Steven Ashe sent this in:

GCW (Great Canadian Wrestling) Anarchy in Angus 6: Kill Gill.
Friday June 19th,
Angus arena
Angus, Ontario
Ring Announcer:John Edwards
Refs: Eddington “Old School” & Cassidy

-El Tornado vs Andrew Davis. Tornado and Davis wrestled a sporting contest until Tornado appeared to pull a steel spike from his tights. After an airplane spin from Davis Tornado fell to the floor and was counted out. Davis then asked for 5 more minutes and when Tornado took a swing with the spike Davis rolled him up for the win. 13mins

-Rico Montana vs Sebastian Suave. Suave was as pompous as ever and Rico used his massive size advantage to beat him with a powerbomb at 8minutes

-Xtremo hit the ring in an attempt to raise money for his Underwear run for cancers below the waste charity. Xtremo wasn’t scheduled to wrestle in Angus. However when Dangerboy hit the ring all hell broke loose. In one of the most controversial moments in GCW history, Derek Wylde expressed his OWN opinions that “Cancer is Gods way of telling you its your time to die and that Terry Fox was a quitter”. The stunned crowd almost rioted and Xtremo jumped Dangerboy. The fight was broken up and Xtremo was added to the main event.

-PJ Tyler vs Haley Rogers. PJ attacked Rogers’ bad knee for most of the match, using a figure 4 and dragon screw leg whips. Rogers fought back but the knee injury was too much and she tapped out to Tylers figure 4 leglock at 8minutes.

-Blair Gill & Jake O’Reilly vs “the Superfriends from Friendship Cove” Tyler Tirva & Anthony Darko. Darko grabbed the mic right away to rundown the rookie Gill. Darko told the crowd that the for amateur wrestler had no business in the professional ring. Darko challeged Gill to have an amateur contest and got down the the refs position (on all fours) Gill schooled him but when Gill went down Darko punted his ribs. Gill fought back with punishing throws and Tbone suplexes. He capped off the comeback with a flying head scissors. A tag to Jake lead to the end of the “Superfriends” and Gill pinned Tirva with a victory roll at 12 minutes.

– Scotty The Body & The Twin Dragons (Elton Chong & Master Dragon Lee) vs The Flatliners & RJ City. Scotty received one of the loudest reactions of the night and the Dragons followed him to the ring carrying swords & nunchuckas. The six man battle ended when Scotty nailed RJ with a spinning neckbreaker at 16minutes.

-Xtremo vs Dangerboy Derek Wylde vs Crazzy Steve vs Tyson Dux. The mainevent was pure chaos. The combattants took each other to the limit. The Angus fans took it to Dangerboy as well, hurling everything from insaults, to garbage, to even fists at the warrior. The end of the match was not without controversy as well. With both Xtremo & Tyson Dux taken out it looked as if Crazzy Steve had victory in his grasp. That is until Dangerboy hit him with a burning hammer for the win. Angus was up in arms and the situation only got worse when Crazzy Steve didn’t get up. Fans where ushered out of the building while a paramedic and an off duty cop tended to Steve in the ring. Another cop escorted Dangerboy to his car and he left town.

Crazzy is expected to make a full recovery from a stinger.