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PWO TV 6/21: PWO Championship: Josh Prohibition vs. Jason Bane

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Scheduled airtimes for this episode:

Sunday night, June 21: 10:00 pm & 2:00 am
Friday night, June 26: 3:30 am

All times are Eastern Standard Time. Check your local listings for added airtimes!

Scheduled for this episode:

PWO Championship: Josh Prohibition vs. Jason Bane
It is a match months in the making, Josh Prohibition’s jealousy and obsession over the PWO Title led to Jason Bane being screwed out of his opportunity to become champion late last year. Bane has been chasing the conniving Prohibition ever since, but Josh has always seemed to find a way to escape the wrath of PWO’s Most Dominant Man. However, now that Bane has rightfully earned his status as #1 Contender, and Prohibition is the reigning champion, Josh has nowhere to run and no way to avoid the inevitable. Prohibition seemed to take issue with Johnny Gargano’s showing of respect toward Super Hentai at the end of last week’s broadcast, another issue we hope to investigate further this week, however Josh will need to have 100% focus on Bane if he hopes to remain PWO Champion. Will Jason Bane realize his destiny or will Prohibition find a way to escape as champion once again?

Mike Tolar vs. Omega Aaron Draven
One week ago, Mike Tolar made a brazen move when he called out former PWO Champion and the Innovator of Aerial Insanity ?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross. Tolar blamed the fact he isn?t #1 contender for the PWO Title on his ?college injury?, actually just a poorly taped finger or two, and went on to claim Cross isn?t a wrestler like Tolar is, but is just an acrobat and a stuntman. The altercation turned physical, but with Tolar quickly getting out of dodge, leaving his brainwashed cronies Fruith & Georgio to take the bulk of the abuse. Tolar feels a victory over Cross will catapult him into #1 Contendership status, and its hard to argue the reasoning. Tolar has specifically asked for this match with the youngster Draven, who many compare to M-Dogg as a fearless risk-taker and high-flying specialist. Will Tolar prove that his style of wrestling is ‘superior? or will the gutsy Omega be able to shut up the cocky collegiate champion?

?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross vs. ?DeeeLicious? Jimmy DeMarco
Two men who had unique separate encounters last week will collide this week. Cross? attempts at calling out Josh Prohibition were met by Mike Tolar instead, berating M-Dogg and his in-ring style and claiming superiority. With rumors strongly suggesting that Prohibition has flat-out refused to sign on for a match with Matt Cross, M-Dogg may have to shift focus to Tolar to prove himself all over again. Meanwhile, Jimmy DeMarco was involved in a highly disturbing act, as he sent our offices footage of him apparently stalking Gregory Iron and Greg’s 11-year-old brother Zach at a local park. DeMarco’s evil plot to avenge what he claims are Greg & Zach stunting his career are going way over the line and crossing into beyond personal territory. Will there be repercussions from Iron this week?

Will Hobo Joe Find Aaron Maguire?
The Dumpster Dweller has been on a search for his ?roommate? ever since Maguire convinced Hobo to let him ?invest? Hobo’s $25,000 lottery winnings. Aaron suspiciously hasn?t seen since, but the loveable gullible Hobo hasn?t lost a bit of faith yet. Will Hobo’s best friend turn up?

Plus: The Clash, Sex Appeal, Benjamin Boone, and more!

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