J House sent this in:

Hybrid Entertainment Television’s (HybridEnt.TV) week of premieres rolls on…

Hybrid Emtertainment Television is proud to announce its agreement with New York-based Fight the World Wrestling (FTW) to begin streaming FTW Overdrive. FTW showcases some of the hottest independent wrestling action on the east coast. FTW Overdrive will deliver new and original content every Wednesday. Hybrid Entertainment Television is excited about this new line of programming as “it targets our core audience base delivering a cutting-edge product that viewers will enjoy and be left wanting more.”

Shift gears this Wednesday at 9:00PM EDT as FTW Overdrive premieres on HybridEnt.TV with back-to-back episodes!

Programming Notes:
– Funk’N Tuesdays are coming to HybridEnt.TV
– CZW TOD 8 is now available at SmartMarkVideo.com…exclusive TOD 8 commercial to air tomorrow night after
FTW Overdrive
– The CZW Fake You TV Archives will be opened this Sunday @ 8:00pm. EDT
– WXW C4 returns this Sunday @ 7:00pm EDT

*Fight the World Wrestling and FTW Overdrive are the exclusive property of their of their respective owners. All rights reserved. (FTWProWrestling.com)
*CZW Fake You TV is the exclusive property of Combat Zone Wrestling. All rights reserved. (CZWrestling.com)
*WXW C4 is the exclusive property of Top Rope Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. (WXWWrestling.com)

– Hybrid Entertainment Television (HybridEnt.TV)