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Hybrid Entertainment Television is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Top Rope Productions, Inc. to begin streaming the World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) brand and its C4 Television program via HybridEnt.TV. The World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) brand is the creation of the legendary professional wrestler and trainer, Afa Anoa’i. Over the years, WXW has has served as a proving ground for many of today’s mainstream professional wrestling superstars. Hybrid Entertainment Television will begin streaming WXW C4 this Sunday, June 21, 2009, at 7:00PM only on HybridEnt.TV. With the annual WXW Sportsfest event just around the corner, Hybrid Enteratinement Television encourages you to to tune in and see the stars of tomorrow as they take to the squared circle. HybridEnt.TV welcomes “The Explosive Era” to its content provider family.


On June 28, 2009, the wrestling archives will be opened as Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) Fake You TV will begin streaming on HybridEnt.TV, beginning with Episode #1. Relive the history of the most Ultraviolent Promotion on the planet as we stream some of its most memorable moments. PLUS…a MAJOR announcement will be made concerning CZW programming. Tune in on June 28th, for a CZW history lesson and the latest on the future of CZW programming via HybridEnt.TV.

On July 5, 2009, HybridEnt.TV brings you CZW Wired, featuring the current CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Drake Younger, as he is challenged by the the BLK Jeez, Sabian. CZW Wired is hosted by John House and will recap Best of the Best 9 and prepare you for CZW Starting Point. The HybridEnt.TV cameras were rolling at Best of the Best 9, and we will stream exclusive footage and backstage interviews. Tune in on July 5, 2009 for CZW Wired.

HybridEnt.TV is currently developing an original program, entitled Full-Throttle MMA, which is set to begin streaming in July 2009. The goal of Full-Throttle MMA is to deliver some of the most hard-hitting, action-packed MMA action from a variety of disciplines straight to your desktop from across the country. If you are an MMA promoter and wish to display your MMA brand to the world, then please contact our programming department, programming@hybrident.tv. More information regarding this exciting new venture will be coming soon.

Hybrid Entertainment Television thanks it loyal viewers as we continue to work to satisfy your sports and entertainment demands by offering the best independent on-demand content and our loyal content providers by allowing us to deliver your vision available to world.

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