NCW sent this in:

HUGE announcement rocks Pro Wrestling world…

The Indy Icon, “Dirty Deeds” Darren Wyse, along with tag team partner, The Hungarian Barbarian, and their long time pal, “Fat Paulie” of the famed Bad Crew tag team, have announced that the three will retire as active wrestlers.

“They will retire together in a six-man tag, in York Pa – Nov. 21, under the NCW banner” said a spokesman for the NCW office. “Our booking committee will also address the current state of affairs regarding the NCW Tag Titles” {as they are currently held by Wyse & The Hungarian Barbarian}

A brief initial statement from the NCW office stated the following…
The Nov. 21 retirement date for Paul Olesak { Fat Paulie of Bad Crew }, Zolton Big { The Hungarian Barbarian } & Darren Wise { “Dirty Deeds” Darren Wyse } has been set & will take place for NCW @ The York County School of Technology, York Pa. Much more information to come.

Wyse broke the story, on last weeks episode of “That Pro Wrestling Show”, a highly rated program airing in the York area.

All three veteran grapplers will be making statements regarding this event in the weeks to come. Match info, ticket & ticket outlet info, will also be available shortly. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW !

The NCW website at NCWZONE.COM, will be begin updates in the next few days as well, to keep fans posted.

The NCW office is also releasing the following statement to fans..

Over the next 5 months, NCW will be releasing numerous Press Releases, adding content to the website, and packaging a program for show night.

Fans, we would like your comments, stories, anecdotes, words of praise, well wishes etc. from your match {or other} memories with the 3 retirees, as to include in our print work.

It may be for one, two, or all three stars and can come from any aspect – personal, professional etc.

Of course Darren & Paulie, in addition to being wrestlers were also prominent trainers, bookers & promoters in the business and all 3 lived & wrestled hard & certainly loved to have a good time both in & out of the ring.

Please send all correspondences to . With the exception, of spelling mistakes, we will print exactly as you have written & credit you for the reply.

Your response is very deserved & appreciated.

Thank you,
NCW Office