Shannon Rose sent this in:


Coral Springs, Florida – The Tokyo Monster Kahagas is back in the Mid-West, after a successful tour of the Caribbean Islands and Central America, wrestling the likes of P.J.D. ( R.X.W. Panama ), Chris Joel ( I.W.A.-Puerto Rico ), Michael Rock ( D.W.E. Dominican Republic ), and recently Sabu in Florida based promotion C.C.W.

Kahagas making his way back to the Mid-West on Friday, June 19th as Kahagas will compete for I.W.A.-Midsouth in Bellevue, Illinois.

Saturday June 20th at 3:00pm Kahagas makes his debut for Professional Wrestling Entertainment in Lincoln, Ill. challenging Bloody Harker Dirge for his P.W.E. Heavyweight Title and then that night at 8:00pm The Tokyo Monster makes another in ring debut against mid-west up incomer Mark Sterling, for Lethal Wrestling Alliance in O fallen, Ill.

Then on Sunday, June 21st at 3:00pm Kahagas makes his much anticipated return to Danville, Illinois for New Breed Wrestling Alliance, not to be a stranger to the fans of N.B.W.A. where Kahagas dominated fan favorite Dacobra to receive a standing ovation with the fans chanting please come back. The Tokyo Monster’s opponent will be the hated Issan Hadeev.


Kahagas vs Dacobra