match quality, but that seems to be even more the case in SAW than in some other places. Smalls/Hayme was fine as far as the work. It just lacked the main event feel because the crowd never got into it.