Steven Ashe sent this in:

GCWE presents Random Acts of Violence, June 26th !

That right folks! Friday June 26th, GCW will be bringing the fans of Oshawa, Random Acts of Violence!

Sombra vs. Bruno Davis
Bruno Davis is back in town and lookin for a fight. Sombra has been signed to this bout, and looking to continue climbing the ranks. However, Sombra has been on an impressive winning streak in both singles and tag team action and looks to derail Bruno off the rails in Oshawa like a CN Rail tanker!!!

Sebastien Suave vs. Angel DeGuerra
Another solid match where Angel is just getting his fottings back into GCW and Suave has been making huge waves with tremendous match after after. He may not be a crowd favourite, but give the devil his due. Not to mention he has the firey haired Jamie Virtue in his corner!

Rico Montana looks to get his hands on RJ City. they’ve got a mighty score to settle and hopefully it can be settled in something 18×18

Anthony Darko and Oroku Ghemma vs. Ryan Denim and King Sphinx! Anothony Darko had been the thorn in the proverbial paw of Tigerstar as of late. But with Tigerstar out of the picture for the 26th, he looks to extend his leverage within the company with another win.

C-otis 45 vs. Prostars vs. Masked Serpents

The masked serpents have been waiting in the shadows for their title shot long enough! But with Cody 45 and Otis Idol still hot on the trail with the Prostars Tirva and Alexander, this was GCW offices chance to make things REALLY interesting! GCW has decided to make this fair to the champions, and the challengers… this TRIPLE THREAT TAG TEAM match will be ELIMINATION style!

PLUS!!! An announcement from David Wyldstar regarding Jake O’Reilly’s recent actions following his actions with PJ Tyler and and Hayden Avery following Hayden’s and O’Reilly’s match last show (Youtube it folks!)

Crazzy Steve! Amazing Darkstone. Hayden Avery! and more!!!!

Only at the Royal Canadian Legion at 471 Simcoe St. OSHAWA!!!