Steven Ashe sent this in:

Canadian Wrestling Entertainment Presents HAVELOCK HEAT
June 13, 2009
Havelock arena – Havelock, Ontario
Referee: Wes Mantooth
Ring Announcer: Gentleman Geoff (me)
Attendance: 100+

1. Crimson Mask w/Gargamel Gustov vs SWOOSH

Long time CWE wrestler Crimson Mask made his long awaited return, however this time he had his new manager Gargamel Gustov in tow. Gargamel ran down the crowd as they had no one to look up to – they have no heros. This was enough as SWOOSH flew down to ringside so he could be Havelock’s hero.
The match started and SWOOSH quickly took control. This was too much for Gargamel and within 2 minutes he was blatently interferring right in front of the ref! The ref called for the bell.

Winner by DQ: SWOOSH

This was not acceptable for SWOOSH as he wanted to fully dispose of the evil-doers, not just to win by disqualification. In a very brave move he voluntered to take on both Crimson Mask and his manager in a handicapped match. If anyone could beat two men it would be Super Hero SWOOSH!
The terms were accepted and the match was on.

1b – Crimson Mask & Gargamel Gustov vs SWOOSH

Gargamel was not much of a factor in this match and was pretty ineffective against SWOOSH. Crimson Mask however did better as these two battled throughout the ring. When SWOOSH finally had enough of Gustov he applied his patented Paralyzing Pinch and laid him to rest. With Gustov out of the way SWOOSH turned his attention to Crimson Mask and scored the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall – SWOOSH

2. “Cold Blooded” Chris Garvin w/”Source of the North” Mike Hart vs “Surf’s Up” Johnny Wave

This was a CWE debut for both men. Wave used his youth and speed against the much larger Garvin. However, it wasn’t enough as Garvin used his superior strength to overpower Wave. The end of the match saw Wave tapping out to Garvin’s half crab.

Winner by submission: “Cold Blooded” Chris Garvin

3. CWE Ontario Championship Match
Edward Osbourne vs

Edward came down to the ring and explained his regularly scheduled opponent Super Kamikaze got scared and refused to show up. So Edward was going to put his title on the line in an open challenge – however he had one request that it not be the Masked Hideous Blob as he had faced him too many times in Havelock and refused to face him again.
The Music for Masked Hideous Blob came on and the crowd went nuts!

Edward was definetly not on his game as he was disgusted at the bulbous form of the Masked Hideous Blob. When Blob was in control of the match, Edward faked a knee injury and distracted the referee. With the ref distracted, the South Side Stranglers emerged from the locker room with a Pizza. Blob caught one whiff on the pizza and left the ring to try to get a slice. Just as he was sbout to get his chunky paws on a slice, Strangler #2 used to tag belt and smashed Blob in the back of the head. MHB was now unconcious and the Stranglers dragged him back to the ring. As soon as Blob was back in the ring, all of a sudden Edward’s knee no longer hurt and he quickly covered Blob and retained the Ontario Title.

Winner by Pinfall and STILL CWE Ontario Champion: Edward Osbourne

4. “Midnight Special” Robert J. City vs “Jamaican Sensation” Reggie Marley

Robert J City came down to the ring singing “New York New York” (a song he claims he wrote by the way). The fans did not fully appreciate his vocal stylings and the concert was cut short early.
Reggie Marley mocked the singing sensation early in the match when he grabbed Robert’s lounge jacket and mocked his singing.
City was infuriated at this and lunged at Marley, vowing to make him pay for his actions. And pay he did, as Robert scored the pinfall on Marley.
Once again Robert J. City grabbed the mic and sang his trademark song as he exited the arena.

5. Main event – CWE Tag Team Championship
Falls count Anywhere No Disqualification Havelock Arena Brawl
South Side Stranglers (champions) vs Eric and Ryan Dennim THE YOUNG GUNS

The Young Guns made their CWE debut in a tag-title contest no less! The match started in the ring, but soon moved outside. Eric Dennim and South Side Strangler #1 took it to each other ouside the ring, while Strangler #2 and Ryan Dennim kept the action inside. Eric Dennim told the whole row of fans to move and threw the Strangler into the row of chairs. The match continued and it looked like Ryan Dennim was going to get a pinfall victory, if only the ref was in the ring. The ref was making his way back to the ring and Strangler #1 wanted to make sure the pinfall wasn’t counted as he picked the ref up and ran him into the arena boards.
With the ref out, he and Eric went back to brawling and made their way to ring trailer. Strangler tried to suplex Eric, but that was blocked. Dennim then reversed it and suplexed Strangler on the bed of the steel trailer (ouch!). Strangler #2 had enough of this and came to help out his partner. #2 attacked Eric from behind and took contol. #1 got back on his feet and a 2 on 1 assault began. The Stranglers dragged Eric Dennim back to the ring where they were greeted by Ryan Dennim perched up on the top rope. Ryan dove on the dastardly duo, sending them to the concrete floor.
The Young Guns threw the Stranglers back in the ring and proceeded to both climb the ropes and deliver double flying headbutts. Instead of going for the pin, the Young Guns wanted to know if the fans wanted to see Deputy Blob. The whole crowd started to chant “BLOB” and out waddled debuty Blob complete with his deputy western gear. Blob rolled into the ring and delivered a flying Butt Blast on the Stranglers to get revenge from earlier in the evening. The Young Guns did a double cover and got the 1..2..3! New Tag Team Champions!

Winners and NEW CWE Tag Team Champions: THE YOUNG GUNS

The Young Guns and Masked Hideous Blob celebrated in the ring and invited all the kids into the ring to celebrate. YEE-HAW!